Life is Just Not Kind

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I normally babysit or rather chill with Bakho’s kids so hanging out with Jay shouldn’t be so hard right?

“Do you know how to speak Xhosa?”

I ask him as we drive out of his mother’s yard, I steal a glance at him on the rear view mirror

“A little. Mommy taught me a little”

He says, I cannot believe I’m a father. My phone rings and it’s Qhawe, I answer


I say

“Bandile hi, are you around? I’d like to get the rest of my stuff”

She says, I sigh

“I am not home at the moment. Qhawe can we talk later please, I’ll come to wherever you are”

I say in a pleading tone, I don’t like how things ended between us

“I have nothing to say to you Bandile. I’ll leave the key in the potplant at the door”

She says

“Qhawe please, I’m begging you”

I say and she sighs loudly

“Fine. I’ll text you”

She says and drops the call on me. I sigh and then glance at Jay who is playing with his hands and looking outside

“So where do you want us to go?” I ask him and he shrugs

“I don’t know Cape Town, mommy and I haven’t gone out”

He explains and I smile to myself

“Ok first we will go and fetch your cousins and then we’ll all go out ok? How does that sound?”

He smiles and nods. I drive to my mother’s house and park inside the yard and then Jay and I get out of the car. We walk to the door and I knock before opening the door. Mom is walking down the stairs

“Morning Mam’Tshawe”

She looks at me stunned and then her eyes go to Jay “Bandile Hi, nguye loh?” (Is this him)

She asks and Jay shoots me a look, it’s not so much as an “Explain what she means” but more of a “How does she know me?” look, I chuckle

“This is your other grandmother, did mommy ever tell you that you have a grandmother from your father’s side too?”

I ask and he nods


He says and I smile

“Go and greet your grandmother then”

I say and he walks over slowly as mom reaches the last step. She picks him up

“You are so light, hasn’t your mother been feeding you?”

She asks while tickling him, he’s laughing and pleading for her to stop. We walk to the lounge as they introduce themselves to the other

“You are so cute”

Mom says and then she looks at me

“He is the yellow bone version of you”

Mom says and I laugh

“he had to take something from his mother”

I say and she chuckles

“I’ll go and get the kids neh, I want to take all of them out for breakfast and go and play”

I say getting up

“Want to come with me to go and call your cousins?”

I ask and he nods, he gets off mom’s lap and we walk to the play room. We knock once before going in and they all get up all excited to see me

“Uncle Bandile”

The eldest says and the rest say the same coming to me full speed and hugging me, I break it

“Woah you guys calm down. This is your cousin Junior”

I say

“Be nice to him ok?”

I warn and they all crowd him asking him all kinds of questions and Jay excited as they are answering their

questions. I like how he seems shy at first but opens up a little to you.

“Guys are you ready to go?”

I ask them and they nod

“Ok then, let us go! We’ll have to go in mommy’s car”

I say walking out to look for Lukho and bumping into her in the Kitchen


She greets with her ever so warm smile

“Hey, how are you?”

I ask

“Good thank you and yourself? Where is the little one?”

She asks and I chuckle at how excited she is

“He is with your sons, I need you to please borrow me your car. I’ll leave mine here”

I say and she nods

“I’ll get you the key but first I have to meet your son”

She says leaving me in the kitchen. WOW! I walk out to the lounge and sit with mom

“So you and Mihlali spoke?”

She says and I nod

“And how does Qhawe feel about you having a son?”

She asks and I shrug

“She doesn’t have much of a choice”

She squints her eyes at me

“Bandile out with it”

She says and I frown

“You never could lie my baby so tell me the truth”

She says with a straight face

“Fine, I spent the night at Mihlali’s house and came back this morning around 5am. I think Qhawe and I broke up”

I say and she sighs

“Are you ok?”

I shrug

“I am, I mean the woman I have loved and wanted to be with for the past three years is back and seems like I still have a chance with her”

I say and she nods

“I understand that but Bandile this is the same woman that just up’d and left you, she kept your son from you for 3 years”

She says and I nod

“I know that mom and we spoke about it and she apologised. Mom I had all the means to make our relationship work as a long distance but I didn’t. I didn’t fight hard enough for her, Mihlali was fresh out of Varsity and I was wrong to make her choose between me and her career when it was just taking off”

I say and she nods

“Her pussy must be fire for you to make excuses for her all of a sudden. Just becareful Bandile”

She says and I frown

“I thought you like Mihlali”

She shrugs

“I did like her at some point but I don’t like the way she

does things. Bandile you sacrificed so much for her and

when she was faced with an opportunity she didn’t even

think twice to leave. I’m just worried about you here and

your heart. I’m not implying she doesn’t love you but she didn’t fight hard enough to be with and as for keeping Jay from you this long. I don’t know”

She says and I get her point

“I understand your feelings towards her mom but maybe this time will be different. Mom I liked Qhawe and you know that but I could never marry her, at least not for the right reasons”

She nods

“Eyababini ayingenwa”(What involves 2 people needs no third party)

The way she says the term makes me crack up a little

“Wow mom”

She shrugs

“Mihlali will just have to prove herself to me that’s all”

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