Marquess' Mire [The Scots Rendezvous #2]

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Book 2 of The Scot Rendezvous series Do you know what happened to Edmond Lattone, Conall Reid's best friend? What is the call that he got when he was interrogating Katrina's sister that day at the hospital? Edmond Lattone was an Interpol agent that has been. assigned to catch a cat burglar named La Femme Bleu and he was situated at the Louvre for the grand opening of a precious gem from Africa to keep it from her claws. Little did he knows that La Femme Bleu has penetrated the security but also his heart. Being an orphan at a very small age, Lyana Debaux's life has been extorted to stealing and lying. She has a rough childhood that leads her to be the greatest criminal in Paris. When she caught an eye on the precious gemstone that was coming from Africa, she was not prepared to see the man that thaw her frozen heart. A little bit of flirting and touching would do the trick but what if her touch was more than just to do her bidding. Suddenly she was in the past and the only person that can help her might as well be the one that put her behind bars. What happened between them when sparks fly and they can't be separated from each other when the French were after them?

Romance / Adventure
Nikki Larousse
Age Rating:

Chapter 1: The Mission

Edmond Lattone’s POV

So, I know a lot of people have been asking about me and what I do for a living, yada, yada, yada. I have been making an appearance and such but really, no one knows the real Edmond Lattone.

Yes, you got it right, I was an Interpol Inspector and I have been doing my job ever since Conall has ditched the ancient book on me. So, here I was, trying my best to resist reading what was inside and you know I cannot resist it.

“Okay, what you have to offer for me, baby?” I asked as I pulled out the book after my visit to the hospital and meeting Conall there with his good news, and by that I mean he was getting married. I cannot believe he will be getting hitched.

The Book of Time Bloodline, ooo, spooky,” I said as I opened up. It has many volumes and the first one was the ancient history of the descendant of the God of Time himself, or wait, was it herself?

“Lattone, office, now!” My captain called for me as I was scanning the index. Damn it, I have to go to him now before he came here and confiscated this.

“Well, I still have time for you anytime tomorrow,” I said as I put the book inside the drawer of my desk and locked it. Better be safe than sorry. I got out of my cubicle and I went to the captain’s office. It was nice.

“Have a seat, Lattone,” he said as he was scanning something on the paper that he was holding. I took my seat and waited for him to speak to me. He was checking something before he shoved something into my face.

“Do you know why are you here?” He asked me as I was looking at the files before I looked at him.

“Umm, no sir,” I said honestly before he shoved another file. It was the face of the old man that I took down last week. Lord Vaughn Kuznetsov. It was not that hard, well it was because his daughters wanted him gone and he should be after that stunt that he pulled off.

“So, I have seen what you can accomplish and more. hence, I will give this case to you,” he said as he shoved the first file to me. It was the unsolved case of jewel heists. Morocco, Albania, Italy, Switzerland, and the latest one was in France. I think it was from that famous museum, The Louvre.

“Sir?” I asked him as I took a look at the files. It was thick and high risked jewels that were stolen. And he trusted it to me to find it?

“You will be flying to France tomorrow morning. There will be a ceremony of the newest jewel discovery from Africa and I was sure that our elusive friend will be there,” he said as he looked at me. I arched my eyebrow at him.

“Elusive friend?” I asked as I don’t know who he was referring to. My friend or his? I mean, if elusive you mean Lucas, well, that could not be too far criteria for him.

“Our thief, La Femme Bleu. She was the one that responsible for the all missing jewel and my resources tell me that she will be making an appearance over there for the ceremony and I wanted you to stop her,” he said as he was pointing at me.


“No. But. I know you can do it, Lattone and I trust you can handle it. Now, if you excuse me, I need to resume my work and you need to pack. Now, off you go,” he said as he was pushing me from my seat and out of his office before slamming down the door onto my face.

“Way to go, lattone,” I said as I was walking back to my cubicle as I was carrying the files. I have to pack for my stuff for the train ride tomorrow and learn all the techniques that she had been using for her heists. I sighed before I took my bag and went out of the office. I need to clear my head and I think I know where I might go tonight.

“Well, this was a bad idea,” I said as I was folding my clothes and putting it into my bag as I was trying to listen to the podcast of the files briefing for La Femme Bleu.

I sighed as I was putting my last piece of clothing into the backpack that I will be using for my 2 weeks stay there. Apparently, the boss was not kidding.

I was on a tight deadline and I have to make it the best case I was solving or my career goes bye-bye. My thoughts were being interrupted as my doorbell ringed. I went to see who was it and it turned out to be my pizza.

“That will be 15 pounds, sir,” said the young delivery boy. I took out 20 and gave it to him.

“Keep the change,” I said as his face lighted up. I closed the door and I went to sit in front of the telly to hear about the latest news, mainly about the jewel heist that just happened recently.

“And now back to you, Jean,” the sport-caster said before an old man was on the screen.

“And now to the latest news, the jewel thief that was known as La Femme Bleu has been striking most of the places that have a reputation to be stained and the latest resource has told us that she will be striking the Louvre for the discovery of Tanzanite rock.” He said as he turned to his colleague.

“And with the issue at hand, the Interpol director, Mr. Devine has assigned an inspector of a good reputation to catch this thief. So, Jean, do you think this policy can take her down?”

“I bet on my life that he will never catch her but we will see that later on, isn’t it, Jena?”

“Sure does. Now for the weather,” she said before I closed the telly. I sighed as I was frustrated that they do not have the confidence that I can catch her but also thankful for my face was not shown on the telly. If not, my identity will be blown and I don’t want that elusive thief knows that I was coming.

I took the rest of the pizza and put it inside my fridge. My apartment was small, compared to the ones that I owned, but I wanted to conceal my identity, the real one anyway, and lived like a normal person. And I think I might regret that now.

“Well, at least I got to travel on all expenses paid by Interpol,” I said as I took my leave for the night as I have a train to catch tomorrow morning.

As soon as I hit the sack, I was out cold.

The morning came and I was ready to embark on this journey. I went to the train station and bought a ticket for my destination; Paris, France. It was not peak season, so I got a very nice deal, 20 euros for a one-way ticket. I told you it was not expensive.

“Okay, listen, Lattone. You will be going in and out of there to look for a suspicious person and you will find and catch that maid. I bet she had nothing else to do if she wanted to take thieving as her professional career,” my captain said with a distaste.

“Well, if you consider that as a career, I guess she was acing it,”

“Shut it, Lattone,” my captain said as he was looking at me with a scowl.

“Sorry,” I said as I cleared my throat.

“Anyway, you will be staying in the apartment that we assigned you. It was closed to the Louvre and you can make your rounds easier. You only need to walk to that place anyway, so no more excuse for being late,” he said.

“But I was never late,”

“I bet to differ,” he replied.

“Okay, good luck, and may we uncover the truth of La Femme Bleu,” he said as he hung up the phone. I sighed as I put the phone inside my pocket and I went into the Tube and was happy to get this mission over with.

But maybe, this mission was not so bad after all.

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