Alive Again

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Chapter 64


Aaron couldn’t believe that they were all sitting in the audience waiting for the triplets’ name to be called and for them to walk across the stage and accept their diplomas.

He looked at his wife, winked and squeezed her hand as she wiped a stray tear from her eye. The love he felt for her was as real and as deep as it was at their first kiss. They didn’t bring up the time she left anymore. It was a small blip on their love story, but one that needed to happen to make them stronger in the long run. The only dark moment was when Thor died in his sleep when Breena was six. They all were a wreck and Aaron and Lorelai couldn’t bear the thought of getting another dog, it felt like they were replacing Thor.

They never had any more children and Aaron was ok with that. Lorelai was terrified that she would have issues with depression again and couldn’t bear the thought of leaving her children again. Plus, Aaron was scared that they would have more than one and they really didn’t have the space for any more kids. The rooms in the house were all occupied.

Breena had her room and Aisling had hers. Finn and Ronan shared for a long time and then right before 8th grade, they wanted their own rooms. So with a lot of manpower from Steve, JJ and Alex, they changed the workout room and office in the basement to their rooms and put an office for Lorelai upstairs in their old bedroom and turned the playroom into a mancave for Aaron.

Lorelai had gone back to work at her old school when the triplets started kindergarten and loved teaching her history classes again. She dragged the kids on not one but three trips to Washington DC over the years and while they protested like all preteens and teens do, they actually loved her passion regarding the subject. All four kids took classes with her in high school

Breena was attending the local community college, trying to decide what she wanted to do in the future and still living at home. Aisling wanted to travel and with her parent’s blessing, she applied to work for a cruise line and got a job. She was going to be working three months on a large cruise ship that was touring southern Europe. Finn and Ronan shocked their parents when they came to them and wanted to join the military. Finn wanted the Air Force and Ronan wanted the Marines. Feeling so proud, Aaron took them down to enlist and both were leaving in six weeks time for their respective boot camps. Luckly, their graduation dates were different and Lorelai and Aaron could attend both special events.

As they were changing clothes the night of the massive graduation party they had thrown, Aaron pinned Lorelai to the bed, kissing her deeply and brushing one of his large hands over her breast, “What are you doing Aaron?”

“What does it feel like?” He asked, licking her slender neck.

“Feels like you are practicing for our trip in a few weeks,” Lorelai hummed.

“Oh I can’t wait for our trip! We are basically recreating our honeymoon and you remember how amazing that was!” Aaron grinned.

Lorelai laughed, “I do remember that! We had a fabulous time!”

Aaron went back to kissing her, making Lorelai moan softly as he opened her shirt and began teasing her nipples.

“You feeling lucky Captain?” She purred, pulling closer to her.

“Lucky no. Alive yes! You are my everything, a ghrà,” Aaron responded lovingly, “I love you”.

“I love you too Aaron,” she replied back with tears in her eyes, remembering all the times he made her feel alive again, “forever!”

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