Alive Again

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Chapter 59

The next four weeks left Aaron feeling like he was walking on quicksand and not able to get his footing. He had talked with Lorelai several times on the phone and they met a few times as well. She invited him to one of her therapy sessions and he really let loose on his feelings, which the doctor encouraged him to do. He had to make Lorelai understand what she did to him. She was slowly getting there.

She had reached out to her parents and sister, talking with them and explaining everything. They all met up at a park by her hotel and hashed some things out. Her family was much more willing to accept her apology, remembering what she had gone through with Max and how he had abused her. She had tried talking with Joel and that didn’t go as well. He was still not ready to forget as easily as her family. She wrote letters to her in-laws and hoped they could forgive her in time as well. But only time will tell on that front. They were really waiting for Aaron to decide what he wanted to do.

Lorelai kept asking to see the kids and he knew he couldn’t put it off forever and when she asked him the next time they were having coffee he relented.

“Fine. But there are going to be some rules here Lorelai. I can’t have you upsetting them again,” He started.

“I know Aaron and I totally understand. What rules are you talking about?” She eagerly replied.

“Well first, it can only be for an hour to start. I want this to be a gradual thing so we don’t freak them out. I will start talking about you and showing your picture again,” Aaron started.

“Only an hour? But Aaron-” She started.

“One hour. That is it!” Aaron stated in a no nonsense voice.

Lorelai sighed, “What else? Can I call on like Facetime to see them during the week?”

“Let’s just see how Saturday goes ok? Then we can go from there,” Aaron said, rubbing his temple, trying to ease the tension headache he felt coming on.

“I promise it will be great Aaron, thank you! Can I bring something?” She eagerly asked.

“Let’s just see how they do with you and we can revisit that later.”

“Ok Aaron. Thank you! I will be by the house about 10:30 ok?” She excitedly clapped her hands together.

Aaron nodded and got up, laying a tip on the table, “I’ll see you Saturday.”

Aaron was a nervous wreck all week and preoccupied. He had talked with Breena about having her mommy see her and he thought she understood, but he wasn’t sure. He would point out Lorelai’s picture to the triplets and try to get them to connect the idea for them. He didn’t sleep and had no idea what he wanted to happen the next day. He didn’t want his kids hurt and scared by seeing Lorelai, but he didn’t want them upset when she left after the visit. It was a shit situation all around.

He was up early Saturday and had worked out and showered by 8:00 and was drinking coffee when he heard the triplets start to wake up. Breena followed and he got them up, fed and dressed.

The doorbell rang at 10:20 and was impressed that she was early and opened the door to see Pamela standing there in her tight yoga pants, t-shirt, and a smile holding a plate of brownies. He groaned inwardly and tried not to sigh out loud, he didn’t need this today!

“Well hi Aaron! How are you doing today?” She bubbled.

“Hi Pamela, I’m doing ok. How about you?” He asked politely.

“Just great! I went on a baking spree this week and discovered that I had a pan of brownies left over. I thought you and your adorable children might like them?” She said hopefully, handing the plate over.

“That is really very kind, Pamela, thank you! They look great!” Aaron said with some faked enthusiasm.

She beamed, “You are welcome Aaron! Are you busy today? I can stay and we can play with the kids today,” as she took a finger and slowly dragged it up and down his tattooed arm.

“Well, I-” he started when he heard, “Hi Aaron! I hope it’s ok that I am a few minutes early.”

Aaron’s eyes went wide when he heard and saw Lorelai on the front porch. He saw a brief flash of anger in her eyes as she saw the woman with her hand on him. Aaron pulled his arm away and felt a little guilty, not knowing why. He hadn’t done anything wrong.

“Hi Lorelai, it’s just fine that you are early. Lorelai, this is Pamela, a new neighbor down the street. Pamela, this is Lorelai, my…” Aaron started and stopped, not sure how to proceed.

“His wife. Nice to meet you,” Lorelai said offering her hand.

“Wife?!” Pamela asked looking at Aaron who was the color of a tomato.

“Yeah,” He started, rubbing the back of his neck, “it’s complicated.”

Pamela looked at the two and couldn’t figure out what to say, “Ok...I’ll drop by another time Aaron and we can chat some more. It was nice to meet you Loreali. Have a good rest of your day.”

Aaron said bye and watched her shake her ass as she walked down the driveway as Lorelai pushed past Aaron and set her purse down on the bench as Thor came tearing into the living room and was whining and licking every inch of Lorelai he could reach. She patted and cooed at him while Aaron closed the door and watched their reunion.

Lorelai stood up and looked straight at him, “I get I hurt you and don’t deserve your forgiveness, but we ARE still married. So can you NOT flaunt any bitch you are sleeping with in front of me? Or our kids?”

Aaron felt bad for just a second, then got angry, “You don’t get to dictate what I do in my personal life! You lost that right a year ago! You are here to be reunited with our kids, that’s it! So if I wanted to sleep with her or any other woman that showed interest in me, I sure as fuck can!!”

Anger still flaring in her, “And how many have there been Aaron?! Putting that cock anywhere you can?”

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