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Embracing the Destiny

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‘The bleeding heart, The tearing soul and Brimming eyes' This is the definition of a broken individual when the heart suffers the lose of a loved one . Akriti Verma the only daughter of Raghvir Verma, Being the only family He pampered her, Called her nicknames, and gifted her a Beautiful Golden Retriever as a pet, Ladoo . But the hell break lose when The destiny played it’s cards, Having nothing in hold, They both strived hard and stood there grounds but only to loose . Get hooked to this Take where you’ll be on a roller coaster Ride of Emotions, You’ll grin, You’ll cry and feel emotions . Love, Lose and Supporting Relationships .

Romance / Drama
Arwa Qutubuddin
Age Rating:

Chapter i

“How could you even think I’ll marry someone like you?.......You are a fool. Did I ever said to wait for me ?. Did I ever gave you any type of indications ? I can never marry you . Never Miss Akriti Verma. You were, are and always be a second choice to me . Always .”

The words still had the power to shake her insides, Her heart was already a puddle mess and her eyes have dried from crying, Tear glands nearly empty . Her condition was no less from a heart broken Girl but the only difference here is she never loved the said man, Never engaged her heart But What she did was kept high hopes of marrying her best friend, Riyansh Bedi .

Riyansh had always been surrounded by the Female attention but had worked up his way to befriend her, She thought she was special to him but Her mirror of assumptions broke when he openly rejected the marriage proposal between them . It wouldn’t have hurt this bad if he had not used these agitated words, he didn’t even disregarded her but her Father .

Father, oh damn. Akriti suddenly had revived from all these thoughts as she looked at the clock . 16’43 hours, Just few minutes and her father will walk inside her room with a mug of tea . Tea Time Together . A ritual started by her grand mom, and still in motion.

Quickly straightening herself she walked towards the Bathroom to get a shower, staying all day in bed, She was smelling.

Dressing in an orange jumpsuit with broad pants and buttons she towel dried her hairs, Cleaning her messed up room and throwing the laundry away she walked towards the bed to take deep breaths .

Time – 16:59 hours, Really quick it was, She muttered . She closed her eyes for a second when her Room door burst open, In walking, on four legs was a fur ball, her Golden Retriever Ladoo . The dog walked in all his glory, reaching her he rubbed his head on her calves . A sign to pet him .

Behind him walked her old man, With a toothy smile and reading glasses on, Her father Mr. Raghvir Verma, came holding two mugs . Tea Time Together

“Here you go muffin” She scrunched her nose on the name .

“I’m not a kid, I’m 26 dad” She retorted but she knew Her Nickname would never change, Even if I grow old .

“And I’m 56, Muffin” Her father had the Duh Smile.

“I know, Old man” She added to which the smile dropped and She chuckled .

“Ladoo, look she is calling me old” Such a child, She looked at the dog with wide eyes as he barked at her in response . Such a traitor .

Now it was her father’s turn to giggle and her to scoff . Taking few gulps of the cinnamon flavored tea, Her mind calmed, Was it the tea or the company Don’t know, but it worked, Slowly the days happening passed her mind and a contend smile took place .

“Ladoo, You need to do a job for me” Her father addressed the dog, The fur ball looked up to him, leaving whatever search he was doing on the floor incomplete .

“You are to bite that Riyansh Bedi hard on his butt, He made my muffin Cry” He commanded the dog, Saying the last part looking at her .

“Dad” But the dog was quick to give a bark in response .

“That’s like my Good Boy” He threw a biscuit from his pocket and Ladoo grabbed it with a jump .

“Dad… I’m not upset anymore, I mean....” Akriti with patient voice explained her father but he cut her in between .

“I could see pain in your eyes, Akriti, I’m your father and I...” His voice shaking, the hurt visible in his eyes . Only if you know how I feel Muffin .

“You aren’t to be blame dad, What Riyansh said”

“He is a Bastard, A Mitch” his father howled, anger dripping his voice but eyes saddened .

“Mitch ? what’s that?” Her voice laced with Confusion.

“A male Bitch” the words left him and she burst out laughing, Could she ever think that her ever so Cultured father would be cursing and to his favorite boy, Oh not so favorite now .

There moment came to an end when the barks echoed in the house, Ladoo left? When? Looking around they found no trace of the beloved creature and again the loud barks were heard . Who is he barking at?

Picking the now empty mugs Akriti quickly left the room and rushed to the origin of the voice, The living area.

Right on the main Door was a figure stood in..... Bark . She couldn’t check his appearance as Ladoo was taking slow but dangerous steps towards the person . He is a pet .

The person dropped his duffle bag on ground and took a step back, his hands up in surrender, His Black eyes wide and face shocked…No alarmed . Ladoo can be scary ? .

She quickly made her presence felt in the room, She rushed to the dog parting his head lightly . She could feel the dog calm .

“you okay?” She asked the stranger who still starred at now calm dog. His face back to normal .

That was the chance she took to read his attire, wearing a Dark blue full sleeve T-shirt and Black Jeans he looked quite handsome presentable . His hairs messy must be finger combed . With a slight beard and Black eyes he looked no less than a runway model What’s happening to me ?


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