Alive Again

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Chapter 43

Aaron worked well into the night cleaning the house and getting ready for a little surprise he had for Lorelai. He hadn’t touched the house since she left and had slept on the couch as well, not wanting to feel the emptiness of her body from their bed. He had made calls, gotten everything set, showered and collapsed onto the couch for another night.

He awoke early the next morning, dressed, grabbed breakfast on the way to run his errands, thankful that he had called in for a sick day so they had a three day weekend together. He rushed around, came home with all his goodies and got right back to work, not sure what time she would be there to collect her things.

Lorelai woke about 9, still exhausted after crying herself to sleep, yet again. She had ignored a call from her mom and Mimi, just not wanting to deal with how this was going to go down, especially after her little surprise got out. She showered and got dressed in a long maxi dress she bought while they were in Hawaii before they married. She was hoping the bright colored flowers would cover up how pale she looked.

She went down to the breakfast area, got some toast and jelly and nibbled, hoping her stomach didn’t rebel in the way she thought it might, being so nervous and upset for almost two weeks. She slowly sipped some tea and then went back up to brush her teeth and pull her hair back into a ponytail, annoyed with it falling in her face that morning.

She left about 11 and drove to the house, trying hard not to cry and she pulled up and walked up the sidewalk, looking at the pretty flowers she had planted just before they left on their honeymoon. She unlocked the door, stepped in and froze when she looked around.

“Hi Lorelai…” Aaron said softly.

She knew her eyes were wide as saucers as she saw him holding a large bouquet of colored roses. He was surrounded by flowers all over. There were petals and bouquets on every surface he could find in the living room and hallway. She saw it in the kitchen too.

“What the hell are you doing Aaron?” She asked.

“I’m trying to apologize…”

She snorted, “Apologize for what? Or is this for Hannah and I’m just here interrupting?”

Aaron heard the pain in her voice and shook his head, “No a ghrà, it’s all for you.”

“You don’t get to call me that Aaron! You don’t get to tell me that I mean that much to you after the way you have treated me for two weeks!” She said getting upset.

“And for that I am so very sorry Lorelai. Truly. I want to do everything in my power to make it up to you. I never believed what Hannah had told me, not really. I got scared, that was it. I realized a lot of things yesterday, first and foremost is that I love you so much that I can’t even stand it.”

Lorelai stood there in the middle of their living room surrounded by flowers and heard his words and felt the tears start to build and knew they would fall soon, “Don’t say things you don’t mean.”

“Oh but I do! You are my heart, my other half and I am so, so sorry for how I treated you. I let an old insecurity get the better of me and it messed with my head.”

“So where does that leave us?” Lorelai asked, wiping the tears again.

“I want to love you, cherish you and make a family with you. I want to spend the rest of my life showing you how much you mean to me. I’m so very sorry Lorelai O’Shay and I will do anything to make it up to you. I love you,” Aaron said, his voice catching at the end with emotion.

“You hurt me so much Aaron…” She said crying.

He stepped closer to her slowly, “I’m so sorry that I hurt you a ghrà. You are my present and my future. There is no one else that can love you like I do you or any one that I want to share my future with.” He stopped right in front of her and reached up and gently touched her cheek.

Lorelai felt the electricity flow between them as she pressed her head into his warm, cupped hand, “Aaron…”

He took his other arm and wrapped it around her waist, “I love you Lorelai, please say you will forgive me and give me another chance…”

She wanted to so badly, but was scared and told him so.

“I know and I feel horrible that I let that happen, but I swear to you that it won’t happen again,” He vowed.

He pulled her closer to his body, “You are the most beautiful woman in the world and I love you.”

“I love you too Aaron…”

He leaned in and gently kissed her, letting his lips move with hers.

He kissed her tenderly, but let it naturally build. He lifted his wife up into his arms and started carrying her up the stairs.

She pulled back, “Aaron, I’m not ready to-”

“Shhh. I know you, remember? I have another surprise for you,” He whispered while kissing her nose.

She felt safe in his arms and relished the warmth that he provided to her as he carried her down the hallway, bridal style and stopped in front of the spare bedroom door, setting her down gently.

“One last surprise, a ghrà, open the door,” He said, kissing the top of her head.

Confused, she turned the handle and pushed open the door to find the room completely empty except for a bouquet of blue flowers and a balloon that said ‘boy?’ and a bouquet of pink flowers with a ‘girl?’ balloon attached.

She looked at him with tears in her eyes and he smiled with tears of his own, “After I came home last night determined to get you to forgive me and realizing what a total fucked up and cowardly thing I did, I found the book you made me and looked at each picture you lovingly put in there for me. Halfway through the book I knew that no matter what it took, I was getting you back and fixing this and never going to let ANYONE hurt us again. Then I turned to the last page of the book and saw,” his voice caught, then he cleared his throat and continued, “then I saw the pictures you added and I lost it. You are giving me the greatest gift and I can’t wait to have our baby!”

Lorelai was openingly crying again, taking in the flowers and the handsome man before her. She was scared of his next response, but asked it anyway, “Do you really want me or do you want the baby? You can have the baby without me; I wouldn’t keep you from your child, Aaron…”

Shocked that she was so hurt that she felt she had to ask that, he walked up to her and took her in his arms, “Lorelai I want you so very much that it hurts. I know I hurt you and I will make it up to you-that is a promise, but even if we never had children I would want you as much as I wanted you the first time I saw you. I love you and only you, for the rest of my life.”

He took his hand and lifted her chin so he could look at her, “I have never been so happy in my entire life! I have an amazing, beautiful, smart and sexy wife and a baby on the way. Life doesn’t get any better than this.”

She saw the love and truth in his eyes, the sight she had seen so many times before and knew he was telling the truth. She couldn’t say anything and just wrapped her arms around him and squeezed. He mimicked her actions, and kissing her on the top of the head. He gently steered them across the hall and into their room and master bath. He stood her in the doorway and started the large two person tub with hot water.

He added rose petals and the scented oil she loved as it filled. He tested the water then came back to her, slowly undressing her and kissing her with tenderness. Once she was naked, he quickly stripped and guided her to the tub and helped her inside. He climbed in behind her and pulled her against his chest. Lorelai sighed at the close, intimate feel.

“I’ve missed you Aaron...I’ve missed…” she admitted.

“I missed it too. We are so good together and we are never going to be apart again, that I promise!” he pledged, kissing her shoulder.

They sat together in the water, just touching and being.

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