Alive Again

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Chapter 9

Lorelai woke up shocked to realize that she hadn’t had a nightmare for the first time in years. She didn’t remember any of what she dreamed at all. She was very well rested and was shocked she had slept until 9:05. She stretched in bed and smiled. She got up and pulled her old FBI hoodie on over her pajamas and went out for breakfast. She was smiling and humming while she made some eggs and toast. She sat down and ate, drinking some coffee before she called Joel.

“Hey Lor! So how was it?” He asked eagerly, praying that it went well for her.

“Oh JJ, it was awesome! He is incredible and we actually have so much in common!” She squealed.

Thrilled for her, he urged her on for details and let her tell her story. She went on for over 10 minutes and finished by saying, “He asked if he could call me today again!”

“And what did you say?”

“I said yes!”

“Does he kiss as good as he looks?”

“Oh my god! He kisses like you wouldn’t believe!!! It’s like a sex standing up!”

Joel grinned and flashed Alex the thumbs up to indicate how the date went. Alex grinned back and went to the shower to start his day, letting them talk. He was so happy that it went well! Lorelai was a sweet woman and didn’t deserve anything that had happened to her, but was glad that he had gotten to know her. He was sad that her getting hurt was how he met Joel, the love of his life, but was happy that he was there to help her heal.

Lorelai hung up with her best friend and didn’t get two feet before her mom called to check in too. She recounted the evening to her and she congratulated her on her first successful date in years. Lorelai felt good, almost powerful after her evening with Aaron and really hoped that he would call her again like he asked.

She was just putting her dish in the dishwasher when her phone rang again and she glanced at the screen and saw his name flashing. Her heart skipped a beat as she pressed the answer button.


“Good Morning Lorelai. How did you sleep?”

She was grinning as she heard his voice- that sexy deep voice, ask about her wellbeing, “I slept well. What about you?”

“I had some sweet dreams, that’s for sure!”

She blushed hearing the innuendo in his voice and before she could respond, “You’re blushing aren’t you!”

She let out a nervous giggle, “Maybe…What are you up to today Aaron?”

“Well I have already run two miles and threw a load of my uniforms to wash. I did some planning and what I do next depends on you.”

She was blushing again thinking of him running and being hot and sweaty and bit her lip as she had images running through her head. She was jolted out of her day dream when she heard, “Lorelai, are you with me?” he asked laughing.

“Sorry! What did you ask?”

He chuckled, “What are you doing today? I would like to have you over for dinner.”

“Oh... I am not busy today.”

“Then do you want to come over for dinner? I would love to cook for you.”

Amazed at his words, she sputtered around, “You cook? You want to cook for me?!”

“Yes, I cook. I cook actually very well, if I do say so myself. And I would like to have you over for dinner tonight.”

“Ummm, ok. I think I can do that…”

“Awesome! Any allergies or things you hate with a passion?”

“No allergies and the only things I really hate are liver, peas and oatmeal.”

“Got it! I will change the menu from grilled liver with pea puree. I will text you my address and dress comfy; like sweats. I want to relax with you and watch a movie, does that sound ok?”

“Ok…I can do that. Do you want me to bring anything?”

“Nope! I got it all covered. Now go take care of your day and I will see at 6:00 ok?”

“That sounds good. I will see you then. Bye Aaron,” and she hung up trying to process what had just happened.

She was trying not to overthink the situation and did some of the exercises that Dr. McCormick had given her. She was calming the inner voice in her head that was telling her that she wasn’t worth it and he was just going to dump her. She got up and took some deep breaths and went about cleaning her house. She put in her ear buds, selected her favorite playlist and went from room to room making sure it was clean and tidy.

She ate a sandwich several hours later, and then went on a walk, feeling the cold, fresh air on her face. It made her feel calm before she went back to shower and get ready. She felt weird not dressing up for a date, and couldn’t bring herself to dress as casually as he directed and pulled on a pair of black leggings, a purple t-shirt and a long black cardigan sweater. She put on some warm socks and a pair of black ankle boots.

She left her hair to dry naturally in waves and kept her make-up natural. She couldn’t arrive empty handed and stopped at the ice cream shop and got a quart of their decadent chocolate and peanut butter ice cream. She thanked the teenager, whom she had in class as a freshman, and used her GPS to get to Aaron’s house. She pulled into a nice area with family friendly homes, turned on the second street and into the driveway of a house that totally took her by surprise.

She remembered that he said he bought it after his divorce and was still stunned by his choice. It was a large two story brick and siding house with a wraparound porch that had two rocking chairs on it, begging to be sat in. There was a large front door with a glass panel insert and an all glass storm door. There was a large two car garage and a large picture window by the rocking chairs. She got out of her SUV, looked up and instantly loved the house. It was something she had always wanted, a house to raise a family in and for a long time she never thought that would be possible. She felt for the first time in years a small glimmer of hope in that plan.

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