Life is Just Not Kind

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Book 3 of Life Can Be A Bit Unkind

Romance / Drama
Sandisiwe Gxaba
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“Sorry, may I please get a size 5 of that shoe”

I say to the sales assistant and she looks at me some type of way

“I’m sorry but even if I gave it to you, you’d probably try and get it on credit and here we don’t allow that”

She says, I raise an eyebrow confused by this behaviour “I’ll assist you Ma’am. What can I do for you?” Her co-worker asks with a friendly smile

“uhm, thank you. I am looking for a size 5 of that shoe please”

“I’ll go check for you at the back but I think that’s the only one we have”

He says, I thank him and he walks to the back. As I wait for him to come back a slay queen looking lady walks in. Heels, fake nails, make-up on fleek, weave and all while I am wearing sweatpants, t-shirt and a no-name sneaker. She asks to see the shoe and the assistant that turned me

down earlier jumps at the opportunity to assist this lady, she’s so friendly towards her. She even gives her the shoe on display to fit. I watch this is awe

“Uhhm Miss, we don’t have another one in that size. A…”

“Argh Thato give me that shoe. Miss here is paying for it. Will it be cash or card?”

The lady assistant interrupts rudely and asks the lady with a full teeth smile


She says, and the lady walks to the till to pay. I roam around the store looking for something I will maybe like. I am confused when the slay queen walks out empty handed and the male assistant comes back to me with the shoe

“Is this how you guys treat your customers? Based on how they look?”

I ask this Thato guy as we walk to the till

“Of cause not Ma’am. I don’t know what’s going on with Lucia today. I am sorry for her behaviour. It was uncalled for and I can assure you I will speak to her”

He says apologetic as we walk to the till. I am about to pay

“Dr Ngesi! Oh my God it’s really you”

I’m startled because the only people that know me are my patients and I only started working at the hospital about 3 months ago. To my surprise it is one of my patients.

“Mrs Cole. Nice to see you”

I say as she pulls me into a hug and quickly breaks it

“This is my little store I told you about. So what are you getting? I hope my stuff was good to you. Guys this is the doctor that’s treating my son”

She says turning to her stuff and I smile

“Don’t worry about this I will take care of it”

She says and I smile

“No Mrs Cole I can’t let you do that”

I say shyly

“I insist. My son has never been better all thanks to you!”

She says

“Lucia ring this up for Dr Ngesi quickly”




“So you not renewing your contract with us?”

Mrs McKenzie asks and I nod

“Sadly no. I just got news that my grandfather has passed on”

I say

“Oh Miss Mbana, I am so sorry to hear that. My condolences to you and your family”

She says and I fake a smile

“Thank you”

I say

“It will be hard getting a replacement for you Miss Mbana. It won’t be easy b…”

“But you’ll make do”

I finish her sentence and she smiles

“You right”

She says

“I’ve trained Taylor well, she can fill in while you look for someone more qualified”

I suggest and she smiles

“You know that is a good idea but she doesn’t have your kind of qualifications”

She says and I sigh

“Sadly, but she’s a great assistant and whoever fills in my shoes will have the best assistant there is”

I say

“Thank you Mihlali Mbana. Working with you these past 3 years have been great”

She says shaking my hand

“Thank you Mrs McKenzie”

I say and walk out of her office back to mine, I pack up he rest of my things when my phone rings, it’s Lara

“Hey honey”

I answer

“Hey mami. What time are you landing?”

She asks

“My flight is leaving tonight so we’ll be there tomorrow or in 2 days if we don’t get delayed”

She squeals

“I cannot wait to meet him. How are you planning on explaining everything to Bandile when you back?”

She asks, I sigh loud enough

“I’ll cross that bridge when I get there friend. I’ll call you before we board ok, are you fetching us?”

I ask

“Hell yeah I am, I don’t care the time! I am there!”

She says assuring. I smile to myself and say my goodbyes then cut the call finishing packing

“I’m gonna miss seeing you around the office”

Parker says walking into my office, I smile

“I’ll miss you too. Come here”

I say opening my arms to him, he hugs me tightly

“Oh honey! Who wouldn’t miss me?”

He asks breaking the hug and we both laugh

“I’m still driving you to the airport right?”

He asks and I nod

“Of cause! I should finish here babe”

I say and he nods walking out of my office. Parker is that gay best friend I made when I first arrived here 3 years ago and he’s been a great friend to me. He knows almost everything that has happened leading me here. I finish packing and say my goodbyes to everyone then head home. When I get home I take off my shoes immediately and walk up to my room barefoot carrying the box from work. The house is quiet meaning they probably went to the park after school. I take out my phone and call Marianne

“Miss Mbana hi”

She says

“hey, where are you guys?”

I ask

“We just got to the complex”

She says, we end the call and I pack the rest of our things until I’m disturbed by tiny hands trying to cover my eyes

“Guess who?”

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