Alive Again

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Chapter 53

Lorelai collapsed into bed at eight after her mom wrestled Breena into bed. She had thoroughly enjoyed her first birthday and eating cake by the handfuls. She ran after her cousins and Anne Marie, Joel and Alex’s daughter, with Thor watching over them all. Lorelai was immensely grateful that her mom came over early as well as Siobhan to help hang decorations and help with the food. Both moms were a little worried about her and her lack of energy. Lorelai really hoped that she wasn’t catching a cold or the flu!

Lorelai was beat and never heard Aaron come to their room 2o minutes later. He grinned as he watched her and passed out on the bed. He pulled the covers up and kissed her on the forehead after putting on a hoodie.

He went back downstairs to sit with his parents at the kitchen table and chuckled, “Lor is out cold! It’s just us.”

“Aaron, if she is still tired on Monday, you have her call me and I will watch Breena. I hope she’s not getting the flu!” Siobhan said.

“Me too. I will Mom, thanks. So Dad, I need your opinion on what I told you earlier…” Aaron started so he could figure out his job in his head.


Lorelai was heaving over the toilet early Wednesday morning, cursing herself for catching the flu. She desperately hoped that she hadn’t passed it on when they had everyone over for Breena’s party. And it would be total chaos if Breena caught it.

“Lorelai Baby, what’s wrong?” He stumbled in the bathroom.

“I think I have the flu…” She whispered.

“Oh a ghrà! I will call off today and take care of my girls,” He said and helped her back to bed. He called off and went back to bed, pulling her to him.

Lorelai woke up later and heaved again, cursing. After washing her mouth out, she went down to find Aaron cleaning Breena up after breakfast. The baby girl clapped her hand in glee at seeing her mom and calling out, “ma ma!”

Not wanting to get her sick, Lorelai kissed the top of her head and made some tea. Aaron ordered her back to bed after tea and Lorelai didn’t argue. She woke up on and off throughout the day, coming down for some more tea and toast. Aaron took Breena to the park since it was such a nice day especially for February.

Lorelai woke the next morning and felt no better. Aaron couldn’t take another day off and called Sarah to see if he could drop the baby off so Lorelai could rest. After he dropped off his daughter, he went to meet with Ian Cleary again. He had to fill out the transfer paperwork to move to Traffic and be the new supervisor.

He had talked with his dad and he reminded him that it wasn’t permanent and he could transfer out after gaining some seniority as a supervisor. And the raise would be nice to add padding to their savings.

“Aaron, we are so pleased you agreed to this. We think you will be great. You already know a lot of the officers in that division because of K9,” The Chief said.

“Thanks Chief, I appreciate your confidence in me,” Aaron said, signing the paperwork.

“You are a damn good officer Aaron. You can keep your hours or make up whatever works better for your family. Don’t you have a little girl?” Ian asked.

Aaron always loved talking about his daughter and grinned, “I do. Breena is perfect just so you know.”

“Any plans for more?” The Chief asked.

Aaron nodded, “We are trying.”

As soon as he said that a thought popped into Aaron’s head and he bit back the thought as he finished half listening to his bosses. He somehow made it through the day, went to the store, picked up his daughter and went home.

Lorelai was sitting at the table nursing a sports drink in some sweats and one of Aaron’s hoodies. He set Breena down to play and went to his wife.

“A ghrà, how are you feeling?”

“Not as nauseous, but tired as hell!” She said.

“That’s good. Lor, I had a thought today when I was talking with Cleary and the Chief and signing the transfer papers. Do you think maybe that this isn’t the flu and that you might be pregnant?” He asked gently.

She looked at him, “No. I wasn’t this way with Breena.”

“I don’t think every pregnancy is the same Baby. Here,” he said handing her a bag, “I bought this today. Go take it and let’s see if you have the flu.”

Lorelai took the bag and looked inside to find a pregnancy test, “Really Aaron? Don’t you think it’s a little soon?”

“Nope. Just go take it and we can go from there,” He insisted.

She signed and took the bag with her to the powder room on the first floor. She opened the box and was thankful she had drunk part of the sports drink and could actually pee on the stick. She flushed, washed her hands and went back out with the test and put it on the table.

“Two minutes, then we will know you are crazy and jumping the gun,” She said yawning.

Aaron stood up and unpacked the other bag that had food in it for him and Breena. He moved a bowl to the table to prepare the baby’s food to cool when he glanced down to the table.

“I don’t think we need to wait the full two minutes, a ghrà,” Aaron said.

“What?” Lorelai asked confused then figuring out what he was talking about and picked up the test and gasped, “Are you fucking kidding me?”

Aaron chuckled, “Apparently no.”

“How the hell did you figure this out before me?” She cried, still looking at the test.

“Because you are preoccupied.”

“Aaron, we are going to have a baby!” She looked at him and teared up.

He moved over to her and pulled her close, “Yes we are! And I am so happy, a ghrà!”

“I love you Aaron!”

“I love you too Lorelai!”


Aaron ran to the doctor’s office the following Friday to meet Lorelai for her appointment. She was waiting not so patiently and felt her anxiety leave as soon as he entered the exam room.

“Sorry Baby, I had a conference call that wouldn’t end!” He explained.

“It’s ok Captain, I know you would be here.”

“How are-“ He started and was interrupted.

“Lorelai, how are you?” Dr. Abrams came into the room asking.

“Great, well maybe not great,” Lorelai said and explained how she had a positive pregnancy test and had some viscous morning sickness.

“Well I took another test from your urine sample and also got a positive result. So let’s finish up the exam then we will take some pictures ok?” Dr. Abrams said.

Twenty minutes later they had the ultrasound machine going and the wand was moving around to capture the first picture of the baby. The doctor was doing the button thing again and making small talk as she did.

“So Aaron, you are a twin right?”

“Yes, my sister Amelia and I are twins. She is older by 3 minutes,” Aaron replied.

The small talk continued for just another minute before Dr. Abrams turned the screen, “Well you are indeed pregnant and only about seven weeks along.”

Lorelai and Aaron looked at each other and kissed tenderly before the doctor continued, “And the heartbeats are good.”

Aaron looked up at her, “Wait, what?”

Lorelai looked at her, “Heartbeats?”

“Yes,” Dr. Abrams smiled, “Take a look at the screen. There are three heartbeats. It seems like Aaron’s genes are running strong here, you are having triplets!”

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