Earl's Entangled [The Scots Rendezvous #3]

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Book 3 of The Scots Rendezvous series Lucas Dow is the master of disguise. After that incident that took place in France when he was 22 years old, he swore that he will be taking down the Woman in Gold. Lucas has been dedicating himself to find that elusive thief that has her eyes on Citrine of Greece. Since he works with Interpol, he has the chance to redeem himself 4 years ago when the Citrine of Greece has been stolen by the Woman in Gold. Arianna Contos did not know that she was the one that has been given the responsibility to retrieve a gemstone that meant so much to the monarch family in Greece, her home country. After spending so much time wondering where was the Citrine of Greece, Ari finally found it, until one handsome stranger with silver eyes were making it difficult for her to retrieve it 4 years ago. Now, Ari was older and wiser, she finally caught the Citrine of Greece but what happened when the handsome man that has been haunting her dreams from 4 years ago came back for revenge. Can Ari defy her attraction to the Interpol agent, Lucas, or will she succumb to his charm and wit until Lucas Dow knows who she really was?

Romance / Adventure
Nikki Larousse
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Chapter 1: The Transfer

Lucas Dow’s POV

I was sitting between two huge men when I was flying out to Greece to track down the woman in gold. Or as the Greeks called her; Chrysi Gynaika. I scoffed before the men were squishing me even more as I was taking a deep breath as we were landing in Greece.

Thank the Lord for that!

I was waiting for the huge men to get off from the plane and other people as well because I would love to be the last person to get out. It was nice to know that I don’t have anything to do but to just walk out of the plane as I owned it.

And I did. I was flying the commercial airline that my parents have inherited to me. But it was still under my trusty lawyer to handle it. I was not ready for it just yet.

“Thank you for flying with us, sir,” the flight attendant said as I was nodding at them. They did not know that I was the heir and I was flying economy.

Now that was something that I don’t even want to get into detail right now. I know a lot of you were asking why I was flying out to Greece. In case you are lucky enough to forget, let me remind you here.

I was sighing when Edmond was hanging up on me. I don’t think that he would be brooding when he got a perfect wife in his arms now. I was the witness for their wedding and I was stuck here to find the culprit of The Citrine of Greece.

“Dow,” my captain asked for me when he finished interrogating Pierre Vouivre, The Louvre director as I know that he was not involved with this kind of a mess.

It was not his style anyway, that guy was rich as fuck.

“Yes, sir?” I asked as I was putting my phone inside my pocket before the captain was giving me a dossier.

“I think you better take this one,” he said as I was looking at the dossier and took it. It was heavy but what was inside left me speechless.

The Woman in Gold.

I was looking at the picture before my captain was clearing his throat. I turned to look at him before I closed the dossier and put it away as I was nodding at him.

“I will not disappoint you again, sir,” I said as my captain was nodding at me.

“I am counting on it. It has been 4 years since the attempted robbery that you caught her in action but this time, she succeeded. But thankfully, The Citrine of Greece has a detection device. And it was stating that the last location was in Athens, Greece,” the captain said before I was arching my eyebrows at him.

“So, is that mean—“

“Yes, Dow. You will be leaving for Greece first thing in the morning,” he said before he gave me the ticket of the plane to go to Greece. Well, I guess this job has dragged my ass to the other country after all.

And maybe, just maybe, this will end for once and for all.

Chrysi Gynaika, that’s what they know her in Greece and now it’s time for her to meet her match.

So, you know it now. Cool, so we can get to the story where I was flying out of France to come to Greece to find that Chrysi Gynaika. I have to make sure that she will not get away from me anymore.

I was waiting for my turn to enter the custom as I was listening to some audio files that have been sent to me for this particular case. I was waiting patiently in line before someone was handling a woman harshly.

“You think you’re better. No! You’re not. You’re just a lowly person that everyone loves to talk about but when I have my hands on you, you’re not that worthy after all,” the man said before he was ready to attack the woman. I did not know why by my instinct was to protect that woman. And so, I did.

“Woah, I think we don’t have to raise our hands when unnecessary,” I said as I was holding the man’s hand that might be landing on the woman’s face if I did not step up in time. The woman was weeping before the man was rolling his eyes at me.

“And what’s it for you, foreigner? It’s not she’s any of your business,” the man said before I was stepping in front of the woman that he was abusing.

“I think we can settle this without any violence,” I said as I was looking at the man. He laughed humourlessly as the woman flinched when she was holding onto my jacket. The hair on my nape was standing up before I smelled honey was coming out from her.

It was nice and calming.

“Now, if you don’t have anything to say that concerning us, we will take our leaves now,” the man said before I was holding his hand before he could reach her. The man clicked his tongue before he was trying to kick me. But he failed.

“I think the lady will stay with me,” I said as I was looking at the woman as she was flinching when the man was asking for her hand again.

“Ari, come here,”

“No, Ari will stay with me,” I said as I was holding the man’s wrist as I was looking at him. He was clicking his tongue before he was leaving us be. I was looking at his retreated figure before I was sighing at the sight.

“Thank you. I don’t know what I will do if you don’t come to save me,’’ the woman that was standing behind me said as I was looking at her. Her brown eyes were looking into me. I cleared my throat before I was smiling at her. She smiled back and she had a dimple on her left cheek.

“My pleasure. And I hope that you will not be with that man ever again,” I said as I was looking at her. The woman was smiling before she was taking her luggage behind her. I arched my eyebrow at her

“Are you not from here?” I asked as I was looking at the luggage that the woman was carrying.

“Huh? Oh, no. I am from Greece but some work has taken me away from my home but now, I’m back and I am thankful for that,” she said before she was moving toward the immigration point for the citizen.

“Oh, so you’re from here. I wished to see you again then, omorfi gynaika,” I said as I was smiling before I went back to line up for my entrance of the custom and immigration. I was smiling as the young brunette was getting inside the country without any difficulties and I hoped our paths will meet again.

And I know that wish will be something disastrous between the relationship of me and her.

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