Alive Again

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Chapter 47

She looked and on the screen was the first picture of their baby. She teared up as the doctor pointed out the beating heart and other things. The tech was taking screenshots and kept moving around talking, while Lorelai and Aaron just watched in awe.

“Well Lorelai and Aaron, it’s confirmed, you are definitely pregnant. And it is only one; I know you are a twin Aaron. And based on the measurements we got, you are about 10 weeks along, so I’m guessing this happened right at the beginning of your honeymoon or even right before!” She said chuckling, “We are looking at a due date of February 17th.”

Aaron was over the moon and wanted to scream it from the mountain tops but would wait until Lorelai felt better. Lorelai asked a bunch of questions and listened intently to the answers.

“Ok, so let’s see. You can ride on the motorcycle until you are showing, but please don’t overdo it and BE CAREFUL. Yes, you can still have sex, as much as you can handle, it’s totally safe for the baby. It is normal to lose some weight, but keep eating small meals if you feel nauseous. REST when you need it and just listen to your body. You have any questions, call me and I will see you in a month,” Dr. Abram instructed.

Happy with the answers they stopped to make another appointment then walked back down to the cars, Aaron said when he had her buckled in, “I’ll be home in a few hours. Let’s celebrate tonight!”

“Sounds good to me!” She said and kissed him.

He watched her drive away, and then he and Thor left for their final few hours. He was walking on clouds the rest of the afternoon and nothing could wipe the smile off his face. He arrived home to find his wife dressed for a ride and ready to go. Grinning, he changed and they drove off to a favorite restaurant in the foothills and ate outside enjoying the summer evening. Aaron drove up to a favorite spot of theirs to watch the sunset. They kissed and made out like teenagers for a little while then drove back home.

Lorelai discovered that the rumble of the bike made her hornier than it normally did and she jumped him the second they made it home. Aaron barely made it to their room, trying to contain his lust. He stripped her down and he quickly followed suit, licking and kissing every inch of her body. He gave several kisses to her still very flat belly and whispered his love for whoever was inside and growing. Hearing that just made Lorelai love him that much more.

He had reached his limit and thrust into her deeply, making her moan loudly, “That’s right a ghrà, let me hear you!” he demanded.

“Oh god Aaron!” She moaned again as he took a nipple in his mouth. She didn’t realize how sensitive they were and there was a direct link from her nipples to her vagina and that almost made her come from that simple action.

Aaron grabbed her waist and started pumping into her, hitting the spot she liked best. She screamed out his name after only a few thrusts and gripped him tightly. He almost lost it right there but held on to keep at it, giving her another orgasm before he grabbed her hips and filled her with his finish, growling out her name.

It was quick, but very intense and passionate and just what they both needed after the worst two weeks of their lives.

“You know a ghrà, it’s gonna be an exciting nine months if you are this horny the whole time!” He said kissing her chest and shoulders.

“I know! I almost raped you on the ride home! The vibrations have never affected me that way before!” She admitted as she pinched his nipple.

He felt himself getting hard again and pulled her on top of him as they kissed, touched and rubbed each other until she was riding him to a sweaty, loud and glorious finish. They lay together talking about how they wanted to tell everyone their news and decided on a bbq for Aaron’s 38th birthday in two weeks. Lorelai would start inviting everyone and planning the next day.

The next two weeks went by fast and before they knew it, the house was filled with their families and Joel and Alex. Even Evelyn and Dave made it with Gabe, who was six months old and crawling like crazy. Aaron was over the moon with happiness and was proud of himself for not spilling the beans before that night and there were a few times when he almost did when they were around others.

Everyone was hearing the update on Alex and Joel’s sister Jane as she carried their baby. They were almost at the 20 week mark and were going to find out what they were having and were thrilled. They were due December 5th and couldn’t wait for their baby to arrive. It was a unique situation and neither one knew who was the biological father with the egg donor and wanted to keep it that way. It was a perfect plan for them.

Mike helped Aaron grill and they talked. He assured Mike that they were back on track and nothing would come between them again. Mike believed him after seeing how happy his daughter was that night and how they interacted with each other.

“I know Aaron, I can see it. Which is good because you know that I can hurt you,” Mike said smearing sauce on the grilled chicken.

“I understand Mike. I know the connections you have and how you could hide my body so no one could find it,” Aaron assured him.

Mike clapped him on the back, “As long as we understand each other!”

They ate together, one big happy family and sang badly as Aaron blew out the candles on his cake. He opened his presents and saved the one from Lorelai for last. He knew what was in it and opened it slowly. He stopped and looked at the shirt, still savoring the words on the front and making his heart thump in his chest proudly.

“What is it Son?” Tomas asked.

“A shirt,” Aaron said as he held it up to his chest to let the others read it. He waited a split second for the others to comprehend it and then the yelling and crying started.

“You’re going to be a dad?!!” Mimi squealed, after reading the words, ‘I’m going to be a dad!’ in a child’s handwriting.

“Yes I am!” He said proudly.

Aaron and Lorelai were mobbed and hugged as the moms cried and snapped pictures. Aaron brought out a bottle of champagne and sparkling apple juice to celebrate. It was the best birthday he had ever had he thought as he lay in bed that night holding his wife who was carrying his child.

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