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Embracing the Destiny

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Chapter ii

Nakul cleared his throat again, Asking him the girl in front was lost in checking him out, Getting attention wasn’t new to him but openly being scrutinize wasn’t his choice .

“If you’re done checking me out? I’m here to meet Vir Uncle” He voiced out cockily and chuckled when she looked embarrassed .

Her light brown eyes danced around as her cheeks flamed bring more blood to her face . She was beautiful . Her long hairs flowing to her waist, Her Doe shaped eyes and Her perfect Smile lines enhanced her beauty . Wearing an orange jumpsuit She looked Cute .

“Vir Uncle ? You mean Dad, But who are you?” She questioned back . Could she just call him .

“British boy” The voice loomed in the Living area As Raghvir Verma Descended the stairs . The same Aura and Strength this man carried around with him . Dressed in Casuals but still commanded power and respect, This man was an inspiration.

And his same years old Nickname For me .

“Uncle” Nakul Greeted him with a huge and he smiled, The fatherly Smile he missed . But Raghvir Verma gave him the same feelings just like his Dad who is deceased now .

Raghvir Verma’s Best friend and Company Lawyer Sandeep Dixit . Nakul Dixit's father who left the world 10 years back in an accident . A fatal Accident .

From that very point Nakul, Raghvir's supported him , Morally, which he missed, The support his father would have been . Spending last 15 years in London he missed this homey feel and His Vir Uncle radiated the feeling . He was the father figure to him .

“You know him ?” The girl spoke seeing the exchange between the two .

“Akriti, He is Sandeep Uncle’s Son, Nakul”

“lawyer uncle?” Raghvir nodded to his daughter who remembered his best friend and his son . Sandeep was His soul brother, who left him so unexpectedly, His death shattered him and Nakul .

Sandeep had already shifted to London for establishing his law firm. In 3 years Sandeep Dixit was a Renowned Lawyer, A lawyer who never lost a single case . it’s said with great fame comes alarming Enemies and One day, They took his life, It was a blessing that Nakul wasn’t with him the day and was saved .

His father’s death was a blow to 18 year old Nakul, He had lost his only parent but Raghvir fulfilled his duties as Sandeep’s Best friend . Supporting him and Letting him make a future for himself, Today Raghvir could say how proud he was on Nakul, How pleasurable he felt when he read about Nakul's Achievements .

He hasn’t turned 28 but was making billions from his start up . He owned a marketing Giant in London and was counted in the List of Forbes Successful Entrepreneurs . Nakul was making him proud, His Father Proud .

A big smile had made its place on Raghvir’s face, Sensing the silence around him He looked at the Duo, Akriti and Nakul who got acquainted with each other, They had met before but it had already been a long time, 15 years to be exact.

“Is he your dog?” Nakul asked looking at the creature, Roaming around The sofas .

“Yeah, He is Ladoo” Akriti grinned .

“A sweet name but Its scary…All ready to attack” His expressions changed to one of fear but then changed to one of thinking .

“It was a first time, He never reacts that way” Akriti tried to stick to the topic, fearing if he could remember .

“Ladoo? Wait is it not the name uncle used to to call you?” Not right now…please

“Uh..um” She didn’t know to deny or accept, Fearing what he would say .

“Well nice to meet you Sr. Ladoo” Akriti so wanted to kick him or hit her head hard on wall .

“Hey” She rebuked, Try scaring him

“What ? Uncle used to call you ladoo, I remember well” You and your good for nothing memory . Now she clearly had nothing to say .

“She hated the name, So named Him as Ladoo, Right Muffin” Raghvir butted in and winked at Nakul, Teaming up against Akriti . Not you too Dad .

“Dad” She whined .

“Muffin? Nice name…… Sr. Ladoo” Nakul kept teasing her .

Taste your own med then .

“What about you?, British boy” She surely had a comeback, Nakul shook his head at her, biting the smile .

“Or you prefer being called something else? Like Ladoo’s Prey ” She asked flattering her eyelashes, Being innocent .

“Spending 15 years in England, surely have changed you British Boy” Raghvir changed his team, Now target Changed, Great . Nakul thought and looked at the dog who again was staring . He hated me , he concluded .

“Don’t worry he won’t bite” Akriti assured with a sly smile .

“He hates me” Nakul said .

“Nah he doesn’t, he takes time warming up” though not this much, Nakul was surely a case .

“Muffin show him the Room, Next to yours, Nakul dinner at 8” Raghvir stated and left receiving a nod .

“Ladoo…Pick his bag up” Akriti gestured the dog towards the bag lying on the Doorstep . His luggage was already set in the Room by Radhe uncle, The Housekeeper .

“No, I can…” Even before Nakul could voice the words out, The dog grabbed the bag from mouth and ran up the stairs, He surely knows .

This Pet and his mistress is really something.

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