Embracing the Destiny

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Chapter xiv

Nakul had to calm himself before he explained anything to her, He was sitting on the bed, pressing his head in his palms as he saw her in the balcony, She clearly needed space and he would give her that space.

A support is always not what is needed, sometimes solitude is a better alternative .

“ I should have think it through” He muttered, regretting the past few minutes .

The first minute, Akriti looked completely breathtaking in that Red Dress, A perfect Bride, and in the next second, he brought her world crashing down, He should have pre-analyzed the pros and cons of his action.

He never thought Akriti would think herself as a liability to him, She wasn’t liability but his…..

Best Friend, No more than that .

She had engraved a special place in his heart, His world had started revolving around her, without his own knowledge .

He couldn’t think a day without talking to her, without making a Face-time to her . She was important .

He might have said Yes, to this arrangement because of Raghvir, but his heart was jumping at the fact that He and Akriti will tied for Forever .

He really wanted her in his life .

He can’t imagine himself without her.

He glanced at her in balcony, When she heard her screams, He ran towards her, She had already crumpled to the floor, Muttering the word stop to God knows what .

He called her name, to which didn’t respond . He can’t let her be like this .

He spooned her in his arms, picking her up and brought her to the bed, She was still murmuring some muddled words, may be sentences, which he couldn’t lucid .

“Riti” he called her name once more, He can’t look her distorted self .

“Go away Nakul, Please” She pleaded with what remaining strength she had .

“I won’t , I will never go away” He said in grave voice . Holding her close to him, he could feel her breathing and her fragrance, fruits, nasturtium, violets, clove and Akriti .

Nakul’s attention turned away from Akriti to the door when he heard the ruffle of door knob, looking back, he found Gracie, standing at the door, watching the scene perplexed and confused .

She opened her mouth to speak something when Nakul shushed her, shaking his head, conveying her not to say anything .

He Gestured her to give them some time, 5 more minutes .

Gracie nodded and left, Pulling the door close .

Akriti looked up, Towards the door, hearing the commotion, but saw no one . She glanced back at Nakul who waited patiently for her get back to her Normal, Calm self .

“Why don’t you leave ?” Akriti questioned him, Her voice wasn’t strong but low .

“I already said, I won’t leave you, you did hear me back then, Didn’t You?” Nakul answered with all patience and calmness lacing his voice .

“I want to be alone” She announced tearing her eyes away from him and looking at the mirror .

Her dress was creased, Her hairs a bit messy and Make up, Intact, But her Bangles all over the dresser and floor .

“ I won’t let you be alone because…”

“ Because you promised my dad” She snapped at him, Her voice dangerous and accusing .

“No, Because before all of this” He stated pointing his finger towards her “ you’re my friend, And I’m not an Ass to leave my friend alone” Nakul concluded his past words, Fixing a hard gaze on Akriti, who gulped seeing him so cold .

“Nakul” Akriti mumbled, Embarrassed on the thought that she misjudged his words .

“Enough Akriti, I have listened you enough, Now you listen to me” He began, His hands holding her face in front of him and his eyes, raging fire .

He never lose his calm but this girl had pushed his buttons and made him behave like this .

“Yes, me promising him for our marriage without your consent was wrong and I’m sorry, But I’m not sorry for having you in my life. I not just promised him our Marriage But I promised him that I’ll be always there for you, I’ll back you up, And I’m not guilty of that.”

He took a deep breath .

“He confessed to me about his ailing self, and Not you, That was wrong and That’s why I came here, to tell you the truth, I may not be the best person in this world but I’m not a liar, I would never lie to you, Not about Your Dad, Me….Or my feelings”

He left her head and took her hands in his, Staring straight in her eyes .

“This might not be the right time, Not for a marriage and Never for a confession, But I need to tell you, My parents never had a healthy relationship, and I really don’t know what Love means, Because I never witnessed it, But I’ll admit it to you, I never, Never Ever felt this strong feeling for anyone, But you . You have engraved a place in my heart Akriti Verma, You have paved a way in my life like no one else, That day, On Howrah Bridge, I witness what being in a company feels like, You made me feel Togetherness, On that Bridge I wasn’t a workaholic Businessman, But a 27 year old, Who was enjoying the morning Sunshine .

Everyday when I talked to you, I felt Needed, I felt that someone was there waiting for me, For my time . I wasn’t just a money making machine but A part of your life, A very important part . The way you gifted me this bracelet” He pointed towards his wrist .

Nakul...He cares!

He definitely cares !


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