Alive Again

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Chapter 51

They celebrated Breena’s first Christmas together and watched as she pulled herself up on the coffee table to grab at more shiny bows with a look of pure determination on her face as she reached for it, looking very much like her father as she did.

“She really is so amazing,” Mike gushed as he watched his only granddaughter.

“I think you might be biased, but I totally agree Mike!” Aaron said as he adjusted his arm around his wife.

“I think you both are biased and can’t possibly be objective about her abilities!” Sarah rolled her eyes and handed her husband a glass of wine.

“True, but we get her for eight whole days to spoil absolutely rotten!” Mike said with a wicked gleam in his eyes.

“Daddy, can you please go easy? I mean she is 10 months old!” Lorelai said.

Mike just looked at her and shrugged, “Can’t promise anything Sweetie.”

Lorelai rolled her eyes as Aaron chuckled. They sat a little bit longer by the Christmas tree, relaxing before Lorelai said they should go, they had a lot to do before they left in two days. Aaron agreed and they bundled up and went home after hugs and thanks were dealt out. They arrived home and collapsed in bed after a long few days with an infant at the holidays.

Lorelai was very nervous leaving Breena overnight for several days, but Aaron promised everything would be ok. She knew he was right and they really needed the time away; partly for Lorelai to relax after leaving teaching, partly to celebrate Aaron passing the Captain’s test and for them to maybe grow their family.

Lorelai knew she over packed for the baby, but she wanted to be safe. She didn’t want her parents to have run back to the house for any supplies. She wanted this as easy on her parents as possible. Aaron had been packed for several days but Lorelai was overthinking what she was bringing. Aaron tried telling her to pack a bathing suit and a sundress; she wouldn’t need anything else for what he had planned.

Feeling a streak of adventure run through her, Lorelai purchased some items online since it was winter in Denver and summer clothes weren’t readily available. Very pleased when she tried everything on, she quickly hid it from her husband at the bottom of her suitcase. She folded the sundresses and an outfit to come home in. Satisfied she zipped the case closed and climbed into bed and curled up next to her husband.

Aaron loved this time alone with his wife. The house was quiet, their daughter was asleep and Thor was curled up right next to her bed as her protector. He wrapped his arms around her as she laid her head on his chest, playing with the little bit of chest hair he had.

“Just think a ghrà, this time tomorrow we will be in Mexico!”

“Sounds great! But don’t forget the doors will be open, the ocean breeze will be blowing in and we will have margaritas in our hands!” Lorelai added.

“Oh and much less clothing!” He said cupping her generous butt under her pajama shirt.

She purred, “Promise?”

“Oh Lorelai, we are going to have so much sex that the neighbors will be banging on the walls to get us to quiet down!” Aaron vowed.

“I can’t wait to celebrate with you Captain!!” She sat up and looked at him, and kissed him passionately, “I love you so much Aaron and I am so proud of you!”

“Thank you, a ghrà, I love you too. Now go to sleep! We have to be up early for our flight!” He reminded her.


After a few tears shed, courtesy of Lorelai, they made it to the airport and to the resort in Mexico. Aaron picked a small bungalow type house since it was just the two of them and was closer to the beach. They stopped at the main building for an early dinner and went to their little house with a pitcher of margaritas. They found their luggage already inside, set down the pitcher then Lorelai jumped into his arms and Aaron carried her to the bedroom.

They spent the next four hours ravaging each other. They explored positions and brought back the spice to their sex life. Not that it was lacking before, but with an infant at home and jobs to get to, they were usually less adventurous and just got down to business. Lorelai had forgotten how passionate and naughty Aaron could be and wasn’t afraid to bring them both higher and higher before they finished together.

He was pounding into her from behind, loving the feel of her soft skin against his and her moaning and mewling as he went. They were on their second round of intense sex when Aaron felt it was the perfect time to spice things up and smacked her generous ass and she moan louder. He grinned wickedly, knowing how turned on she was.

“Do you trust me?” He panted out.

“Oh god, yeah,” she moaned back.

He took his thumb and sucked on it for just a minute then gently probed her back end, causing her to gasp, “Oh fuck Aaron!”

“Is it ok Baby?” He asked, not stopping what he was doing on either end.

“Oh sooo good!” she moaned again.

Feeling and hearing her respond favorably, “Oh I knew you would like it. I’m gonna make you come so hard Baby!”

Lorelai started chanting how close she was and when Aaron probed a little deeper she came undone loudly and pushed back and squeezed him in him in passion, Aaron fell right behind her grabbing her hip and digging his hard member into the hilt.

Aaron was breathless and kissed along her spine as they moved on from their high and all but fell to the mattress, taking her with him. Lorelai turned to her side and ran her hand up his arm, feeling the light perspiration on his skin and smiled.

“You ok a ghrà? Was that ok?” He asked, pushing her hair back from her beautiful face.

“You continue to surprise me Captain! You are so naughty with that little trick there! It was good, I wouldn’t mind more of that!” She said kissing his chest.

He kissed her deeply, “You really are a wonder to me a ghrà. I will see what I can do to accommodate all your needs! Have I told you how much I love you today?”

“Only three times, I think…” She chuckled huskily, “But I don’t mind hearing it more!”

He grinned at her, then she shifted positions and straddled his waist, “And I don’t think I’m pregnant yet, so you have some work to do, Captain.”

“Oh really? Well it’s a good thing that we have seven more days to accomplish that!” He smirked then got serious with her, “Lor, you know that it might not happen right away right? It might not be as easy as when we got pregnant with Breena. It took Mimi and Steve months to get pregnant.”

She gave a sad smile, “I know Cap, I just really want another baby to add to our family.”

Aaron kissed her nose, “I’ll do what I can a ghrà, I’ll do what I can. You need to make sure that you are relaxed and having fun. Don’t overthink this!”

“I promise!” She vowed.

He got out of bed and grabbed the margaritas and came back to bed with them and they talked and drank, laughing and enjoying the down time. They talked late into the night and finished the night off, wrapped around each other after making love again.

The following days were perfect. They went to the beach, laid by the pool, went dancing, went on a boat ride to a private beach and had a couple’s massage. The amount of sex they had was astounding. They couldn’t keep their hands –or any other part of their bodies to themselves the entire time. Things went a little wild when Aaron saw one of the bathing suits that Lorelai had bought online and as well as the new underwear.

The bathing suit was a bright blue color and covered VERY little. Aaron saw her come out of the bathroom wearing it and it took two hours before they made it to the beach.

“I just want to remind you that this is a bathing suit that you ONLY wear when we are alone!” Aaron said nibbling on her thigh.

“I promise! Especially if that is your reaction! You could add your handcuffs and we could make a party out of it,” She winked.

“I have created a monster!” He laughed, “So let me get this straight. The things that turn you on are: the motorcycle, shower sex, watching me get dressed in my uniform, a finger in your luscious ass and my back flexing.”

“And now you can add the use of handcuffs to the list,” She said retying the strings on the bikini.

“You never cease to amaze me you know that right?” He asked.

She shrugged, “I do what I can!”

“And I just need you to keep being you. Everything you do turns me on, and when you wear things like that underwear last night and that fucking bathing suit today- it is out of this world!” He said nuzzling her neck.

She kissed him again, “Maybe I can wear it when you get home from work!”

“Don’t tease me Baby!” He laughed then grabbed his sunglasses, “Let’s go to the beach and get tan!”

She squealed when he smacked her butt and walked out the door and down the sidewalk hand in hand.

Lorelai smiled broadly on the plane, thinking back to the night they went dancing at the hotel and the off the shoulder bodycon dress she wore in white showing off her tan. Aaron was a walking hard-on as he put it when he pulled her close and he ground his pelvis into her lower back and kissed her neck. They were sweaty and half-drunk from the club and barely made it back to their room before he pushed her against the wall in a passionate, mind blowing kiss.

Aaron pulled away and dropped to his knees, pushing up the skin tight dress, revealing her scrap of white lace that barely covered the front and being a thong, there was nothing in the back. He growled when he saw it and kissed her mound. Lorelai was afraid to move; she was so turned on and desperately wanted him. Aaron pulled the already wet material down her legs and threw it to the side. He took her left leg and placed it over his shoulder and almost dove between her legs, licking, lapping and sucking all over her heated core.

Lorelai was glad that Aaron was holding her up because her legs almost wouldn’t support her as he quickly brought her to a massive orgasm. He stood back up kissing her hard as he pushed down his shorts and underwear, freeing himself. He picked her up and plunged into her dripping wet core, forcing her to wrap her legs around his waist. Aaron pumped into hard and fast making them moan and groan.

“Oh fuck Lorelai! You feel so good! I love being in your tight, hot-“ He started but Lorelai cut him off with her screaming out and digging her nails into his back, “Oh god, I’m coming Aaron! YES!!!!”

He thrust deep a few more times, milking her pleasure before he exploded inside her, filling her up. He stilled after a few more thrusts, then rested his forehead on hers and they panted together.

“That’s a hell of a way to end a night,” he panted.

“Mmmm, it was really good!” She agreed.

Aaron firmed up his grip and carried her to the bed, “Give me 20 minutes and well add to it!”

She giggled as he kissed her.

“What are you grinning about?” Aaron asked, taking her hand in his as the plane ride continued on.

“Oh just thinking of the night we went to the club dancing,” she said rubbing his hand.

He sighed, “That was a great fucking night!”

She kissed his cheek, “Anytime you want to repeat that is fine by me!”

“As long as you wear that dress it can be arranged!” He promised with a kiss.

Mike picked them up and took them home where Sarah was waiting with Breena. Lorelai scooped her up in a big hug and covered her in kisses as she giggled. Then she wanted Aaron and he took his baby girl in his arms and repeated the move.

“Did you have a good time?” Sarah asked.

Lorelai looked at Aaron and they grinned, “Best anniversary present ever!”

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