Alive Again

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Chapter 55

Everything was smooth sailing with her pregnancy. The morning sickness had subsided after about 15 weeks, which Lorelai was very thankful for. She had lost about 15 pounds and the doctor wanted her to gain that back and then some. She wanted Lorelai to gain about 50 pounds total, making Lorelai all but cry at the thought.

How would she even be able to lose that after? Lorelai was taking very good care of herself by walking every day with Breena in the stroller and Thor by their side. Spring was perfect and the weather cooperated so she could go on the walks. Lorelai was shocked that she started to show at 15 weeks and had to start wearing loose clothing-mainly Aaron’s shirts. She really didn’t want to go into maternity clothes too quickly.

Both Aaron and Lorelai were shocked at how different this pregnancy was compared to their first. Not only was there morning sickness, but she had no cravings and was exhausted all the time. She didn’t have the huge sexual drive that she did and was so sad that she was never in the mood to be with Aaron. She cried on more than one occasion over it. Aaron promised he understood, but Lorelai grew more insecure over it.

The spare room was starting to fill with boxes of diapers as the weeks wore on. As well as samples of different wipes, samples and other items. The new nursery was painted a beautiful light green and ready for more furniture. Breena was too young to go into a toddler bed, so they had to buy three cribs. Luckily each of the grandparents bought one so Aaron and Lorelai only had to buy one crib. They found a large dresser to put in the closet so save room and would put all the clothes in there. They had just enough space in the room for a changing table and a rocking chair with the three cribs. It would be tight, but they really had no other choice.

Aaron’s knee was bouncing nervously as Lorelai laid on the exam table to see what they were having. He hoped that at least one of the babies was a boy and Loreali hoped that no one was identical. She had recurring dreams of mixing up the babies and her mother assured her that would never happen. Lorelai wasn’t convinced.

“Hi Lorelai, how are we feeling? Anything new to report?” the tech asked as she got the machine ready.

“No, I think everything is the same at this point,” she answered.

Dr. Abrahms heard the end of the conversation as she entered the room, “No more vomiting?”

Lorelai shook her head, “I think that is done. I still am exhausted all the time. I can’t tell you how thankful I am that Breena still takes a two hour nap! I follow right behind her and am in bed by 9 every night!”

“You are growing three babies Lorelai, give yourself a little grace,” Dr. Abrahms said.

Aaron squeezed and kissed her hand in agreement. Lorelai nodded as the tech squirted the gel on and started the sonogram.

“We are finding out hte sex today, right?”” the tech asked.

“Yes, I have to plan with three coming,” She replied.

The tech nodded as everyone watched the screen to see how they were developing. Lorelai loved to see the three little jelly beans moving around and was already feeling them. The exam continued and everything was looking good, even if the babies were a little small, but normal for triplets.

“So are we ready to know what you are having?” the tech asked.

“So ready!” Aaron said, feeling the anxiety in his gut.

“Well it looks like baby A is a girl, but babies B and C are boys!” Dr. Abrahms explained.

“Really?!” Aaron asked in awe.

Smiling broadly the doctor said, “Yes, and I can say with certainty those are the sexes. At 20 weeks the sex organs are pretty certain. So you plan on adding them to your family.”

Aaron looked at Lorelai and kissed her softly when he saw the tears in her eyes and whispered, “Thank you for this amazing gift.”

She was so choked up on emotion finding out that she was going to have two sons and another daughter that all she could do was nod at him.

“I’ll print the pictures while you are in your exam and you are all set, ok?” the tech said and Aaron thanked her as he helped his wife up who was still crying in happiness, then helped her to the exam room.

They laid in bed that night holding each other after they made love. Loreali needed to feel close to Aaron. She was struggling with the lack of intimacy between them still and couldn’t figure out why. She really hoped that something wasn’t wrong with her.

“So what are you thinking about names?” Aaron asked, letting his fingers trail over her skin.

Lorelai propped her head up on his chest, “Well I definitely like Aisling for our girl.”

“That was our second choice for when Bre was born,” Aaron chuckled, “I did pick good girl names last time!”

Lorelai rolled her eyes, “Show off! Now what about the boy’s names I picked before?”

“I really like Finn, but what about another one? I don’t really want Sean or Patrick any more.”

Loreali nodded, “I get it, they aren’t really doing it for me anymore either. But I was reading a story the other day and another name I really liked was Ronan. What do you think?”

Aaron thought a minute and let the names roll in his head to see how they fit together, “I like it. They all sound so Irish! I really like it!”

Lorelai giggled, “I thought you might. I like that they are unique too.”

Aaron kissed her head again, “Well I think we have our names ready. Now we can finish the room and start getting some clothes and things for the room. Are you and the grandmas going to that multiples sale next week?”

“Yeah. We don’t need much for Aisling since we have all of Bre’s stuff still, so I really am going to focus on boy clothes at this point.”

They laid together after talking for a bit just relaxing before Lorelai dropped a bit of a thought provoking question, “Do you want anymore kids after this?”

Aaron was a bit taken back by her question, “I haven’t really thought about it Lor. I‘ve been trying to get over the shock of having triplets and getting them here healthy. Why?”

“I don’t know… I just wondered what your thought was about it.”

“What about you? Do you want to be done?”

She shrugged and felt teary, “I don’t know…”

“Then don’t worry about it Lorelai. Nothing has to be decided right this second. Hell we haven’t even brought these little ones home from the hospital! Let’s just relax about it for now, ok?” He said trying not to get frustrated with her, knowing she was bearing the brunt of this.

She could hear the frustration in his voice and tried not to cry. She had no idea what was wrong with her.

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