Alive Again

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Chapter 48

The next months went by so fast. Lorelai couldn’t believe it was Halloween already and she was handing out candy as she graded papers. Aaron was out working security at a very popular haunted house. She sat on the couch with her hand on her growing belly and rubbed it lovingly. Her little one was a kicker and liked to make him or herself known.

The dance team was thrilled when she told them and they were great on the days that Lorelai was exhausted after working all day. The admin at the school took it well and agreed that she could work up to when she delivered and would come back part time in the fall. She was just going to teach her three AP classes and coach the dance team. Aaron told her she didn’t have to go back unless she wanted to. He made more than enough to cover them, so when Siobhan offered to watch the baby she felt so much better about going back. Plus he was studying to take the captain’s exam and that would give him a significant pay raise when he passed, which Lorelai knew he would.

Aaron and Lorelai both agreed to not find out what they were having and to be surprised when they were born. Lorelai thought they were having a boy and Aaron was convinced it was a girl. So she was picking boy names and he was all about the girl names. The baby was healthy and growing perfectly and they were still due on February 17th.

They decorated the nursery in soft neutral colors, perfect for either a boy or a girl. They had chosen beautiful dark colored furniture and it would be arriving just after Thanksgiving. Mimi was throwing her a shower and the grandmothers were going overboard.

Mike was especially excited about the new little one. While he loved both his daughters, he and Lorelai had a special connection and this baby meant something different for him. He couldn’t put his finger on it, but he had a love for this child that was more than for Gabe. He felt bad, but couldn’t help it and kept it to himself.

JJ and Alex’s shower was for couples and they had a great time. They found out they were having a girl and couldn’t decide between Anne Marie or Kaylee. They would wait until she was born to make it final. Lorelai found some really cute clothes and books. Aaron found a onesie that said ‘my uncle is a cop’ in purple and bought it for them in three different sizes.

Alex raised an eyebrow in question, “She will need to keep reminding people as she gets older that I can arrest them,” Aaron explained.

JJ rolled his eyes, but Alex thought he was right on. Lorelai just loved that they got along so well.

Sarah and Mike had Thanksgiving that year and it was wonderful. Lorelai couldn’t seem to get enough pumpkin anything and was eating it anyway she could get it; sweet or savory. Aaron hated pumpkin and prayed every day that this craving would leave and quickly!

The shower Mimi threw was beautiful. It was a high tea theme with finger sandwiches, teas and mini cakes. She had outdone herself and the 23 people that came had a wonderful time. They received almost everything on their registry and felt ready for the baby to be born when the gifts were washed and put away in the little drawers of the dressers.

Alex and Joel welcomed their daughter, Anne Marie, into the world on December 4th in a hurry. Since it was Jane’s fourth child, she delivered in less than five hours from start to finish, giving both men a heart attack thinking they would have had more time. She was a sweet little girl and both men were sleep deprived and thrilled when they could stay awake long enough to send pictures and talk on the phone.

Christmas was quiet with Mimi and Steve taking the boys to Steve’s grandparents in Florida. Siobhan and Tomas went down Christmas Day and stayed with them through New Year’s. This was Aaron and Lorelai’s first holiday married and had a quiet Christmas Eve together then spent the next day with Sarah and Mike.

Pregnancy hormones were an incredible thing and even though Lorelai had never liked eggnog before, couldn’t seem to get enough of it as soon as it was in the stores. She had a free sample at the grocery store and brought home four bottles. Aaron just laughed and kissed her temple, “Whatever you and the baby want a ghrà.”

They celebrated their first anniversary at a posh hotel downtown, walking the cold streets hand in hand after dinner. He had a couples massage scheduled for the next day for them to help her unwind as she was planning her maternity leave. They had a wonderful time and made love slowly and tenderly, showing their love and devotion to each other.

Lorelai had the rest of the year planned out and had given the plans to the long term sub to make sure that the kids were ready for the AP exams. The dance team was ready for the big competitions in March. Their routine that year gave them several wins at other minor events and they were excited to see what they could do. Lorelai would be there for those in March and one of the moms would keep the practice schedule up for a few weeks after she gave birth.

Lorelai was nesting, as her mother put it. She had cleaned the house from top to bottom and rearranged the baby’s room three times until she was satisfied. She wasn’t sleeping well the last few days before her due date and Sarah knew she was close. She had her bag packed and ready. She had been having contractions on and off and Dr. Abram told her it would be anytime. She was effaced and the baby had dropped. Aaron tried to stay calm but was beyond excited for the baby to arrive. He couldn’t wait to hold his child and he was on pins and needles to meet him or her.

Aaron had planned a low key dinner at Lou’s restaurant where they met to celebrate their love for Valentine’s Day. He was running late and sped home to quickly change. He smiled to himself the whole time as he thought of his life the last several years and how happy he was. He couldn’t wait to see what the next ones would bring.

Lorelai was miserable. Her back was killing her and she was near tears when she got home from school. The pain had started to increase and was intermittent and getting worse and she didn’t know what to do. She was looking for her phone to call her mom when Aaron walked in with Thor rushing in.

“Happy Valenti-Lorelai! What’s wrong?!!!” He said rushing to her.

She couldn’t hold back the tears once she saw him, “Aaron, it hurts so bad!”

“What hurts? Are you in labor?” He asked, holding her and rubbing her back.

She shook her head and sobbed, “It’s my back. It’s been hurting all day, getting worse as the day went on.”

“Ok a ghrà, why don’t you sit down,” He urged, helping her into a kitchen chair, “Let me go change Love, then we can call your mom, or Dr. Abram’s and see what they think ok?”

She nodded, taking a deep breath and wiped her face. Aaron kissed her temple then ran upstairs. He locked up his gun, changed quickly then ran back down just a few minutes later. He entered the kitchen to see her standing at the table gripping the side and trying to find her phone.

“Lorelai Love, let me call your mom, ok?” He said, pulling his phone out. He had just got it unlocked when he heard his wife gasp, then groan.

He looked up to see her doubled over and grabbing his hand, “AARON!”

“What’s wrong?” He panicked.

“I think my water broke!” She gasped.

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