Alive Again

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Chapter 46

They spent the rest of the weekend reconnecting. Aaron found that her clothes were in the car and brought them back in and hung them up, telling her they weren’t leaving the house again, unless it was for vacation. He dotted on her, making breakfast in bed and all her favorite foods when she wasn’t queasy.

Mike texted to check in and promised that he had kept his promise on their secret. Steve texted and was pleased when Aaron called him back and filled him in. Thankful that they were doing better, he couldn’t help but dance a little jig in his car when he told him what Lorelai had made him promise. That bitch was no good and couldn’t believe that Aaron would even talk to her.

Monday came and Aaron went back to work after a long, deep kiss was shared between them before he left, promising to be at the doctor’s office by 2pm. He left smiling at her and feeling a tightness in his pants, loving how beautiful she looked and desperately needed her. But he knew she needed some time to sort through everything that had happened in her own way.

Aaron went on patrol and had a busy morning with two calls needing K9 assistance. Thor performed well again and was rewarded with a snack and a trip to a dog park for a run. Hannah showed up and Aaron knew something was up. She didn’t have a dog and this wasn’t one of his regular stops.

“What are you doing Hannah?”

“I’m just checking in with you after Thursday. I bet your wife was pissed when you broke it off with her,” Hannah said, laying a hand on his seductively.

He shook it off, “What the hell are you talking about? I didn’t break it off with her!”

Hannah was shocked, “What? You mean you are still together?!”

“Yeah, why wouldn’t we be? We talked and I know everything now. We are fine, great in fact and very much married and in love!” He replied with a smirk.

“NO!!!” She shouted.

Aaron raised an eyebrow, “Yep. And this will be the last time we talk or see each other. I don’t need whatever is going on with you in my life. I have everything I need with Lorelai and don’t need you in my life.”

“Aaron, no please! I love you and we belong together! We are good together. She will hurt you and we can do good things together again!” She pleaded, pawing on his arm and chest as tears slipped over.

In disbelief, “Not gonna happen Hannah, so get the fuck over it! You hurt me and cheated on me and I’m done with you! I don’t love you, haven’t been in love with you in years, I moved on! You can offer me NOTHING and I am very much in love with my wife. So move on!”

“I know you want kids and I can give you two!” She yelled pleadingly.

“Not gonna happen,” Aaron said, shocked that she would use her kids as a bargaining chip.

He started walking away, calling Thor when he turned again and looked at her, “Oh and tell your friend that if he can’t keep his lies about Lorelai to himself, there will be charges for harassment! I won’t tolerate this shit anymore!”

He heard her crying as he walked to his SUV, put Thor in and drove to the doctor’s office excited for what was to come and very satisfied by his encounter. When he pulled into the parking lot, took out his phone when it beeped, saw the message from Hannah, deleted it without reading it and blocked her number. It was too hot to leave Thor in the car, even with the AC and car running and he took him in. It was unorthodox, but he didn’t have much choice.

Lorelai dressed in a sundress, went to the office, nervous for what he would say. She sat, flipping pages in a magazine, not reading a darn thing, but needing something to do while she waited. She heard the office door open and Thor ran over with Aaron following behind. She felt the familiar pull between her legs as she watched him walk over in his uniform, sexy as ever. She swallowed her desire and smiled at him as Thor put his head on her legs.

“Sorry, I hope you don’t mind. It’s too hot put and he won’t be a problem,” Aaron said, kissing her lips gently.

“As long as he covers his eyes and doesn’t tell our secret!” She replied.

“There’s that cheeky mouth I have missed!” He said chuckling.

He took her hand and told her about his morning as they waited until her name was called. They followed the nurse back and got her weight and was a little surprised that she had lost four pounds. They led the trio to an exam room, had her get undressed and they waited.

“Nervous?” he asked as she sat in the paper on the table.

“Very! I just want everything to be ok, you know?” She said, shaking a little with nerves.

“I love you Lorelai!” He said.

“I love you too Aaron,” she replied.

A knock on the door alerted them as the doctor came in, smiling, “Hello Lorelai!”

“Hi Dr. Abrams,” She replied.

“This must be the husband!” The older woman said, shaking his hand.

“Sorry! This is Aaron O’Shay, my husband.”

“Marilyn Abrams, it’s nice to meet you Sergeant. Now I see on your forms that I should be running a pregnancy test?” Dr. Abrams said as she looked over the papers.

“Well, I already took the test a couple of weeks ago and it was positive,” Lorelai explained.

She nodded, “That’s a good start. I already tested your urine sample and you are pregnant, so congratulations! I will do an ultrasound to determine how far along you are and we will go from there ok?”

Lorelai and Aaron looked at each other and grinned, ignoring the doctor for a moment. Lorelai refocused when the doctor started her physical exam and asked how the honeymoon was.

“Incredible!” Lorelai said at the same time Aaron replied, “That’s why we are here!”

Dr. Abram laughed when Lorelai blushed, “It’s not the first time Lorelai, don’t worry!”

She asked Lorelai questions about her body, how she was feeling and then had her lay back to do a physical exam.

“Cervix is nice and your uterus is already growing. Looks good Lorelai!” She said, patting her knee as she threw away the gloves, “I’ll get the ultrasound and be right back!”

Aaron leaned over and kissed her nose, “I’m so happy right now!”

She smiled back, “Me too!”

They just looked at each other lovingly until the nurse came back with a tech and a machine on wheels. They got set up and had Aaron move so he was right next to her head so he could see the screen,

“Lorelai, I think you might be farther along than I first thought based on your last period. So we are going to try a traditional ultrasound first, if we can’t get the picture, then we will use a vaginal wand. I just don’t want you to be alarmed if we can’t get a picture at first and have to switch,” Dr. Abrams explained.

They squirted some gel on her abdomen, repositioned the paper cover on her legs and started moving it around. They pushed around and just as Lorelai was giving up hope she heard, “There it is!”

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