Alive Again

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Chapter 8

She nodded and he helped her up and they walked to the coat check and put on their winter coats and went out to walk the streets that actually had quite a few people out and about. They talked as they walked the two blocks to a little coffee shop and found a little table in the back. Lorelai insisted on getting the coffee and Aaron let her.

“I would like a peppermint mocha,” he said after scanning the menu boards.

“You like flavored coffee?”

He chuckled, “Yeah, plain coffee is bitter! I need something to help wash down the caffeine!”

She grinned broadly at him, “Me too!” and moved to the counter to place their orders.

She came back and they continued to talk as the cute waitress came and delivered the coffee, flirting with Aaron and ignoring Lorelai. Used to being ignored, Lorelai just lowered her head in shame and tried to fight back the tears. Aaron immediately noticed and put an end to it.

“Thanks for the coffee, but you are being rude to my date. I certainly hope that you don’t treat all your customers this way!” Aaron said in a firm no nonsense tone.

The waitress blushed and started fumbling over her words and all but ran back to the counter.

Aaron took her hand in his, “Lorelai, look at me, please. “

She raised her head and he saw her eyes bright with tears, “Do you want me to go?”

“NO. I want you to stay with me and drink your coffee and tell me more about your childhood.”

“Are you sure? I can go home if you would rather ask her out. She was cute…”

He then realized how badly she was hurt by that son of a bitch and wanted to take her in his arms and make it all go away, “I didn’t notice what she looked like. The only woman that I am looking at is the beautiful one in front of me. That’s the only one that I want.”

She was shocked by his words; how could someone like him want someone like her? And she asked him that point blank.

“What do you mean someone like me?”

“You are incredible! You are hot and sexy and –“ She stopped realizing what she said and blushed, “Well let’s just say that you are the whole package.”

He smiled at her, loving that she was attracted to him, “I may be good looking, but seriously Lorelai, listen to me. I am going to keep repeating this until you understand it and believe it. You are smart, beautiful and intriguing and I am damn lucky to be sitting with you right now. I really want to be around you for a long time to come.”

Her eyes went wide as she absorbed what he was saying and the sincerity of his words. She felt a peace come over her that she hadn’t felt in years.

“Thank you…”

“No need to thank me, now tell me about your childhood!” he said leaning back and taking a sip of the hot beverage, ready to listen to her story. They spent another 45 minutes at the shop and only left when the staff started sweeping the floor. They started walking back to the valet lot. Not knowing if she was ready to hold hands, he took her arm and wove it through his.

“Is this ok?”

“It’s nice Aaron,” she replied and relished in his body heat. They walked slowly back to the car and talked some more and before they reached the valet station, he stopped and maneuvered them to the side by a store front and looked at her.

“There is something that I have wanted to do since I met you at Lou’s…Do you mind if I kiss you?”

She was shocked, “You want to kiss me?”

“I do very much. Are you ok with that?”

She nodded, “That’s fine…but I have to warn you that I am not very good at it…”

Knowing that was her insecurities talking, “Why don’t you let me be the judge of that, Ok?”

She nodded again as he took off his gloves and slowly put his hands on either side of her face and lowered his face to hers and gently placed his lips on hers. He loved the feel of her lips on his. They were soft and full and molded perfectly to his. Not wanting to scare her, he deepened it a little as he felt her respond to him.

She was slowly melting as she felt his strong lips on hers and her heart rate was erratic. She didn’t want to move and break the spell that he had created. She moved her lips in sync with his just a little and felt his tongue gently touch her lips and knew her knees weren’t going to be able to hold her up much longer if he continued.

Knowing that he needed to stop didn’t make it any easier, but the taste of her was incredible! Much the same as a herculean effort, he pulled back and rested his forehead on hers, listening to both of their ragged breathing. She could smell the coffee and peppermint on his breath and smiled in a daze.

“That was incredible! Whoever said you were bad at kissing is a complete and total moron and has no clue what they are talking about!!”

She was stunned at his words, “Are you joking?”

“I am totally serious. I could kiss you all day, every day. But I think I need to stop now while I can,” He said and kissed her nose before he stood up and looked at her with burning need.

She nodded and they walked the rest of the way to the station and handed the young man her ticket and he disappeared.

“Can I call you tomorrow? Are you busy?” He asked eagerly.

“I’m just cleaning my house and grading some tests. Of course you can call me,” She said, feeling her heart starting to calm back down.

Her SUV came up and he helped her in, “Good night Lorelai. I will call you tomorrow. Sweet dreams.”

“Good night Aaron. Thank you again…” She replied and smiled at him.

He closed the door and watched her drive away.

“That your girl, dude?” The valet asked.

“She is now!” Aaron replied, handing him his ticket.

“She is a hotty, that is for sure! There is just something about redheads, you know?” The young man said before he ran away.

“This was fucking incredible!” He said to himself and adjusted his pants to hide the bulge he was still sporting after kissing her. He was thankful to be wearing his longer wool pea coat to hide his problem. He thanked the young man with a large tip, got in and drove home, thinking of Lorelai Banks the whole way and as he drifted off to sleep.

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