Life is Just Not Kind

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I should feel bad for sleeping with Mihlali but for some weird reason I don’t. I notice when I park my car that I forgot my watch at Mihlali’s house, I call her and then after the call I make my way inside the house. When I walk in I find Qhawe sleeping on the couch, I sigh and walk over to pick her up. I kiss her forehead as I head upstairs, she flutters her eyes open.

“When did you come in?”

She asks

“Now, sleep ok”

I say and get into the room and place her on the bed, she looks at me

“Is this how things are going to be from hereon?”

She asks after I placed her on the bed


I ask walking to the closet to change out of my clothes

“You’ve never not slept home Bandile and even when you not coming back you send a text or you call me”

She says, I can’t even miss the hurt laced in her voice “Que it’s not what you think”

I say while still getting out of my things. I walk back into the room and get in under the covers beside her

“Then what is going on Bandile? When you left you were going to Mihlali’s home for a funeral and then the next thing you don’t come back”

She says and I sigh

“you even smell of woman”

She says and I sigh

“Honestly, I spent the night at Mihlali’s house. I needed answers about our son”

I explain

“Needing answers about your son requires you and her talking over alcohol and you coming home the next day? Bandile I’m not stupid, don’t try and play me”

She says sitting up on the bed. Please understand I have never cheated on anyone before so I don’t know the tricks and the trades of cheating. I sit up too

“Qhawe I’m sorry I didn’t sleep home last night. I should have called you or texted you and I am sorry I didn’t do any of that”

I say and she chuckles in disbelief

“Did you sleep with her?”

She asks looking down, I keep quiet

“Did you sleep with her Bandile?”

She asks again

“Yes I did”

I admit and I see the tears roll down her cheeks

“Did you guys use a condom?”


She shakes her head

“Just answer me honestly please”

I sigh

“No we didn’t”

She gets up off the bed and so do i

“I tried, I really did but I can’t. Bandile mna I love you, you made me fall in love with you or rather the person you pretended to be to me”

She says

“I never pretended to be anything I wasn’t Qhawe that’s not fair”

I argue

“So it’s fair that your ex comes to town and suddenly you distant towards me and as if that’s not worse you go on and sleep with her Bandile without a f*cking condom? Is that fair to you?”

She yells and I sigh and sit on the edge of the bed as she packs some of her things

“You know what hurts? The fact that not once this whole time have you said you love me. Ever since she landed I haven’t heard you say those words to me. You love her and I could never get the kind of love you give her”

She says and I get up and walk over to her “Don’t come any closer Bandile”

She says holding her hand out but I don’t stop and walk over to her and pull her to my chest. She doesn’t fight me physically but swears at me with every swear word that comes to her mind and spew words of hate as I hold her tightly against my chest

“I am so sorry I hurt you Qhawe”




Biko walks in looking fresh as ever, he hasn’t been taking it well this thing Pamela did but he’s getting there I guess. His nephew runs to him and they walk into the lounge with him on his uncle’s arm.

“Sis wam”

He says sitting beside me

“Hey bhuti, how are you?”

“Good thanks sis and yourself?”

He asks handing me the morning after pills


I say and he chuckles

“No doubt about that! You should take that before you forget”

He says and I laugh getting up off the chair. I walk to the kitchen and drink the pill then go back to them.

“So what happened? With who?”

He asks and I laugh

“Are we really having this conversation?”

He nods like a little kid putting Jay down to go and play

“Don’t make yourself dirty ok”

I say and he nods leaving us alone

“Bandile slept over, we finished 3 bottles of wine and one thing led to another”

He laughs

“So you guys wanted to make a Bandile Junior?”

He says and I roll my eyes

“you so annoying Biko mahn!”

He chuckles

“What? I’m just asking haibo. What about his girlfriend?”

I shrug

“I know I probably sound like a bitch right now but I don’t regret it. I enjoyed every minute of it Biko”

He chuckles

“Too much information Mihlali. So does this mean you and Bandile are working things out?”

He asks and I shrug

“I’d like for us to pick up where we left off but sadly it’s not like that. He has a girlfriend and I don’t want to come between them”

I say and he chuckles

“But you mos def came on the nigga last night”

I punch him and hit him with a pillow, he laughs

“Biko you’re annoying! I hate you bhuti wam shame”

I say and he chuckles, we are disturbed by a knock

“I’ll go and get it”

He says while getting up and still laughing at me. A few minutes he walks in with Bandile

“You early”

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