Alive Again

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Chapter 60

Aaron grabbed her arm and pulled her close and whispered in her ear, “I haven’t been with another woman since the last time that we had sex! So stop making assumptions or you can leave!! Can you say the same thing?”

Lorelai snatched her arm away, breathing hard, “Yes I can!”

They both looked at each other for a minute, then calmed down.

“Let me put these brownies in the kitchen then we will go to the playroom, ok?” Aaron said, feeling his blood pressure going lower.

“We have a playroom?” Lorelai asked.

“It was my office. I moved it down to the dance studio. This way I can keep an eye on them while I cook dinner,” Aaron explained.

She nodded sadly and waited for him to return from the kitchen and she followed him to the playroom and she looked inside to see her four babies playing and felt her heart speed up and tears form in her eyes at the sight of them.

“Hey munchkins!” He called and they all looked up and saw Lorelai standing there next to him. He knelt down and they all came closer to him. Lorelai knelt down to the side of him.

“There is someone who wants to meet you and play with you today. This is your mommy,” Aaron said gently.

The triplets looked at her with questioning eyes, trying to figure out what that really meant. Breena had wide eyes as she took in Lorelai’s face and came closer. She placed a hand on Lorelai’s face, like she was trying to remember something.

“Mommy?” Breena asked.

“Hi Baby,” Lorelai said to her as the tears built and then slowly fell down her cheeks.

Breena just took in her face and then jumped into Lorelai’s arms, crying and just kept repeating, “my mommy!”

Aaron almost lost it at the reunion and sat down so the other three could climb into his lap and just watch. Lorelai held her first born in her arms and couldn’t believe how good it felt to hold her. They stayed like that for several minutes before Finn got bored and asked his dad, “Go outside Daddy?”

Aaron said yes and the triplets ran to the backdoor, waiting for him as Lorelai carried Breena out to meet them. They were talking quietly as they walked. The triplets and Thor ran out to the swingset and went to play as Breena begged her mother to push her on the swings. Doing anything she asked, Lorelai helped her up and gently pushed her, listening to the little girl giggle. Finn watched them and got on the swing next to his big sister. Lorelai noticed and asked him gently, “Do you want Mommy to push you too?” He nodded and waited as she gave him a much easier push to get him going. Aisling stood next to Aaron and held his hand and just watched. Ronan had climbed up on the little club house part and just observed, wary of the woman by his siblings.

They played outside for 30 minutes before Finn requested a drink. Aaron went in with Finn close on his heels to get four sippy cups full of ice water and went back out. It was a beautiful day and they had a good time together. Finn had slowly moved closer to Loreali and then held Aisling’s hand and talked to them.

Aaron didn’t realize so much time had passed and was startled when Ronan asked for lunch. They had been outside for almost two hours!

“Ok munchkins, it’s lunch time! Let’s go have some ravioli!” Aaron called.

Ronan came down the slide and ran to the door, craving his favorite food. Lorelai stopped the swing that Breena was still on and helped her down. The oldest grabbed one hand and Finn and Aisling held hands, then Aisling slipped her hand into Lorelai’s as they walked back to the house slowly. She helped them into the kitchen and into their chairs.

“Do you need help Aaron?”

“No. I can do it.”

“I know you can do it, but I would like to help,” she softly said.

Aaron felt bad for turning her down so quickly, “Sorry Lorelai. Can you get some fruit out of the fridge?”

She eagerly went and found some pears and pulled them out, washed them and cut them into little strips so they could eat them and put them on the little plates Aaron was filling with ravioli

“Thanks,” he said softly, “Grab a couple plates and they can eat.”

Smiling she lifted two plates and set one in front of Breena and one in front of Finn. They both said ‘thank you’ to her and she beamed from ear to ear. Aaron watched her and was happy for how the morning went.

“I think it’s time Lor…” He said.

Lorelai looked at him and nodded sadly, “Ok little ones, I have to go for now.”

“NO! Don’t go!” Breena cried out.

Lorelai went to her side, “Hey Baby girl, it’s ok! I will be back soon and we can play some more, ok?”

“You gonna come back?” Breena asked tearfully.

“Yes! I promise I will be back very soon!” Lorelai promised and kissed her forehead, trying not to cry again.

“Maybe we can call Mommy on Facetime and you can see her,” Aaron added.

Lorelai looked up surprised and he nodded at her slightly, making her smile. She went to each child and kissed them on the cheek and told them that she loved them.

Aaron walked her to the door, “Thank you Aaron.”

He smiled, “You are welcome...If she asks, can I let Breena Facetime you?”

“Yes! I don’t have any plans for the weekend. Anytime is fine,” She assured him.

Lorelai looked at him, feeling her heart speed up again. He was still the sexiest, most handsome man she had ever met. And seeing those tattooed forearms just as corded as they were before she left, she felt that familiar tug in her abdomen. She blushed and turned to the walk out the door.


She turned back to face him with questioning eyes.

“Thanks for a nice morning.”

Lorelai smiled and walked back to her SUV. She cried happy tears all the way back up to her hotel room. She washed her face and wrote in her journal what an amazing day she had. She went to the workout room and did 35 minutes on the elliptical before showering and watching some tv. She went to bed very happy and excited for what could happen.

Breena insisted on Facetiming Lorelai the next day, and the two talked for 15 minutes before Breena was pushed off by the triplets to take a look on the screen too. Ronan still didn’t say anything, but Finn and Aisling started talking more. Lorelai remembered that Aaron had said he was a very independent child and knew he was going to take more time to warm up to her.

Aaron finally got the kids off the phone and he looked at her, “Can I call you after I get the kids in bed? I think we should talk some more.”

“Sure! I’m not busy. I just need to read over some lesson plans for a job tomorrow,” She explained.

They said goodbye and hung up. Loreali was on pins and needles until he called back about 8:30.

“So I was thinking today, maybe you would like to come over for dinner this week?” He asked.

“I would love to! I have therapy on Monday and Thursday, but any other day is free,” Lorelai eagerly said.

“Ok. How about Tuesday? I get home about five after picking up the kids,” he said.

“Perfect! I’ll be over about 5:30. Can I bring anything?”

“Sure. Can you bring a side dish? I will grill some burgers since the weather is supposed to be good,” He said.

“Awesome! I will find something good to bring over and see you then!”

“See you then Lorelai.”

“Bye Aaron.”

Lorelai fell asleep with a huge smile on her face.

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