Alive Again

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Chapter 44

After the water was cold, Aaron lifted her out of the water, dried her off and wrapped her summer robe around her. Kissing her nose, he laid her on the bed, quickly pulled on a pair of shorts and laid next to her, wrapping his arms around her, pulling her to his chest. He gently reached around and placed his large hand on her abdomen protectively. Lorelai felt the love flow from his hand and patted it. They lay quietly together, drifting off into a better slumber than either of them had had in two weeks.

They both awoke several hours later, hungry after a long morning. Aaron got up and went down to make a late lunch for the both of them. Lorelai pulled on a sun dress from the closet and went down to sit at the table with her husband and eat some pasta salad. She ate slowly, afraid of the rumbling in her stomach.

“Are you feeling ok, a ghrà?” He asked, taking her hand.

“My stomach has been off the last few weeks…I think it’s morning sickness…” She replied.

“Ah, Mimi had a little bit of that with the twins. Do you know how far along we are?” He asked.

She shook her head, “I have an appointment with my doctor on Monday…I thought maybe you could come if you wanted…”

He smiled at her, “There is no other place I would rather be. Just try and stop me!”

They ate together talking about the baby and the future, laughing and smiling for the first time in days for both of them. All of a sudden there was a banging on the front door and a furious ringing of the doorbell. It riled Thor up and he ran to the door barking up a storm. Aaron was almost to the door when it burst open and Mike Banks entered. Thor was thrilled and jumped to him, licking and whining for attention.

“Down Thor. Lorelai! Where are you?” Mike demanded.

“Mike what’s wrong?” Aaron asked.

“Where the hell is my daughter and what the hell is going on? She isn’t returning phone calls and her texts are vague. She hasn’t been over in two weeks and I want to know what the hell is going on!” Mike yelled.

Lorelai came out of the kitchen after hearing her father yelling and knew he was pissed and worried, “Daddy, I’m right here!”

Mike turned and saw his daughter in the doorway, “Baby girl what the hell is going on?”

“Daddy, it’s ok…Aaron and I had a bit of a misunderstanding and we were trying to work it out,” Lorelai tried explaining.

“Misunderstanding, you look positively sick Baby! Tell me what the hell he has done to you and I will take care of him!” Mike yelled pushing past Aaron and up to his daughter and gave her a powerful yet gentle hug.

“Daddy I’m fine, I promise. I’m just not feeling that well Daddy, that’s it,” Lorelai tried to assure him.

Mike looked deeply at his daughter, trying to gauge her truth-telling ability and the situation before him. He was one of the best at training agents in interrogation and Lorelai could see he was just getting warmed up.

“Daddy, please stop. Aaron and I are fine. I won’t lie; we had a bit of a falling out but are back on track. Just come in the kitchen for a drink and something to eat and we can talk,” Lorelai asked, tugging on his hand.

Mike relented when he heard the pleading in her voice and not wanting to upset her further he went in the kitchen after her and sat at the table. Aaron was a little nervous as he sat down, knowing that Mike could easily kill him, hide his body and totally get away with it. He sat back quietly and let Lorelai work her dad and reassure him that everything was good. Aaron got up to make Lorelai a cup of hot tea while they talked.

Mike could tell that something was off with his daughter, but couldn’t put his finger on it, so he just kept making conversation about all the flowers all over the house and knew that Aaron was trying to make up for something, but it wasn’t his business unless Lorelai was hurt. He picked up the photo book that was on the table and flipped through the pages seeing pictures of their honeymoon as Lorelai talked with him.

He flipped to the last page and saw the last two pictures and stopped, stunned and speechless. Aaron turned around to see Mike with the book and saw the look on his face and realized that he knew their secret.

“Lorelai, are you pregnant?” Mike asked with growing excitement.

Not realizing that he was looking at the book until he said the words, Lorelai jumped, “Shit, we were trying to keep it a secret.”

“Answer me,” Mike said, needing to hear the words.

“Yes Daddy, we are going to have a baby…” Lorelai whispered.

“Oh Baby girl, I’m so happy for you!!” He said, full of emotion and pulled her into a hug.

“Please don’t say anything Daddy! I want to wait until I am farther along, Please!” Lorelai pleaded.

“You want me to pretend that my baby girl is not going to give me another grandchild?” Mike asked with a grin.

“Yes, when we tell everyone, just please act surprised. PLEASE!!” Lorelai begged.

He nodded, “Alright Sweetie. I promise!” then turned to Aaron, “You got my daughter pregnant?”

Aaron swallowed then nodded, “It’s something we both wanted Mike…”

Mike got out of the chair and went up to him, “Then congratulations. Get your shit together! Because if I ever see her acting the way she has the last few weeks, we WILL have a problem. Do we understand each other O’Shay?”

“Crystal clear Mr. Banks,” Aaron said standing very tall in front of his father in law.

Nodding his head, Mike turned back to his daughter, “I’m gonna head out Baby. I want to see you soon for dinner at home. And you keep me posted on my grandchild ok?”

“You got it Daddy,” she said hugging him and kissing his cheek.

They walked him out and watched him drive away.

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