Alive Again

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Chapter 54

Lorelai sat on the couch in total shock. Aaron flopped on the couch next to her, stunned.

“How are we even going to manage this? I mean seriously! Three babies at once!” Lorelai managed to get out.

“We are going to have to have some serious help from our parents,” was all Aaron could say, but added, “How are we going to afford this?”

“Oh shit, I didn’t even consider that!” Lorelai gasped.

He looked up at the ceiling and just started seeing dollar signs flash behind his closed eyelids and sighed. He stayed there for several minutes just thinking about the next two years and how insane it was going to be until he heard his wife crying softly.

He looked up and saw her face in her hands to cover up the tears, “Lor, Honey, what’s wrong?”

“Not only are we going to go broke over this, but I have to carry three babies! THREE!! That’s going to ruin my body! And then you are going to hate having a wife with a broken body and leave me to raise four children under two by myself!” She sobbed.

He felt so bad for worrying her and pulled her into his arms and kissed the top of her head, “Lorelai honey, no, stop! You are going to be beautiful the whole time and I am not ever letting you go! I love you and our babies! Yes, the next few months are going to be a little tricky, but you and I are going to have the most amazing family! We are going to knock this out of the ballpark Baby! I promise!”

She sniffed, “Are you sure? You’re still going to love me when I look like a beached whale-because I will! I looked good with Breena, but three babies? This is going to wreck me!”

Aaron smiled at her softly, “I will love you forever and you are still going to be the most beautiful woman in the entire world. You are my life and nothing is going to change that, ever!”

She wanted to believe him, but she figured that only time would tell and shrugged her shoulders to dismiss this part of the conversation, “Looking into the future, I have to know what we are having. I HAVE to have a room ready with clothes and names totally set. I can’t even fathom not having everything in order by the time I go into labor.”

“I agree. That will take some of the guessing and fear away from this. So, why don’t we invite our parents over tomorrow night and tell them our news and go from there ok?” Aaaron suggested.

“I’ll call my Mom now,” Lorelai said and Aaron took out his phone and called his mom and invited them over for the following night. With plans set, they went to bed after eating some leftovers out of the fridge.

Neither one of them slept particularly well that night and Lorelai was up throwing up first thing. She took one of the pills that was prescribed and Aaron let her rest a little while it calmed her stomach and got up with their daughter. She showered and came down for some tea and toast. Aaron agreed to do the grocery shopping if she got him a list and she would clean the bathrooms and start the lasagna for dinner.

The doorbell rang at 5:00 letting Thor and Beena know that someone was there to play. Aaron chased after them and opened the door to see all four grandparents at the door. Breena squealed at the sight and went from person to person giving out her very wet kisses to each. Thor followed and had to have his ears scratched.

They were eating when Aaron just went for it, “So we asked you here to tell you some good news...We are pregnant!”

The grandparents were thrilled and expressed their excitement and congratulations.

“I think that you both should not be allowed to go on vacation anymore. Any time you two leave the country you come back pregnant!” Mike said with a smirk.

Lorelai rolled her eyes, “I’ll keep that in mind Daddy. But this announcement comes with an aserick.”

“Is everything ok Sweetie?” Siobhan asked carefully.

“So everything is fine, but, hmm...No easy way to say this, but we are having triplets,” Loreali stated.

Everyone was stunned and just looked at the parents-to-be with wide eyes for several minutes and the only noise in the dining room was Breena chattering along as she sucked on the buttered bread.

“Are you serious?” Sarah asked.

“Yes, totally serious,” Aaron.

“Well, then we have some planning to do, don’t we,” Siobhan said.

They all agreed and made a plan right away. They all agreed that they needed to pick a room and get it ready. With her connections at the doctor’s office, Sarah was going to get them signed up for a multiples connection group to get samples of different products.

“I will suggest that you use the other spare room to start putting in boxes of diapers and a bit later on, formula. You are going to need to start buying diapers like every week from here on out,” Mike said.

They all nodded in agreement as the plan continued on and they promised they would help when the babies arrived and do whatever they could to make the transition easier. Lorelai was grateful for their love and support and told them that tearfully.

“My grandfather was a triplet,” Tomas said when Lorelai hugged him.

“WHAT?” Lorelai yelled out.

“I thought Grandpa was a twin?” Aaron asked.

Tomas shook his head, “No a triplet. His sister died at two from scarlet fever. I thought I told you this story?”

“No Dad! This is the first time I’ve ever heard about triplets in our family!” Aaron said, his voice rising with each word, “Would have been nice to know before yesterday!”

Tomas just smiled and shrugged his shoulders and Siobhan rolled her eyes.

“He just made things more interesting Lor,” Mike said.

“Cuz this isn’t interesting enough right now?” Lorelai moaned.

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