Alive Again

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Chapter 6

Friday couldn’t come fast enough for Lorelai, but when it arrived she was a wreck. Joel was over helping calm her and short of drugging her or getting her drunk, nothing he did was going to help; it had to come from inside her.

“Lor, STOP!! You are going to hyperventilate!”

“I know JJ, but what if he hates me once he starts talking to me?!”

“Then he hates you. You can’t stop that and not everyone will like you, you need to just be yourself! The woman you were in high school and freshman year in college; the feisty beautiful woman that we know and love!”

Lorelai nodded and took a deep breath as he hugged her tightly then gently wiped the tears from her face, “Now show me what you are going to wear to blow his mind.”

Lorelai pulled out a deep teal sweater dress with a black belt. Joel nodded and went to her closet and pulled out her black knee high boots and insisted she wear those.

“Are you sure?”

“Absolutely! The color is great with your hair and eyes and hugs your ass perfectly. The boots make your legs look great too,” Joel assured her.

“Ok, I’m just gonna jump in the shower and get dressed,” Lorelai said for no real reason other than to calm herself.

“I wish your hair was still long…It had that great wave to it and is so thick,” Joel said wistfully.

“You know why I cut it Joel!” Lorelai yelled, feeling her temper grow.

“I know, chill! I just wish you would grow it back, that’s all,” Joel pleaded, holding his hands up in his defense.

“I’m getting in the shower. I will call you tomorrow,” Lorelai said letting her temper simmer back down as she hugged her best friend.

“I love you. Have fun and maybe get lucky!” He said kissing her cheek.

“Highly unlikely! But I will try and have fun, I promise,” She assured him and watched him walk out. She heard the door close then turned the water on hot to relax her.

An hour and half later she stood in front of the mirror and took in her reflection. She liked what she saw. The teal was making her dark auburn hair shine and gave her gray eyes flex of green in them. The boots did make her legs look good and the sweater dress hit just above her knees. Her hair was sitting mid neck and was perfectly messy. She fixed her lip gloss and threw it in the small handbag she was using along with her wallet and phone.

She went into the living room and pulled on her long wool coat, making sure she had her gloves in the pockets.

“Ok Lorelai, you can do this. You are ready for this. Now get your ass in the car and go to the restaurant before you are late!” She told herself.

She took another calming breath, and then got into her car, backed out and drove downtown. She went through to the valet and walked into the historic building and put her coat in the coat check. She took another deep breath and walked over to the hostess station through the mass of people waiting. Before she could make it up she heard her name and turned.

Aaron had been waiting for ten minutes, thankful that he had made a reservation for the very popular restaurant. He saw the beautiful red hair enter the room and grinned in spite of himself. He slowly made his way over to her as she made her way to the hostess station.

“Lorelai!” He called and saw her turn with a look of nervousness in her eyes, but it went away as soon as she took in his form.

“Aaron Hi. It’s a bit crazy here!”

“I know, I let them know we are here but it will be a few minutes. Do you want to go to the bar and wait? It might be less crazy!”

She nodded and he put his hand on the small of her back to help guide her through the crowd. He felt her stiffen at the touch of his hand and leaned down to whisper, “It’s just me. I won’t hurt you.”

She relaxed a little and moved to the bar area with Aaron right behind her. They finally found a little table over to the side where Aaron placed the buzzer on the table and smiled.

“That was a little like working crowd control at one of the football games! Wow!” Aaron chuckled.

“You work the Broncos games?!” Lorelai asked in a shocked voice.

“Oh yeah, the overtime is very nice! Plus I get to meet the players; some of them are really great men. I have been to a couple of player parties.”

Lorelai was pretty awe struck by hearing that and heard the voice in her head say ‘See?! He is gonna drop you like a hot pan when the night is over! You are BORING!!’

They were interrupted by the bartender asking if they would like a drink.

“Yes could I have Jack and Coke please?” Aaron asked.

“Can I have a glass of merlot please? Any house brand except Barefoot is fine.”

He left and looked at her smiling, “Don’t like Barefoot Wines?”

“No. But that’s a story for another time!” Lorelai said with a scowl, but eased her brows as she continued, “So tell me about you.”

“What do you want to know?” He asked as the waiter came back quickly and dropped off their drinks and left as Aaron looked deep into her eyes.

He started telling her a little about his family, “Well I’m very Irish, hence O’Shay. I’m 36. My parents, Tomas and Shoban are crazy, but I love them dearly. My dad was in law enforcement too. He is a resource officer at a private high school now, partially retired and my mom works at a daycare center for fun. She stayed home with me and my sister until we went to high school. Although looking back, she probably should have just gotten a job at the high school as much as she was there! I wasn’t an angel in high school!”

Lorelai snickered, “Why can I see that?”

Aaron grinned and shrugged, “What can I say? My high school needed some excitement!”

“And you were happy to help out, weren’t you?”

They just laughed together until they were paged and set at their table. Their table waiter was a character and had them laughing as he explained how the evening would go and the courses and steps involved. He left and they looked over the menu, decided, then got back to talking.

“So any siblings?” Lorelai asked as she took another sip of her wine.

“Well, I am a twin. My sister, Amelia is a few minutes older than me and never lets me forget it! She married my best friend and partner in crime, Steve, who you met Monday. Steve and I met when he moved here from New York our junior year in High School. He was more than happy to help keep things lively with me. Amelia hated him at first, but he grew on her! Stevie and I went to college together, both majoring in Criminal Justice, and then went to the academy as soon as we graduated. We have been with the city ever since. I joined K9 about six years ago with lots of training beforehand. Thor has been the only dog I have had since he was a pup. He is awesome and I love him. Amelia and Stevie have been married for eight years and they have a set of twin boys, Connor and Caleb who are six. They are the best kids! I love them to pieces!”

Lorelai loved listening to him talk, he just had a voice that was deep and sexy and animated when he talked. She noticed the way his body moved when he talked and it really sucked her in. More than once when he was talking she could imagine herself running her hand over his jaw to feel the strength and stubble. Lorelai looked and saw that he had rolled up the sleeves of his very well fitted dress shirt to reveal some tattoos on his forearms. She had a weakness for tattoos and couldn’t help but wonder if he had more underneath that royal blue shirt.

But that shirt was molded to his body and she realized that the uniform shirt she saw him in Monday only hid his true form. Probably with bullet proof vests and undershirts like her dad wore. It was stirring something in her and was sincerely hoping that they had another date! But she had to relax and see what happened.

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