Alive Again

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Chapter 45

Are you ok waiting to tell everyone?” Lorelai suddenly worried that he would be mad.

“That’s totally fine! I want you to be comfortable and if you want to wait to tell everyone until you have gone to the doctor, then I’m ok with it,” He assured her and kissed the top of her head.

She moved back into the kitchen to clean up the table a little then turned to him, “Aaron I think we should talk about the things your ex-wife said to you about me.”

“Lorelai, we don’t have to, I know they are lies and I don’t want to hurt-”

She put up her hand to stop him, “No. I need to know and I deserve to know what was said so I can defend myself.”

Understanding her thought process he nodded, grabbed a bottle of water and her hand and led them out the back patio. They sat in the swing he had put up for her last summer and he took a few swallows of water.

“So Hannah told me that this man was telling her stories about a teacher he worked with, how hot and dirty she was. I’m not entirely sure how she knows him, but somehow Hannah put it together that you were the teacher and he went into more graphic detail with her. At first I didn’t believe it because I remember how cautious and slow we went and it didn’t make sense. But then she described certain mannerisms you had and it threw me for a loop. I was really confused because I saw those things everyday with you and then realized that this guy at least knew you. But you had never said anything to me about dating another guy and it didn’t make sense…”

He stopped to take another long pull on the water bottle before continuing, “So then my past with Hannah flicked in my mind and I remembered the lies she told and how she kept things from me and I was scared. I was terrified you had done the same things and I was going to have my heart broken again. So I pulled back, tried to not feel anything for you and that didn’t work. I was a total fucking wreck and miserable without you. The thought of not having you in my life made my blood run cold and my heart literally ache. I slowly realized that I had to have you in my life and damn whatever happened. I need you to function and to live and you make me feel just as alive as I do for you. I was a shell of a man and you turned me around just as much as I did you.”

The hormones were really starting to annoy Lorelai as she wiped the tears from her face again, “Wow...Ok...Do you know anything about this man?”

“The only thing I know is that he was a former coach at Heritage and is now at Jefferson. I still don’t know how Hannah knows him. She doesn’t usually hang around with teachers,” Aaron said shrugging his shoulders.

Knowing exactly who it was Lorelai, sighed, “Well I do know who you are talking about, unfortunately.”

Aaron jerked straighter on the swing, “What do you mean?”

She sighed again and rubbed her eyes, “There was a coach at the school that started hitting on me when I was student teaching.”

“Name?” He growled out.

“Joe Hawkins…” She said.

“Ok… So what happened?” He asked, trying to keep his temper.

“At first it was nothing, just little compliments, smiles, that kind of thing. I made it very clear that I had a boyfriend and was not interested. He backed off a little. He sent flowers over the summer after I was attacked and was just as nice as everyone else when I started. After a few months, he started in again since I didn’t have a boyfriend. No one really knew the extent of the abuse except Alex…Anyway, I told him I wasn’t interested. He kept on going, ramping up his advances little by little. He-“

“Didn’t you tell Alex about this? Tell anyone?” He asked trying not to be upset with her.

She shook her head, “I didn’t want to cause any more waves, to put the spotlight on me again…”

He took her hand and squeezed it in support and encouraged her to go on.

“Anyway, he made it his job to be alone with me in classrooms, closets, hallways and got bolder. It started as brushing up against me, then it was touching and then his words…I was miserable. Alex could tell something was wrong and JJ tried to get me to talk but I thought I would lose my job, I was so insecure.”

“How did it end? How did he end up at another school?”

“Alex caught him cornering me in an empty classroom and wrote him up. Alex finally got me to admit some of it and together with the principal they filed a complaint with HR. After a brief investigation they transferred him to another school and received a reprimand that charges could be filed at any time,” she explained.

“Why didn’t you press charges?” He asked.

“Because I couldn’t take any more drama! I was already doing court dates for Max’s trial, I didn’t want more. Alex got it.” She responded

He kissed her hand, “I understand. It’s ok, I get it. Do you want to do anything about this? Contact someone?”

“No. Unless he comes to see me…I just want to forget about him!” She pleaded.

Aaron pulled her to him and kissed the top of her head, “Ok a ghrà, ok.”

They sat a few minutes together, just rocking and holding each other before Lorelai spoke.

“Aaron, I need you to not see her or talk to her anymore,” she said passionately.

“Lorelai, there is nothing going on with her I promise!”

“I know that deep down, but the thought that she could tell you more lies and try and break us apart is too much! She almost succeeded this time!” Lorelai pleaded.

“Lorelai, we have a past together-“ He started.

“I get that, but I don’t give a fuck! I have NEVER asked you for anything before, but she keeps proving that she will mess up your life and I don’t understand why you would even be around her anymore! I am asking for this one thing: Please stay away from your ex-wife! If you love me like you say you do-if you love our child-You will do this!!” She pleaded, standing up from the swing.

Aaron was shocked, never having seen her this way before and nodded, “Ok Lorelai, ok. I will stay away from her and not talk with her again.”

Hearing his words, she visibly relaxed and let her shoulders droop as she stood there and cried. Aaron wrapped his arms around her, “I’m sorry.”

She nodded into his chest as he hugged her and tried to soothe her. They stayed that way for several minutes before going back to the swing and just sitting and being.

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