Alive Again

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Chapter 42

“What do you mean?” Aaron responded, acting confused.

“Don’t give me that shit Aaron! Lorelai isn’t answering Mimi’s calls and you aren’t answering mine. I saw Mike at the grocery store two days ago and mentioned you both have been under the radar and he was getting a little worried. So I will ask again, what is going on?” Steve spelled out.

Aaron sighed and knew he wasn’t going to be able to brush him off, “We have hit a bit of a rough patch…”

“What do you mean by ‘rough patch’?” Steve asked, “You just came back from your honeymoon!”

Aaron rubbed the back of his neck in discomfort, trying to figure out the right words.

“What the hell did you do? You only do that when you are uncomfortable!” Steve accused.

“Well…I may have listened to someone who told me some rumors about Lorelai and I-“

“Seriously?! Have you taken a blow to the head?! Who the hell told you anything about Lorelai?” Steve whisper yelled.

Aaron mumbled a name and Steve raised an eyebrow, “What to try that again in your big boy voice?”

“Hannah. Hannah came to me and told me about some rumors she had heard from a former coach at her school,” Aaron explained.

Steve got very quiet while he tried to absorb what his best friend had just said to him. He looked at him and tried to not lose his temper when he tried to talk.

“Are. You. FUCKING. Insane? That woman broke your heart and lied to you every chance she got and you decide to listen to some shit that she spewed at you about a woman who is a perfect match for you? Is that the gist of it?” Steve asked breathing hard with his increasing temper.

“I know I messed up. I know I hurt her, I’m beginning to see my mistake,” Aaron admitted.

“Do you want me to get your sister to help you understand?” Steve asked.

“No, I can take care of this myself.”

“Where is Lorelai right now?” Steve asked, suddenly worried for the sweet woman.

“She left and is at some hotel…I’m not sure which one,” He said guiltily.

“God this just keeps getting better! A fucking hotel?! You do have a death wish! If your parents or sister finds out you are dead. Not to mention Mike!” Steve exclaimed.

“I know!!” He exploded, “I know. I’m really seeing my mistakes. She confronted me just a little while ago and Hannah was there. She tore into Hannah’s ass and put her in her place. She said she was done with this and is coming tomorrow to get her clothes and was going to find a new place…”

Steve’s jaw dropped then he gritted his teeth, “You are a fucking moron! And I’m not going to cushion this fall for you! Lorelai is a damn good woman and I have never seen you as happy as when you got together with her! Fuck, I have to go before I say something that will ruin our friendship. You better fix this,” Steve said then stomped back to his patrol car and drove away.

Aaron sighed and got back into his SUV, rubbed Thor’s head and drove off. He arrived at an empty home and hated the way it felt. He was lonely without her and being alone for the last almost two weeks and it was wearing on him. He sat at the kitchen table and saw the book she had made and finally opened it.

He smiled as he looked at each picture and each page remembering their trip. He loved that she added the picture of him taking a selfie of them in bed with her sleeping and her doing the same to him at a different b & b. He turned each page lovingly, like he was touching gold. He was on the last few pages when he realized that he was terrified of losing her. He loved her like no other and didn’t want to divorce her. He wanted her forever!

He stood up and paced for a minute and then thought came to him; the reason he had listened to Hannah was that he was scared of being hurt again. But why he was scared of her hurting him, he had no clue. Lorelai would be the last person that would hurt him, especially after what had happened to her. He felt a rage boil in him when he thought about any man talking about her and needed to remedy that and very soon! But first he needed to make it right with his wife, the woman he loved more than life itself.

He took a few deep breaths to calm himself and sat back down to finish looking at the precious gift she had made him. He smiled as he turned the last page and looked at the last few pictures and felt his heart stop as he gazed at them.

“Oh fuck, oh please don’t tell me I messed this so spectacularly!” He said out loud as he touched the last two pictures in the book.

He couldn’t stop looking at the pictures. He touched the first one; it was a simple picture of Lorelai’s hand holding a pregnancy test, showing two lines. The second was a picture of a sign that simply said ‘Congratulations Daddy!’

“I’m going to be a father!” he whispered, then cried.

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