Alive Again

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Chapter 63

Lorelai said nothing and leaned forward to drag her finger around his very toned stomach, making Aaron groan softly. He felt her touch go straight to his dick and he was hard as a rock and made the flimsy material strain from the pressure.

Aaron had reached his limit and pulled her roughly to him and crashed his lips into hers for one of the most powerful kisses they had ever shared. Lorelai felt her knees weaken and was thankful that Aaron had wrapped his arms around her. Lorelai wove her arms around his neck and pulled her closer to him, to feel his skin against hers in perfect bliss.

Aaron moved them both to the bed and he positioned himself over her body, and started touching every where he could find. He touched her pebbled nipples and she moaned into his mouth as his tongue fought with hers for dominance. He rubbed and pulled on the sensitive skin and made her wraith under her.

He pulled his mouth from hers and immediately started sucking on one, then the other listening to his wife’s moans. He forgot how much he had missed that sound and went harder on each one, biting and nipping gently giving her the most pleasure.

“Oh god Aaron,” she moaned and held his head closer to her, showing him she liked what he was doing.

Aaron pulled off her nipples and started running his tongue down her body until he reached the bottom of her suit and quickly pulled it off, throwing it somewhere in the room and dove between her legs, making her gasp them moan out his name.

“Oh god, I forgot how good you taste!” He growled and began licking and sucking every inch of her folds and the minute that he sucked her clit into his mouth she came in the first orgasm she had had in over a year. The power of it made her cry out loud “Oh fuck!!”

Aaron kissed her as soon as he had lapped up all her sweet nectar. He let her taste herself on his lips and she didn’t disappoint when she sucked on his tongue to get the taste off.

“I need you Lorelai! I need you so bad!” He begged kissing and nipping on her kiss after he pulled back from the kiss

“I need you too!” She panted back.

Aaron sat up and untied his trunks and pushed them down, finally freeing his rock hard cock from its prison. Lorelai sat up on her elbows, watched him and licked her lips as he stroked himself, spreading the liquid around.

“You like that Lorelai?” he growled, watching her stare at him.

“I love it Captain. I want it!”

“What do you want?”

“I want you to stick that big cock in me!!” She demanded.

Her forcefulness made him grin as he positioned himself over her and at her entrance, feeling the heat flowing from that special spot.

“Aaron I had an IUD put in, I can’t get pregnant…” She whispered, not wanting to upset him.

He wove his fingers in her still slightly damp hair and pulled her head back to expose her neck and bit gently, then replied, “Good. I want to feel every inch of you around my cock!” then sunk into her, not stopping until he was completely encased by her.

It was better than he had imagined and almost came from the pressure and heat of being inside her and Aaron was panting with restraint. He finally felt he had a handle on himself and started a slow and deep pace, making them both feel every ridge and bump in the process.

“Oh you feel so good Lor, you take me so good!” He said as he pumped between her legs.

“You god Captain! You are so big!” She moaned, moving her legs wider apart to give him as much room, “I need more! Harder!”

He loved when she started to ask for what she wanted. He moved a knee and picked up his pace and started pounding into her harder, making her tits shake with each thrust. It was heavenly and he realized how much he had missed her and the intimacy they shared.

He was looking deep into her eyes when he felt her dig her nails into his back and scream out, “Oh fuck YES!! I’m coming Aaron!!”

Aaron reached down and pinched her clit, making her finish more intense and she arched into him, feeling everything. He never slowed down as he felt his own finished coming head on and went faster. His movements were sloppy but he couldn’t help it when he felt his arousal rush through him and he shot his load four or five times inside her, flexing his hips into her at each shot.

“Oh fuck yeah! I love you a ghrà!!” he yelled out as he finished.

They both were breathing heavy trying to focus on what the hell had just happened. Aaron laid next to her on the bed and pulled her to him so they could look at each other. Aaron pushed a few strands of hair from her face, then kissed her nose.

“I meant it Lorelai,” he whispered.

Lorelai couldn’t believe he had said it and was so afraid that it was a slip of the tongue in the heat of the moment, “Are you sure?”

“I’m sure. I love you Lorelai. I never stopped. And seeing you all these weeks fighting through Postpartum Depression and claiming back your family and taking ownership of leaving...It made me proud and I remembered how much I love you. You are amazing with the kids and you have been taking care of me and them like you did before. I have been fighting my feelings for the last few weeks and seeing you in that fucking bikini from Mexico...Then walking in and seeing those perfect tits of yours out, inviting me to suck on them, I just couldn’t hold back any more!” He declared.

She sniffed, “I know I’ve said it before , but I really am sorry for hurting you and the kids. I love you and them so much that it hurts and I couldn’t risk anything happening to them!”

He leaned his forehead against hers, “Shhhh. I know a ghrà. I love you too.”

She kissed him softly, “Thank you…”

Aaron smiled then picked her up and carried her to their room, “I think we have another hour before Breena gets up, so I want to see how many times I can make you come!”

She laughed as he kicked the door closed behind them and he laid her on their bed, “Oh and you are moving back in here where you belong! And you are never leaving me again!!”

“No, I promise! Never without you again. You made me come alive again when we first met and now again when you said you loved me. I’m with you forever!” Lorelai vowed and pulled him in for a kiss that was filled with love and passion.

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