Alive Again

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Chapter 61

The next 18 days were going perfectly. Lorelai was coming over several times a week and spending all Saturday with Aaron and the kids. She would spend Sunday with different family members, making amends for what she did and getting the forgiveness and acceptance she needed at that point for her recovery. It was tough between her and Joel. They had a lot of talking to do and she had to have a session with him and his therapist to get their healing on the track. It had been an emotional few weeks, but Lorelai knew it was needed and was thrilled that it had been going so well.

The school year ended and Lorelai was at a loss as to what she was going to do with her time now. She thought about getting a part time job and was talking to Aaron about it one Saturday they were together. The kids had played hard at the park where they had a picnic and were done for naps.

“Do you want another job?” He asked.

“I don’t know. I have to pay for my room somehow, but the thought of using the little savings I have put aside breaks my heart. That’s what I use for therapy.”

“You don’t use our insurance?” He asked.

Lorelai shook her head, “I didn’t think it was right to use that after what I had done. I have been paying out of pocket for that and my medicine.”

“Lorelai, you can use the insurance. That’s what it’s there for. So please, don’t make it harder on yourself,” he urged. Before she could say anything his phone rang and he answered it as he went into the kitchen to talk. Lorelai went back to looking through the pictures that Aaron had taken of the kids over the last year and she was watching them slowly grow.

She was remembering how for the first time just a week ago, Ronan had allowed her to pick him up and get him ready for bed and she was over the moon. All the other kids had accepted her and were calling her mommy again. Lorelai was feeling really good and looked at Aaron as he came in and flopped on the couch, groaning.

“What’s wrong?”

“That was the director of the daycare. They had an electrical fire last night and have to close down until the repairs are done. That will take most of the summer!” He groaned.

“Oh that’s terrible! What are you going to do?” She asked.

“I guess I’m going to have to find a babysitter...I wonder if Alex can recommend a couple of high schoolers that would like some extra money for the summer, unless…” he started, then stopped and looked at her.

“Unless what?” She asked.

“Unless you would like to do it.”

“What?!” Lorelai gasped.

“You are free for the summer right? You could watch the kids while I go to work. I know they would love to be at home. I could get a kiddie pool for the backyard. I could get a summer membership to the children’s museum and the zoo. You could do field trips and the library has a great story times several times a week,” Aaron rattled off.

Lorelai looked at him in shock, her mouth hanging open.

“Do not want to watch them?” Aaron asked, feeling his heart start to sink, thinking she hadn’t come as far as he had thought.

“I would LOVE to be with them every day! I just never thought you would trust me to be alone with them!” She admitted.

“Lorelai, you have been alone with them before,” he reminded her.

“But not for eight hours!”

“Lorelai, I am telling you that I trust you to watch our children while I am at work. I will have my phone and you have family close by if you have any problems. Do you want to do this?” He asked seriously.

She teared up, “More than anything! Thank you!”

He smiled and nodded his head, “Well then I guess you better get packed then.”

“Wait, what?” Lorelai asked.

“I thought it would be easier if you moved into the house. I leave about 7:30 for work. Coming from Northglenn, rush hour traffic will be brutal.”

Lorelai chewed her lip, thinking about the idea of being close to her kids, but also that close to Aaron, knowing how she was still so attracted to him.

“Well, I am paid up until Friday...I will stay there until then and then move into the guest room, if that’s ok,” Lorelai offered.

“I think that sounds good. I will get the sheets changed and ready for you.”

“No, I can do that while the kids are down for a nap next week,” She assured him.

Aaron looked at her closely and saw for the first time the woman he had fallen in love with over six years ago. He felt his heart beat erratically and his breathing quickened as he tried to calm himself down.

“Um, ok. I, that sounds good. I’m gonna find something for dinner,” he stammered out and quickly got up to go to the kitchen. He leaned against the countertop and took a few calming breaths, realizing how much he still loved her. Through all the heartache, pain and anger, he still loved her with every fiber of his being and wanted her in his life and in his bed. He still wanted to grow old with her. He had to get away and think.

“Hey Lorelai?” He called out.

“Yeah?” She replied as she came into the kitchen.

“Since they are down for a while, I’m going to run to grab some supplies and a couple of pools. You ok to watch them?” He said putting his phone back in his pocket and grabbing his keys.

“Sure. I might lay on the couch, they wore me out!”

“Ok, great. I’ll be back in a few hours. Want to just get pizza for dinner? We can eat outside,” He rushed out as he walked to the front door.

“That’s fine...Are you ok Aaron? You seem off…” She asked, worriedly.

He nodded, “Yep!”

Lorelai looked skeptical, but let it go and watched him hop into his truck and drive off. She hoped that he was ok and wasn’t regretting letting her watch the kids or the idea of moving her in, but she had to think positive and not let this ruin the great progress they had made.

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