Alive Again

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Chapter 50

Lorelai couldn’t believe how perfect her life was. Her daughter was amazing, her husband was incredible, her family was so special and her friends were awesome. Never in her wildest dreams could she have imagined that something this good could be hers, especially in the years after Max. But here she was going on a walk with her sexy husband and their beautiful daughter on a perfect summer evening, with Thor right beside the stroller.

Breena was almost six months old and already sitting up as she cooed and babbled as they walked the streets. She had Aaron’s bright blue eyes and her dark red hair and a chubby smile that melted hearts. It actually shocked Lorelai how Aaron, Steve, Tomas and Mike were with a girl. They were mush the instant she was around and her cousins followed suit. They were always getting her things and acting like complete fools. Sarah and Siobhan were confused and just shook their heads and had to wait their turns to hold her. Even Thor slept next to her crib and went where she did.

Lorelai loved being a mother. It stirred something deep inside her, something she hadn’t expected. It made her rethink everything and made her capacity to love grow exponentially. The first time she held her daughter took her breath away. And when she nursed, she thought her heart would burst from everything she was feeling. The first time she saw Aaron holding their child, she actually started crying; the love that he had in his eyes was very evident and forever imprinted on her heart.

As they walked through the neighborhood, Lorelai was quiet, thinking about the start of the school year and going back to work. She had almost six months with her child and had so many reservations about it. It wasn’t that she wasn’t leaving her with someone she didn’t trust, she was staying with Siobhan. And Lorelai loved her mother-in-law and knew her daughter was in good hands. But it was what she might be missing out on in watching her child grow and discover the world around her.

“A ghrà, you are awfully quiet, is everything ok?” Aaron asked, rubbing her hand as they walked.

She looked at him and smiled softly, “I’m just thinking…”

“You are worried about going back, aren’t you?” Aaron asked as he stopped the stroller.

“Is it that obvious?” She asked, blushing.

“Not to others, but you forget that I know you Lorelai O’Shay,” Aaron chuckled.

“You’re right. But it’s not your mom! You know I love your mom!” She hurriedly added.

“I know Lor, I know that! You don’t think that I can see the change in you since Breena was born? I know how attached you are to her,” Aaron explained.

She smiled, “You really do know me don’t you?”

He leaned down and kissed her, “You bet your mighty fine ass I do!”

They pulled apart at Breena’s little squeal and smiled at each other, “Remember a ghrà, you don’t have to go back. This is your choice and I will support whatever you want to do.”

She nodded, “I know and I can’t tell you what that means to me. I know it’s only part-time, so maybe it will be ok.”

“Lorelai, if you hate it, you can leave. No one will fault you for wanting to stay home with your child,” Aaron reminded her.

“I know…Thank you. I was thinking about something else too…” She admitted.

“And that would be what?” Aaron asked as they walked up their driveway and opened the garage door to put the stroller inside.

“I was thinking maybe when I get into a routine with the school year, maybe we could try for another one…” She mumbled.

Aaron stopped and turned to her, “Really? You want another baby already?”

She smiled, “Yeah, we made a really great one and I thought maybe we could see if lightning would strike twice. I know we never really talked about how many kids we wanted and the garage isn’t really the place to have the conversation, but I was just thinking that I wanted our kids to be close in age.”

Aaron smiled at her, “Anytime a ghrà that you want another just let me know! I want as many kids as you want; 2, 3, 6-I’m all in! And in the meantime, I LOVE practicing with you!!”

She smirked, “We do that pretty damn good, don’t we?”

Aaron bent to kiss her again, “And later I’ll give you a reminder!”

And the reminder was very, very good that night, as it always was.

Lorelai struggled the next few months getting into a groove with work, the dance team and being away from her daughter. She was miserable and Alex knew it. He hated to call her into his office, but he had no choice. As the administrator in charge of staff performance and her dear friend, he knew it needed to be done.

Lorelai was nervous sitting in Alex’s office; she knew it wasn’t a pleasure visit.

“Well Lorelai, Thanks for meeting with me before you left for the day. I wanted to check in and see how it’s going? Classes ok? Midterms graded?” Alex probed.

“My midterms are graded and I’m pleased with the scores,” Lorelai said.

Alex nodded, “I agree. I was pleased too when I saw the data you sent. But you didn’t answer my first question. How are you doing?”

Lorelai looked down and bit her lip, trying to decide what to say.

“Lor, it’s me Alex, not the assistant principal. Talk to me!” He urged gently.

“Oh Alex!” She said and started crying, “I miss her all the time! I’m missing out on everything! Do you know she crawled a little and I missed it? Siobhan got to see it and not me!”

Alex was not surprised by her words. Aaron had told him she was not happy at their last date night out when Lorelai was in the bathroom.

“What do you want to do Lor?” He gently asked.

“I don’t want you to be mad at me! I don’t want to burn my bridges if I ever did want to come back!” She said wiping her tears.

“Lorelai, you know you will always have a place here! You are a great teacher! Now, I know you and I know you have a plan or idea, so tell me what you are thinking,” Alex urged.

She took a deep breath and let it out slowly, “I want to leave at semester. I want to resign from the dance team. Chloe will be great to take over as coach. The girls have great momentum from the last competition and are poised to go back to State with their top 5 finish last year.”

Alex was not surprised and had an idea on who could take over her AP classes and asked for her recommendation on a replacement.

“I think Mark Grassman would be great. He knows the material and the kids like him,” Lorelai explained.

“That’s who I was thinking as well. Alright Lorelai, I will talk with Mark about you resigning at Christmas Break. We will want you to meet with Grassman and give him your scope and sequence and lesson plans,” Alex said, resigned to the fact that one of his closest friends was leaving.

“Of course. Thanks, Alex,” She said getting up, “I’ll be back someday. “

Alex got up and walked around his desk, “I know Sweetie, I just wish that was now!”

Lorelai was much lighter and Aaron knew when she told him what decision she had made how happy she was. He wanted to surprise her and planned a little getaway for their anniversary to celebrate her decision and him passing the Captain’s exam. Mike helped him with his connection at the resort they always stayed at in Mexico and Sarah who had moved to part time at the doctor’s office was going to keep Breena while they were gone. Lorelai had been dropping hints that she wanted them to try for another baby and he was going to accommodate her wish on that.

Aaron was working security at a high school basketball game before Christmas at a local high school shortly after Lorelai made her decision about leaving the school. It was the opportunity he had been waiting for, this school was playing Jefferson and he saw that one of the coaches was Joe Hawkins, the man that had sexually harassed Lorelai after she had been hurt by her ex.

He watched the man as he coached and moved around and couldn’t help but hate him. He was cocky and had an arrogant way about him and didn’t like how he interacted with the kids. He waited until the game was over and the man was picking up his supplies and Aaron walked over.

“Hey Coach, you have a minute?” Aaron asked.

The man looked up with an annoyed look on his face, until he saw it was a cop, then changed his attitude, “Sure. What can I do for you Officer…”

Aaron smiled, “Captain actually, but not a big deal. Do you know Lorelai Banks?”

The annoyed look came back, “Yeah, I heard she got married to a co-WAIT! You married her didn’t you?”

Aaron grinned broadly, “Yes I did. I just wanted to give you a friendly reminder that you need to keep any stories or lies you may think about telling about her to yourself. I know about the HR complaint and what you did to her, so I would advise you to keep your lies and hands to yourself.”

“Are you threatening me?!” Joe asked, puffing out his chest to see intimidating. The man was nowhere near Aaron’s stature and Aaron pushed down the urge to roll his eyes.

“Not threatening you at all, Coach. Just a reminder to just forget about my wife,” Aaron said clapping him on the back.

“Whatever. Are we done?” Joe asked.

“Have a great evening,” Aaron said and started walking away, then stopped, “Oh and a piece of advice? Stay away from Hannah Kipling. She will screw you over royally and lie through her teeth!”

Joe fumed and looked like he was going to say something, but Aaron just walked away, satisfied with a smile on his face.

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