Embracing the Destiny

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Chapter xvi

The setting sun, The Cold sweeping breeze, The unshed tears and The scorching fire .

Looking in front of him, Narayan Pathak had nothing to lose and nothing to gain, He stood still at his place, remembering his dearest friend, seeing him turning into ashes .

The years of their friendship came to his mind, from the day they met in High School to part ways in different colleges and then again Reuniting for the long 35 years in this life .

Their constant bickering, their guilt tripping, their crazy insults which changed to somewhat mature when they together witnessed the life changing events .

They had together lived the life, constantly being each other’s support and having the back, They never looked back. Which started as the three boys teaming up together, turned into best friends, and finally parting ways .

It wasn’t this hard when Sandeep left to London, His death news surely came crashing to Both Pathak and Verma, but still they were together, standing together to see Sandeep’s Cremation .

But today, Pathak stood alone, seeing his Friend ascending the stairs towards Eternity. His playfully eyes, which always had the mischievous glint, A sign, Someone will surely be running to hills .

The past years flashed in front of him, as the sun set, and the people who came to attend his funeral started departing, One after the other, The acquaintances, The Friends started leaving .

The only people who remain were Shyam – Raghvir’s most trusted men, Pathak – Raghvir Verma's Best friend, Adarsh – Pathak’s Son, Nakul – Sandeep’s Son, Gracie – Akriti’s Best Friend and Akriti - Raghvir Verma’s only Daughter .

Shyam walked towards the Pathak, Taking slow, deliberate steps . “Dr.Pathak I think you all should leave for home?” He said unsure of their reactions .

Pathak turned towards him, Nodding to him. “Shyam, Thank you for being here” to which Shyam responded, “Please Dr. Pathak, That’s the least I could do Sir” .

Pathak gave him small smile, He turned towards the Children, Four of them looking distinctly at the Pyre .

These were the people closest to Raghvir .

“Children, You all should go back” Pathak Spoke to them, They all standing close to each other .

Gracie and Adarsh standing side by side, Their eyes red, and Their faces flushed .

“Please Uncle, Can’t we be here for some more time” Gracie requested to him, Nudging Adarsh to back her up .

“You all need rest, you should go home” he reasoned to them .

“So do you Uncle/Dad” Both Adarsh and Gracie said in Chorus . They looked at each other and back to Pathak, who shook his head slowly, Indicating a NO .

“Uncle you surely need Rest” Added Nakul who was standing near Akriti .He was trying to comfort Her, If it was possible, Standing right beside her, To Stop the lone tears Rolling down her cheeks .

Broken wasn’t the right word, She was shattered into millions of pieces, Pieces which were hard to arrange, lest mended.

“Nakul, I’m fine, It’s you four who haven’t eaten or Slept since yesterday” Pathak phrased, trying to convince them to return home .

“Same with you Dad” Adarsh argued, Knowing that Pathak needed to overcome this .

It wasn’t easy, Rather it was hard, Very hard, but they had to move on. Nakul lost a father figure, Akriti lost her Father, Gracie lost her Uncle, same with Adarsh and Pathak, he lost his Best Friend .

They all mourned his lose, They all had their heart bleeding, Their eyes tearing up and their souls scratched, But They had too move on . It might be a step too hard but it was important .

“Don’t be stubborn you all, Go home, I’ll be there soon” Pathak rebuked . The four looked at each other.

“Uncle, Please, Let’s go home” Akriti walked towards Pathak, Her eyes Watery but with a small smile . She touched his shoulder .

“Won’t you listen to me, Your Muffin” a tear rolled down her cheeks, Her voice heavy . Pathak looked at her, pulling her in his arms .

Nakul rubbed a small tear from his eyes, He so wanted to stand strong, For Her, For Everyone, But his hold on Emotions was slipping . He had grabbed it so hard that, Just some time, Until he was alone, and Confined in his Room .

Pathak looked at his Other Children, Nakul, Adarsh and Gracie, He stretched his arm out, calling them all for a hug, He was the only father figure left for the Kids, He can’t dive in his own sorrow, leaving these kids all alone, He just can’t .

He tighten his hold on them, these kids were his life, Raghvir and he promised never to bring sadness in their lives, protecting them from every demon . He was gone but not his Promises .

I,. Narayan Pathak, will be fulfilling it, No matter how many bouncers were thrown to him, He will dug them, and will make a shot when the right ball comes .

Raghvir lived a life full of pride and Excitement, He never procrastinated his tasks or duties, Same with his dreams . He had hold every thing which life brought it to him . He always repeated “Life is a one time chance, I lose it once and it’s gone, never coming back” .

Raghvir was gone but not his Image, he was still present between them . As in form of memories, In Akriti as blood, In Nakul as teachings, In Gracie as Drama and In Adarsh as discipline .

Raghvir Verma may have gone but was still there, in their hearts and mind, In their character and Morals .

And Narayan Pathak would make sure, His best friend remain alive, immortal in them .

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