Alive Again

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Chapter 5


She set her phone down and sat back on the couch trying to figure out what just happened. A man, an incredibly handsome and sexy man, had asked her out. Her, Lorelai Banks! ‘Bet there won’t be a second date when he sees how fucked up you are, so don’t get your hopes up!’ She thought.

“Shut up!” she yelled out loud to no one. She got up and hopped into the shower, blasting the radio to drown out the thoughts in her head. She went back to the living room 25 minutes later in her flannel pajamas, finished the show, then started the dishwasher and made her lunch. She looked out into the backyard and was surprised to see little snowflakes falling. She hoped that it didn’t amount to much, it always made the kids bat shit crazy. She put the coffee in the pot and went back to watch the news and then was off to bed, reading a few chapters in her book and then fell asleep.

Wednesday was a long day after the two inches of the snow that fell causing the teens to bounce off the walls. She was really glad when she pulled into her parents’ driveway for dinner and could sit on the couch and relax.

She walked in and called out “Hello!” as she closed the door.

Her pretty and sweet mother, Sarah yelled back, “Hey Sweetie! In the kitchen!”

Dumping her stuff on the entryway bench, she went in and hugged her mom then sat on the counter as her mom chopped some carrots, “It’s not a park bench Lorelai.”

Smiling, “I know Mom. How was your day?”

“Good Sweetie. We had some really cute kids today and the flu diagnoses are really slowing down, so I’m hoping that things are winding down. What about you?”

“Long. The kids were nuts with the weather, but the SAT prep class is going well! Alex totally thinks that he can get the principal on board so I can teach a special section next year for my juniors!”

“That’s great! Congratulations, you are so smart!”

She blushed, “Thanks Mom. Oh um…I have a date Friday night…”

Sarah stopped chopping and set the knife down and looked at her youngest daughter with wide eyes, “What?!”

“I have a date Friday night.”

“Like with a man?”

She rolled her eyes, “Yes mom! A real man!”

“How? What? Oh my god!!”

“His name is Aaron and he is a cop for the city, actually a Sergeant in the K9 unit. His dog is beautiful; a German Shepherd named Thor. We are going out Friday night to that fondue place downtown.”

Sarah was stunned at the news and was trying very hard to not cry at what she had just heard. She was so happy that her daughter was going to go out! They had been worried for so long about her and couldn’t help but wonder if the therapy was ever going to work. But here she was, listening to her baby girl tell her about her first date since…since that animal hurt her. Every time she thought about what had happened, she wanted to find that son of a bitch and tear him limb from limb!

“…Mom, he has these eyes-I have never seen eyes that shade of blue before! It’s like the ocean on a sunny day, you could get lost in them very easily. And he has this light scruff on his face that I would love to feel!”

“WOW! He sounds very yummy! I guess you are excited about Friday then?”

“What’s going on Friday?” A deep voice asked as he came into the kitchen.

“Hi Daddy!” Lorelai said as he came over to hug his daughter and kiss his wife.

“So what’s going on Friday?” Mike Banks asked as he grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge.

“Well Daddy, I am going on a date!!”

Mike was taking some long pulls from the bottle and stopped and looked carefully at both women, “Really? A date?”

“Yes Daddy. He is a cop!”

Stunned by her news his eyebrows went up his head, “Wow. Ok. And you are ok with this?”

“That’s why I am excited!”

He took a deep breath and nodded, “Then I am happy for you Baby…I’m going to go change, I’ll only be a few minutes Honey,” and turned to walk upstairs, “And the counter is not a bench Lorelai!”

She giggled and hopped down, “Yes Daddy!”

Lorelai set the table as her parents finished preparing dinner and they sat together to eat and talk. She loved their weekly catch-ups so much more now than a few years ago. She just felt like back then they were waiting for her to lose it or freak out or something. But, she was strong and she had an amazing family and the greatest best friends in the world; she was going to get through it without losing anymore of herself than she did those three years with Max.

“So what kind of cop is this man?” Mike asked.

“He is a Sergeant in the K9 unit with the local police, Daddy. Not as good as the FBI I know, but still pretty good.”

Mike grinned at his daughter while his wife rolled her eyes at their banter. Sarah kicked them out of the kitchen so she could clean up after dinner. They went to the living room to watch their favorite police drama while Sarah washed the dishes and thought about what Lorelai told them about the date. She was praying that this man, whomever he was, was the magic-no the miracle they have been praying for to bring her back to them.

The real Lorelai; the funny, energetic, fun loving, gregarious young woman that was so full of life and love. The girl who was a cheerleader and dancer in high school, who loved watching football, baseball and basketball, who loved to bake cookies and loved to laugh. She hadn’t been around since the start of her sophomore year in college when she met that man; the man that changed everything. She didn’t want to give him any more power, so she discreetly wiped her eyes and pushed the memories back and focused on the good that was hopefully coming. Even if this date didn’t develop into anything more; this gave Lorelai the foundation to go on another and another and to live again- To really be alive!

Sarah went into the living room and sat in the chair with her needlepoint to watch the tailend of the show she didn’t enjoy nearly as much as her husband and daughter did. Lorelai was resting her head on her dad’s shoulder and they were talking about the outcome for their favorite character. After the show was over, Lorelai hugged her parents and took the lamb stew leftovers that Sarah insisted she take home and drove back and changed into her pajamas and was getting ready the next day when her phone beeped.

She saw a text message and opened it to see ’Can’t wait for Friday! Been thinking about you all day!

She felt herself blush furiously even though he wasn’t there and gulped again, feeling a stirring in her belly return as she thought up a response. She smiled as she typed back, ‘Friday will be fun, I’ve been thinking of Thor all day too!’

Her phone pinged again, ‘Oh you are going to be trouble aren’t you?!’

Not sure if he was meaning that in a good way or bad way and started to second guess herself and typed back ‘sorry I didn’t mean it. I’m sorry!’

‘HEY! Don’t apologize, I know you are playing. It’s ok!’

She bit her lip and didn’t know what to say back to him.

‘I know something happened to you and I know you won’t believe this yet, but I won’t hurt you Lorelai. I’m one of the good guys’

A tear slipped down her face and she angrily brushed it away and typed back ‘thank you for that. I really am excited for Friday’

‘glad to hear it! Sleep well trouble!’

‘good night Sarge’

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