Alive Again

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Chapter 49

Aaron knew she needed him and even though his heart was racing, he looked calm on the outside, “Ok my Love, I’m going to go get your bags, call the doctor and we are going to the hospital to have our baby!”

She nodded as she tried breathing deeply through the pain. Aaron raced upstairs getting the two bags and raced back down with his heart in his throat. Lorelai was groaning as he hit the kitchen, “Aaron, these are intense! It’s happening too fast!”

“Ok, in the truck. I’ll call on the way!” He ran to the truck, threw the bags in, ran back to Lorelai, picked her up, buckled her into the truck and sped off.

He called the doctor’s answering service on Bluetooth to let them know they were on their way and what was happening. They assured him they would be ready, just like the hospital tour said they would. He called Sarah next.

“Hi Aaron Sweetie. How is dinner going?” She asked.

“Sarah! We are on our way to the hospital! Lorelai’s water broke!” He blurted out.

“Ok! I’m getting Mike now, we will meet you there. We have some ti-“She started then stopped when she heard her daughter.

“Lorelai are you having a contraction?” She asked, hurrying to get her coat on.

“They aren’t stopping Mom!!” She cried, grabbing his arm and digging her nails in.

“Everything will be ok, Daddy and I will meet you there. Just keep breathing Baby!” Sarah urged, “I’ll call Siobhan and Tomas!”

Aaron heard her hang up and pushed the gas down, driving fast as he heard his wife start panting, thankful that there was no snow on the ground. He screamed into the after hour’s maternity entrance. He plucked his wife out of the truck and carried her inside. He saw one of the security guards that was an off duty patrol man that he knew and told him to move his truck and went to the elevator. He kissed her head several times to reassure her and kept reminding her how much he loved her as the pain kept coming in waves.

The doors opened and he came out, yelling for a nurse to help him. He was led to a room and placed her on the bed.

“I need drugs!!” She yelled as another pain gripped her.

“Let’s get you checked Lorelai, then see what we need to do,” A nurse patted her leg.

Three nurses came in, got her on a monitor, pulled her coat off and set her legs up in stirrups. Aaron stood against the wall watching the smooth movements of the professionals. Within four minutes, Lorelai was begging for pain meds as Dr. Abrams walked in to see how she was progressing.

She gloved up and sat on the rolling stool. She checked her, then stood back up, “Lorelai, you are at 9 centimeters. This baby is coming now. Team, I need things on and ready to go now. Aaron, come by your wife we are pushing in just a few minutes!”

The team scrambled and Aaron ran to his wife, taking her hand when Lorelai yelled, “Now wait just a damn minute! This is too fast! My water broke like 20 minutes ago! I had a plan and this is not how it’s supposed to go! My mom isn’t here and I want some pain medicine!!”

“Lorelai I’m sorry about your plan, but this baby is not really interested in what you want at this point. This baby is going to be here in just a few minutes. You will have a Valentines’ Baby, so kiss your husband and on the next contraction, I need you to push!” Dr. Abram’s said in a no nonsense voice.

Aaron was ready and when the next contraction hit, Lorelai took a deep breath and bore down.

11 minutes later, Aaron heard, “It’s a girl!!”

Aaron was in a daze as the nurses moved him around the bed to cut the cord and watch his daughter cry and flail her arms and legs in protest. She was placed on Lorelai’s stomach and Aaron was overcome as he watched. He leaned over and kissed Lorelai who was crying in joy.

10 minutes later, the baby was wrapped and handed to her mother who was smiling from ear to ear as she touched her child softly with her fingers. She was in awe and couldn’t believe that she had made something that perfect and beautiful.

“Lorelai, I love you! You did wonderful and I am so damn proud of you!” Aaron said his voice filled with emotion.

“She’s so beautiful!” She whispered.

“I know, she looks just like you! Look at the wisps of red hair!” Aaron chuckled.

They touched and admired their daughter before Lorelai asked, “What are we going to name her?”

“What about Breena?” he asked.

“I love it!” She said and kissed him deeply.

A knock on the door tore them apart as Sarah poked her head in, “Are you up for some visitors?”

“Come on it Mom!” She said.

The door opened and all four grandparents came in and gawked at the sight before them, “The nurses told us what happened. Are you ok?” Sarah asked.

“I don’t recommend a birth happening this way, but I’m ok and so is your grandchild,” Lorelai assured them.

“So what do we have?” Siobhan asked excitedly.

Lorelai looked at Aaron and nodded; he cleared his voice and said, “Well we would like to introduce you to Breena Marie O’Shay, your first granddaughter!”

Everyone gasped and grinned in excitement and the pictures started at that moment. It was the second best day of Aaron’s life and he knew he would never be the same again.

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