Alive Again

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Chapter 56

Due to the risk to Lorelai and the babies, they delivered the babies via c-section at 33 weeks. Aaron was a nervous wreck at the thought of his wife having major surgery, but if that was the safest for her and their kids, he had to just suck it up. So he sat behind the blue paper curtain next to her head and kissed her to reassure her.

“Alright, are we ready?” Dr. Abrahms’ asked.

“As we will ever be!” Aaron said.

The team chuckled and waited as the doctor began the surgery. Aaron looked to make sure the neonatal team was ready. He was so surreal to see three incubators ready for his children. There was lots of talking as the team worked together as a well oiled machine and he just watched in awe.

“Alright, we are ready for baby A,” the doctor said and Aaron leaned down and whispered how much he loved his wife as they heard, “We have a girl!”

Lorelai felt the tears run down her cheeks in happiness.

“Daddy, why don’t you come over and check on your little girl and cut the cord,” a nurse invited.

Aaron went over and was shocked how small she was! Breena was seven pounds and this little one was only three pounds. He was stunned when he touched her how large his hand was compared to her. He was suddenly scared to hold her and her siblings. They placed some nasal oxygen on her to help her little lungs as they examined her.

“Here is baby boy number one!” Aaron heard and turned to watch as they lifted out his first tiny son. They brought him over to his incubator and Aaron watched as he flung his little arms and legs around, crying. He leaned over and rubbed his little arm as he still was by his daughter’s side.

Aaron was in shock of how little they were and felt a huge lump form in his throat at the thought of taking these tiny creatures home and being responsible for their care.

“Here is baby C!” Dr. Abrahms called out. Aaron walked over to the last incubator and saw his last son crying. He cut the cord where they showed him and went back to his wife as they were closing her up.

“How are they doing?” Lorelai asked after he kissed her lips gently.

“They look great, so little, but crying and moving around. I can’t wait until you see them!” He grinned at her.

She smiled back at him, “So do you think we are good with the names we picked?”

“I think Aisling, Finn and Ronan are perfect! You want baby B to be Finn and C to be Ronan?” He asked.

“I think so. Seems like the easiest at this point,” Lorelai sighed in exhaustion.

“You rest and I’ll go to the nursery and meet you back at your room,” He kissed her forehead, “I love you A ghra`.

“I love you too Captain!”


He noticed how different she was being. Aaron didn’t know what to do, but he kept watching his wife change. There was something off, especially the last few weeks.

The triplets were six months old and doing very well after a two week stay in the hospital after they were born. Breena was doing great as a big sister and with the help of their mother’s, they were able to get into a perfect routine with four kids. Everything was going well and Aaron went back to work after taking six weeks of paternity leave and feeling confident about their lives. But something changed with Lorelai and he didn’t know if he should bring it to Sarah and Mike’s attention or not. And everytime he asked Lorelai about it, she changed the subject after saying she was just tired.

Aaron was thrilled it was Friday and they could relax for the weekend. Spring was coming upon them and March was starting to warm up. He arrived home to find Lorelai feeding the triplets and Bre and they were all lined up in their high chairs. They all squealed when he came in and kissed them all before locking up his service weapon and quickly changed clothes. They ate together right after and watched a little tv while the kids played on the floor.

Loreali bathed the boys, while Aaron watched the girls and then they switched. They tucked all four in bed and closed the door.

“I’m gonna shower and then we can relax ok?” Aaron said, nuzzling her neck.

Lorelai shied away from his touch and just nodded. Aaron was a little hurt by that, she had never done that before.

“Are you sure you are ok Lor?” he asked again, getting more concerned. They haven’t been intimate very much since the triplets were born, and Lorelai was having a hard time losing the 50 pounds she had gained and getting back in shape.

“ I already told you, I’m just tired Aaron,” She testily replied.

Aaron held up his hands in surrender, “I was just checking. We can have an early night. Pick something on tv for us to watch. I will be out in 15 minutes and we can relax. Maybe I can get lucky!” he added with a wink.

He went in the bathroom and closed the door and got in the shower, turning the hot water on. He washed, dried off and pulled on his sleep pants and a t-shirt and came out to their room to find the TV on and the room empty. He walked around the house looking for his wife and was concerned when she was nowhere to be found.

Aaron went back up to their room and saw a note laying on his pillow. He felt his stomach drop and his heart clench as he picked it up to read it.

‘I’m sorry Aaron. I can’t do it anymore. There is something wrong with me and I can’t risk the kids. I need to find myself. Don’t look for me, I’ll come back when I’m better. Please forgive me-Lorelai’

Aaron’s knees went weak and he dropped to the bed for several minutes just rereading the note. She had been planning this! He got up all of a sudden and ran downstairs and to the garage. He threw open the door and saw her little SUV that she had gone and the Suburban was there all alone with his Harley in the middle.

“Oh my god!!” he yelled and felt the tears pool in his eyes as he realized his situation and felt his heart break.

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