Embracing the Destiny

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Chapter x

Rubbing his temples again and again brought no relief, but instead the thoughts and questions doubling up with each passing second. His fingers massaging the frown lines away but with each stroke they came back .

His brows frowning and eyes shut, Forcefully to block the same scene playing back, Control and Self-restraint falling out of his hands . With his whole focus he kept his eyes on the Laptop, mind to come back to work and No where . Fingers typing hardly, The keys snapping.


The mind screaming loudly and unquestionably, Just this one time, He winced, could he break his resolve, His Mind said Yes! And Heart, it better not try forcing his opinion, it already have done the damage, Overpowering him in front of Raghvir Uncle and talking, speaking all the nonsense and acknowledging his every wish, without giving a second thought .

Agreeing to his 'Last Wish' .

Could you say No to him, Your Vir Uncle, Ever ? The heart rebuked.

That’s your weakness, Nakul Dixit, You’re burdened under his favors and you would never say No to him, even if it costs you your Friendship with Akriti .

She’ll understand .

She’ll, like really Nakul ? You promised her life to your Vir Uncle. Not only that, You left the control of your own life.

For a dying man you did it, Not that you ever wished him to die .

Just don’t talk about Deaths .

He is my Idol, My only family after dad . I can’t imagine him with the 'D' word.

Even after what Pathak Uncle told you, Confined in you about his deteriorating health, how less time he has in his hands remaining.

You’re not illogical or Emotional Fool, Nakul. You work on facts and facts say that he would not be there for you, That too very soon, it’s destined to happen.

Just like dad?

Yes, Just like Dad!

Heaving huge breaths Nakul took flattering steps towards his Travel bag, his hands shaking, Fingers not stable, Can’t grasp the zip and Thick sweat forming on his Forehead .

Holding the zipper in a hard grip he pulled it open, Revealing it’s content, He dig inside it, Shoving the things aside when his hand caught hold of the similar white packet, pushing the bag aside he opened the lid.

Don’t do this, Nakul . Stop.

Just one, I need it .

He pulled a cigarette out . Holding it between his fingers and keeping it on lips. That’s it . Lighting it’s end tip he took a whoosh of air, the smoke running in his lungs and puffing it out . The calmness passing in his nerves .

After 1 year he was again pushed to break his resolve, only if he didn’t posses this packet or was it His Instincts who kept packet away .

Taking few more shots he felt his sinking heart back on place, No more low heart beats . Closing his eyes he sighed. The internal battle of his mind and heart subsided the very second .

Before he could have crashed the remaining pieces on the floor, he felt a presence near him, Someone near the bed, turning his upper body, he looked the dense golden hairs, Four limbs and the Amber eyes, Ladoo.

The dog was standing near him, a foot away, looking at him with the Amber eyes, the eyes boring deep in his soul.

Will he attack ?

No, You can’t be afraid of a Dog, Just a dog.

He tossed the cigarette on the ground, Crashing it in to ashes, he walked towards the bed, Sitting down.

His hands joined, rested under his head, supporting it and his eyes on the floor, trying to find something important .

He looked at the dog through peripheral vision, It slowly crawled towards his leg, than rubbing his head on his knee, Ladoo.

He patted his head, could feel him, Being left out, Raghvir being in hospital, may be he wouldn’t see his master back, Poor Dog had been neglected, kept by Shyam uncle's son for past days . He might have missed his family .

Even I miss the Family .

“You won’t attack me today, Mr. Fur?” Nakul moved his fingers in the dog hair, his face devoid of any Emotion.

The dog looked up, giving his Amber eyes a blink he was back glaring the floor .

“You miss them Ladoo?” he gave a quick bark in response .

“I take it as a Yes” Nakul said, His hands caressing his head and back.

“You scared me the first day I came here you know, Taking predatory steps towards me, I thought you would chase me away” Nakul smiled thinking about his very first day he met this little creature along with Akriti .

“that Day I wasn’t aware of how protective you were for Akriti but today I know, I won’t lie to you Ladoo, I really enjoy her company, she makes me happy, makes me feel wanted and important. I do have feelings for her, Ladoo, She is more than a Best Friend to me, But” He sighed, A heavy to heart sigh.

“But today I f-cked up Ladoo . She would hate me knowing I gave in to Vir Uncle’s words, I agreed to a life changing decision, For both of us” Nakul was rambling to The dog, Be it the previous smoke or his secret keeping tendency which made him open up to the Dog .

“He is leaving all of us Ladoo, He is going . He wants to secure Akriti’s Future, With me . He believes me, Trusts me, He wants us to get married, He wants our Marriage” . Taking a deep breath, Nakul watched the Dog looking at him, The whole time .

“But I don’t trust myself, What if I couldn’t hold his trust . What do you think Ladoo? Will Uncle hate me? Will she hate me? I couldn’t say no to him, You…you know when Pathak Uncle said about his health, I was stunned, I knew nothing about how I reached his Ward, My legs were moving automatically” Nakul held his words, he was choked.

“I…I got in and he hugged me, He was broken, I didn’t know what to do . He asked me if I was willing to give him a promise and I said 'Yes, I would anything for you Uncle' and…He asked me to Marry Akriti’, and I being an idiot agreed, gave my consent to his wishes But what if ?” Nakul swallowed a lump and looked at the dog .

His eyes shinning .

Was Ladoo understanding him? Listening him and pitying him?

“Ladoo, You won’t hate me right? I don’t want you or…Akriti to hate me. Please” Nakul had a tear rolled down, His eyes red with those unshed tears .

The dog looked at him, jumped on the bed near him, taking Nakul with surprise, Snuggling in Nakul’s arms, He pressed his whole body on Nakul’s front, His arms on his shoulders, Holding onto him .

“Hey” Nakul squealed at the fur ball .

“okay, okay, sweet, I get it you love me” He chuckled at the dog, Who now had his fore arms on Nakul’s thighs and his head on his waist .

“I love you Sweet” Nakul murmured in his ears to which he gave out a bark.

The best dog ever, Or the Sweet, Yellow…Nah Golden Ladoo

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