Life is Just Not Kind

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“I should leave, it’s getting pretty late”

I say because I’m afraid of what will happen if we drink another bottle of wine. Being with Mihlali right now and catching up feels like old times, it’s like she never left.

We vibing and talking, we just finished our 3rd bottle “Will you be able to drive?”

She asks getting up, I shrug

“I should be”

I say, she looks at the time

“Bandile it’s 12 O’Clock. Sleep over, you’ll leave early in the morning”

She suggests, I shrug

“I don’t know Hlali…”

I say and she shakes her head

“No, I insist. It’s late and you half intoxicated. Sleep over you’ll leave in the morning”

She says and I feel so cornered but I nod anyway “Fine”

I say


She says and I follow her upstairs.

“I haven’t gotten beddings and pillows for the spare room. It’s been busy ever since I got back”

“I understand. It’s not like we’ve never shared a bed before”

I say and she chuckles

“Yeah I guess”

She opens the door to her room, I walk in and she follows behind me. She walks to the closet and comes back wearing my old t-shirt

“You still have that?”

She giggles

“there’s a lot of your stuff I still have. For some reason I could never get rid of them”

She says looking down

“That’s uh.. That’s..”

“Creepy? I know”

She says shyly and walks to bed. I get out of my suit and I’m left in my briefs and join her in bed. I’m conflicted in holding her.

“So did you have a boyfriend back in New York?”

I ask and she turns around to face me

“No, I didn’t”

She answers

“But you’ve been seeing someone. How long?”

She asks, I don’t know what to make of her tone. I could always read Mihlali through her eyes and right now it’s dark so I can’t see her eyes and neither can I see her facial expression

“a year and 6 months”

“And do you love her?”

She asks and for some reason I have to think of my answer, I think I did love her until I saw Mihlali

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have asked” She says and she turns around “Good night Bandile”

She says, I lean in closer and spoon her pulling me close to me so I breathe down on her neck

“A few days I go I probably would have answered without a doubt but having you back here in my arms changes everything. It shouldn’t but it does Mihlali. I never stopped loving you and it doesn’t seem like I will be over you anytime soon”

I say and she takes a deep breath and lets it out

“But you have a girlfriend and I have to respect that. For her sake and mine”

She says

“Please look at me”

I beg

“Bandile we shouldn’t do this, we shouldn’t even be having this conversation”

She says

“Please turn around Bhabha”

I say and as if compelled she turns to face me

“Still gets to you huh?”

I ask and she giggles

“You have no idea”

I chuckle, I cup her cheek

“What are you doing?”

She asks

“Something I’ll probably regret if I don’t”

I say and lean in to kiss her, at first she doesn’t respond but she gives in and our lips dance to a tune of their own, I dip my tongue into her mouth and she lets me. This right here feels like home. Our kiss is slow and unrushed, I flip us over so that I on top of her. Lets blame my actions on the wine bottles we finished earlier for now. I kiss her and she’s very responsive to my kisses and my touch, my one hand is pressing on the bed for balance and the other is roaming her body exploring for hidden treasures. I move from her lips to her neck and she doesn’t stop me but moans instead motivating me to continue. I go all the way down and lick and suck her, she moans out my name begging and pleading for me to make her cum. She releases in my mouth and I move back up to her face and kiss her while trying to

insert my shaft, she’s so wet! She’s so sexy and so damn hot.


She screams out in my mouth as the tip goes in

“I’m sorry”

I say

“It’s been 3 years”

She says and I chuckle while pushing in slowly as she adjusts to accommodate all of me. She gasps when I’m all in arching off the bed. She takes a deep breath, I watch her intently

“Move slow, it’s a little painful”

She says, I nod and move slowly. I don’t remember her this tight but then again that was 3 years ago. How does she have a child and yet still remain as tight as the first time we had sex?


She says and I pick up the pace hitting a spot I know is enough to make her juices flow. She releases and i’m about to pull out when she holds me tightly. I cum inside

her and then she lets me go. I get off and go to the bathroom to wipe myself clean, wash it with warm water and return to the room to wipe her clean.

“You didn’t have to”

She says

“What kind of gentleman do you take me for?”

She giggles

“Old habits die hard I guess”

She says, I finish wiping her clean and take the towel back to the sink, rinse it and hang it then go back to switch the lights off and join her. I pull her to me and cuddle her.

“I’ll buy the morning after tomorrow”

She says and I nod and kiss the top of her head


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