Alive Again

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Chapter 62

It had been the best month of her life. Lorelai was so incredibly happy being with her kids and Aaron in their house. It had been going perfectly with the kids. They had a great routine set up and the kids were thriving, in Aaron’s words. Ronan had warmed up to her and all four kids had finally connected with her as their mom. Lorelai was thrilled with the progress with them and with their family. Everything seemed to be on track. Her and Aaron had developed a good relationship and they had hugged several times over the last week. It felt spectacular to be in his arms again and made her feel more alive than she had since she gave birth to the triplets. She didn’t know when it would develop into more, but wasn’t going to push it. It would come naturally, her therapist said and she believed her.

It was a Saturday and Aaron had promised the kids a water day. It was hot and the kids were yelling and giggling as they splashed and played in the pools. Aaron and Lorelai discovered quickly that one kiddie pool wasn’t enough and ended up buying two more, two for the kids and one for Thor. He wanted to lay in the water all by himself, so he did overseeing his little kids playing with his ever watchful eyes.

Aaron was in one pool with Ronan and Breena as they took their toys and played. He was watching them, but behind his sunglasses he couldn’t peel his eyes off of Lorelai. She was watching Finn and Aisling as they filled little buckets and dumped them on each other. She was laughing and had a huge smile on her face. And if that wasn’t enough she was wearing one of the bathing suits that she had when they were in Mexico where that had actually conceived the triplets. It wasn’t the most risque of the bikinis, but it was was pretty fucking good!

He had been having memories from that trip all week and had woken with a massive and painful hard-on every morning and had to take care of himself in the shower. He couldn’t believe he was acting this way! He was not 15 year old and was disgusted with himself because he didn’t know how much longer he could keep up having her under the same roof and not touch her. But he didn’t know if she was ready for that or not. And he was too much of a coward to ask and see what her thoughts were on the subject.

So here he sat in a green kiddie pool watching his smoking hot wife in a bathing suit that made him hard and he had to keep thinking of police codes and procedures to keep his mind occupied.

The kids were melting fast after several hours in the sun and heat and eating pb and j’s outside on the patio. Aaron grabbed the basket that Lorelai had packed before they went out and started the process of getting the kids dried, changed and ready for an afternoon nap. Lorelai was brushing Breena’s hair and putting in a quick braid before she wrapped a towel around her waist before they all went upstairs for naptime. They got all four in bed, closed the doors some and met in the hallway.

“They are exhausted!” Aaron chuckled, “No wonder you tire them out during the day so they take good naps!”

Lorelai grinned up at him, “I get lots done while they are down! That’s why dinner has been so good lately!”

“It was good before! But I just wanted to say how happy I am that you are here Lorelai. I know the kids love it...and I love it too…” He admitted.

She blushed some and shrugged, “Thanks Aaron. But it’s easy.”

“It is?”

“It’s easy when you love someone. If you have love and respect, you can do anything. I learned that the hard way,” She said.

Aaron felt his heart ramp up again and tried to swallow the knot of desire that was building him and just nodded his head, “I’m going to go change and maybe watch the baseball game…”

“Ok. I’m going to change and maybe read the new book I just got,” She returned, trying not to react to the sexual tension that was building between them.

Lorelai smiled then turned and moved towards her bedroom door and closed it some. She let out a breath she didn’t know she was holding and smiled a little, thinking about how incredibly hot he was in the swim trucks, low on his hips and revealing all his tattoos. She remembered how she used to let her fingers trace over them when they were in bed together and how he would get goose bumps. And all that did was serve to turn him on again and they would have to have more sex.

Lorelai moved away from the door and closer to the bed and started to untie the neck strings of the bikini top and let it hang down while she reached into the dresser for a new bra and a pair of panties. She was thinking about Aaron and not paying attention and jumped when the door opened.

“Lorelai, do you -Oh shit!! I’m sorry!” Aaron cried when he walked in and saw her suit down and her beautiful perfect tits front and center, calling to him. They both stood there shocked that he had walked in the room. Lorelai’s first instinct was to cover up, but she slowly lowered her arms so he could see all of her, and he took a tentative step closer to her.

Lorelai looked straight into Aaron’s eyes and could see them cloud over with desire like they used to and they both were breathing heavily. Aaron stepped a little closer and reached out slowly and touched her face with his large warm hands. Lorelai leaned into the warmth of his hand and sighed just a little. Aaron took that as an ok and walked until he was directly in front of her, their abdomens almost touching.

Aaron hated to talk and break the spell they were both under, but whispered, “If you don’t want me to kiss you, say something now.”

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