Life is Just Not Kind

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I get inside the car and Bakho starts the car and drives off

“being angry won’t solve anything” He says and I don’t respond

“I get it, Mihlali hurt you by keeping Jay a secret but meet up with her and hear her out. The boy is yours Bandile, he looks like you. Everything about him is you”

He says

“I don’t hate my son Bakho, I hate that Mihlali kept him from me this long. 3 Years Bakholise? No word, no nothing. My own son is calling me uncle. TF!”

I say and he sighs

“Should I drop you off at your place or you going to mom?”

He asks I shrug

“I think you and mom need to have a conversation”

He says driving towards Bantry Bay to where mom’s house is. He drives in the yard and parks then we both go

inside and the little ones rush to us all so excited. Bakho has 3 kids, 3 boys so far and his wife wants a daughter before they can stop having kids. The youngest just turned 3 in August. I pick him up


I greet him


He says and starts telling me about what they got up to during the day. We walk in and everyone is watching tv in the lounge

“How was the funeral?”

Mom asks after we’ve greeted them and settled down

“It was dignified, it was more packed than I thought it would be”

I say

“Your son has a son turning 3 next month”

Bakho says and mom sits up


She says

“Mihlali is back and she has a son”

I say putting Bakho’s son on the floor

“Why was she quiet all these years?”

Mom asks and I shrug

“I don’t know, we didn’t get the time to talk”

I say and she shakes her head

“That’s bullshiit!”

I shoot her a look

“your son is just too angry with her”

Bakho says, I really wish he could shut up right now

“There’s a child involved, put your anger aside and call Mihlali and hear her out. I want to meet my grandson tshini”

She says

“You already have 3 of them. Why do you want another one?”

I say sarcastically and she shoots me a killer look

“You will call Mihlali Bandile. I want to meet my son, I’ve already missed out on 3 years of his life”

she says and I chuckle

“When I’m ready to face her I’ll call her. I just need to process everything”

I say

“Hey you guys are back”

Lukho says walking down the stairs


Bakho responds as she walks into the lounge and settles next to her husband. The kids are somewhere in the house

“Bandile has a son, he’s turning 3 next month”

Mom says and I roll my eyes.

“So we going to tell everyone now”

I say annoyed

“It’s news tshini Bandile!”




When I get back inside the house Lara and Troy are ready to leave, she tells me that my mother took Jay. I walk them out and thank them for coming. After

everyone has left it’s just my family remaining, Jay is sleeping in Kittens room. I knock and let myself in “Kitten hey”

I say walking in

“Hey, you spoke beautifully today” She says and I smile and sit next to her “How are you?”

I ask

“I’m at peace. He’s gone Hlali and he’s never coming back”

She says, I rub her knee

“I’m sorry”

I say and she shakes her head no

“He gave me the best gift I could ask for, you guys.” She says and I smile

“Your mother is forcing me to move in with them” I chuckle

“Well you can’t stay here alone Kitten” I say and she shoots me a look

“This is my house, my husband built this for me” She says defensively

“I understand that but Kitten we can’t let you stay in this big house alone. You can always come and visit it when you want while living with mom”

I suggest and she shrugs

“Whatever. How was it seeing Bandile after so long?”

She asks and I shrug

“He’s angry at me for keeping Jay from him I guess”

She raises an eyebrow

“Surely you weren’t expecting roses and chocolates for keeping his child away from him for 3 years now”

She fires

“I know Kitten”

“why did you do it anyway?”

She asks and I shrug

“I don’t know honestly. When I moved to New York I wanted a fresh start away from everything. When I found out I was pregnant he was the first person I wanted to call but I couldn’t, I was afraid that he had probably

moved on and that maybe I’d be ruining things in his new relationship so I kept it to myself. I kept thinking that maybe I’d bump into him at work functions but nothing. I never met up with him anywhere so eventually I convinced myself that maybe it was God giving me signs that I didn’t have to bother him with all this”

I say and she chuckles

“That’s some b.s you selling there child. So it never bothered you when Jay asked about his father?”

I shrug

“I always avoided it, changed the topic or something just so we don’t talk about it. I don’t know Kitten. Bandile has a girlfriend and me being back doesn’t make things any easier”

I say and she nods

“If Bandile and his girlfriend are in love as you assume them to be then you’ll allow Bandile to have a relationship with his son. You and him can co-parent without you ruining anything he has with the woman unless you think otherwise?”

She says and I shrug

“I don’t know what to thing Kitten. I guess I’ll have to wait for him to reach out”

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