Life is Just Not Kind

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Ever since I got home I’ve been working like a slave. Today I am finally off and will be off even tomorrow. Awo called me and suggested we go out later tonight and hit the club, according to her it’s not right that I am 24 and still a virgin. She thinks it time I got laid, imagine. Anyway I don’t have many friends since being here and with Awo and Busi at work at the moment I am stuck at home cleaning the whole house since I don’t know what to do with my day off and all. Yandisa has gone out to meet some friends and mom is at some church thing. I’m glad I could help my mother out with everything because at least now her weekends are actually weekends and she gets to do what people her age do on weekends like go to church and probably drool on the pastor or something. Who knows? But I am happy. I finish cleaning and then take a nice long bath to relax my muscles. It’s been a while since I pampered myself anyway and I am not your manicure type of girl but I do love going to the spa just to get a nice relaxing massage. I walk out of the bath

when I’m done with everything and my phone just stopped ringing, it rings again and I answer it


I say

“Your number is really hard to get Miss Ngesi”

The caller says, I look at my screen and it’s an unsaved number

“Uhhm… who is this?”

I ask

“Ouch, you’ve forgotten how I sound already?”

He asks and it hits me, only Bikokuhle can be this corky and only he is capable of getting my number without me giving it to him


I say rolling my eyes

“You don’t sound so happy to hear from me”

He says

“I wasn’t expecting to hear from you, at least not like this”

I say

“I understand. Listen Yoza, I understand that today is your day off an…”

He doesn’t even finish his sentence when I ask him “how do you know that?” I ask him and he chuckles

“Come on Yoza, I’m Bikokuhle Mtwa. I get what I want”

He says cockishly annoying

“What do you want Biko?”

I say annoyed

“Ok I’m sorry for being so cocky. I want to take you out for lunch please”

He says quickly

“Biko I am…”

I start off trying to think of an excuse to not see him. Biko is still too damn hot and sexy or even more and I am afraid that I might not be able to resist him now as well as I could when I was younger. I won’t lie, part of me always wished to bump into him just this once, part

of me always wondered where our relationship would be if we had given it a shot

“Please Yonela, if you hate it then I promise I won’t ever bother you again”

He says and I sigh

“fine. I’ll text you the address”

I say

“thank you. I promise to make it worth your while”

He says sounding happy

“I will see. Bye Biko”

I say and cut the call and resume what I was about to do and that is to lotion my body. A text pops up on my screen and it reads “dress up” from Biko. I save his number and then finish everything then go to my closet and I can’t find anything cute at all. Shiiit! How do you dress up when you barely go out let alone dress up? With a demanding job I don’t have the time to shop for cute outfits. I call the one person I know and that can help and that is this other patient of mine and ask her to hook me up with a sexy red body hugging dress and a pair of

heels. My braids are so old and I don’t have the time to renew them, I am so screwed. My dress is delivered with a pair of gold heels. I slip everything on and fix my braids into a neat bun then look at myself in the mirror and apply lipstick to match my dress. To say I look good would be an understatement because I have never looked this beautiful before. I don’t sit in front of a mirror and beat my face up because I don’t have the time and when we do go out my friends always dress me up. I send Biko my location and wait for him in the lounge, I text Yandisa telling him I’m not home and that he should cook supper for him and mom. He calls me telling me he’s outside, I fix my dress and steal one last look at myself before walking out, he’s driving a mustang and dare I say he looks hot in the car. He gets off and meets me half way with his jaw on the floor

“Uhhm, hey Yoza”

He says hugging me tightly


I say coldly just to spite him not wanting to admit to myself how sexy he looks right now in chino’s, a shirt

and tie with a blazer. Calm down. I warn myself and break the hug

“You look amazing”

He says, I smile

“Thank you”

That’s the expression I was going for and I am glad to have nailed it, he whistles as we walk to the car

“Dammit Yoza!”

He says and I chuckle

“What Biko?”

He shakes his head and opens the car door for me, I sit and then he closes it and walks to his side. He takes one last look at me before starting the car

“So where are we going that I needed to dress up? I hope I’m not over dressed”

I say and he shakes his head

“You look perfect!”

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