Life is Just Not Kind

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The first thing I smell is Bandile’s cologne before I even open my eyes not forgetting his arm under my neck and his hand wrapped under my breasts holding me tightly.

F*CK!!! Last night shouldn’t have happened but Bandile + 3 bottles of wine will do things down there that shouldn’t happen.


I call out but he doesn’t respond


I call out again this time around tapping his arm


He mumbles

“Bandile wake up”

“I’m awake”

He says sounding annoyed, I remove his hand from under my boobs

“You have to leave”

I say getting up and searching for the t-shirt from last night. My head is pounding painfully. He doesn’t respond, I tap him annoyed

“Bandile! You have to wake up and leave”

I say and he opens his eyes. He gets up off the bed naked and walks to the bathroom with a very hard dick. How did I ever leave all this mara? I stand and get lost in his ass for a minute.

“Snap out of it!”

I scold myself and look for the t-shirt under the bed “Now this is a sight for sore eyes”

He says

“I am definitely awake right now”

He says and I quickly pull the t-shirt and wear cover my body with it

“You have to leave”

I say again and he chuckles

“You really are sexy”

He says

“And you have a girlfriend! Go mahn Bandile”

His facial expression switches up to sour same time and his boner goes down

“Look, I don’t want to confuse my son” I say

“Our son Mihlali and how the hell will you confuse him? I am his father”

He says getting dressed

“Yes you are his father but Bandile he doesn’t know you like that. Jay has never had a “father” and I don’t want to confuse him just yet”

I say and he shake his head

“you not being fair Mihlali. He’s my son, he needs to know I’m his father”

He says and I sigh and sit down wearing the t-shirt

“And that time will come Bandile I promise you but for now I don’t want to confuse him. He thinks you my friend”

I say and he sighs loudly

“Fine, can I come and see him later? Can I take you guys out for lunch?”

I nod

“Yes but we will have to take everything slow. He’s too young for all change”

He gets up


He says and I walk him downstairs, we get to the door

“Don’t forget to get the morning after”

He says and I nod

“I will make sure I don’t forget”

I say and he nods and walks to his car. I lock the door and head back to bed, Sex with Bandile always was an exercise. It’s around 6am and Jay wakes up around this time. I walk to his room and he’s still sleeping, I walk to my room and get into bed and try get some more sleep.

I am woken up by my phone ringing, I don’t even check the screen


I mumble when the door opens

“Mihlali this is Bandile, please check my watch on the pedestal or lounge”

He says

“Ok I’ll look for it”

I say and end the call. I remove the blanket and he’s climbing on the bed

“Morning my baby”

I say, he slides in next to me

“Mommy whose is this?”

He says showing me a watch

“It’s mommy’s friend’s watch. He forgot it last night”

I say and he nods

“Put it back and lets sleep”

I say and he returns it on the pedestal

“But I don’t want to sleep, I’m hungry”

He says

“Ok I’ll make us something to eat and then I’ll call uncle Biko to come and fetch you ok?”

He nods with the widest smile and gets off the bed. I get off too and we make our way to the kitchen


He looks at me

“Do you want a daddy?”

I ask and he frowns confused


I chuckle, he looks so much like his father when he frowns. There’s this thing they do with their lips sort of like pouting or something

“Remember I told you your father is in Cape Town?”

I ask and he nods

“We in Cape Town”

He says and I nod with a smile

“He wants to meet you. Do you want to meet him?”

I ask and he thinks for a little

“Is he going to play with me like grandpa and uncle Biks?”

I laugh

“Yes baby he will”

He nods


I am left conflicted and to who described a father to him like that. It couldn’t possibly be my father so it’s Biko. I wonder what else he’s told him

“Was it uncle Biko who told you that?”

He nods

“Yes, he said a father is someone like grandpa and him”

I nod

“So you want a father?”

He nods

“Will he live with us like grandma lives with grandpa?”

He asks and I shake my head no, he frowns


He asks

“Because my baby not every mother and father live together. He has a lot of work to do so he can’t stay with us but I promise you he will visit you every day”

I assure him and he smiles all so happy

“So do you want to spend the day with him or uncle Biko?”

I ask him

“Can we spend the day with him?” He asks

“You want me to spend the day with you and your father?”

I ask and he nods


I shake my head no

“You remember how you used to spend the day with uncle Peter?”

He nods

“It will have to be like that. I have to do some work so he will be here to fetch you and you guys will do everything you love ok?”

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