Life is Just Not Kind

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After Lara left I caught up on some sleep and then woke up and texting Bandile asking him about when he and Jay would be back and he told me he would bring him back no later than 7pm. I decided I’d go buy a couple of things to the guest bedrooms and just have some me time. I buy a couple of things and then drive to my parents house since I promised I’d go and see them. I park outside and there’s a car I do not recognise in their yard. I knock and then let myself in


Mom says walking towards the door with this yummy

looking guy. Bandile is good looking but the guy my

mother is with right now is beautiful, he’s gorgeous and

out of this world.

“Uhhm… hey mom”

I say after clearing my throat, words fail me because wow muhle umfana!

“Khaya meet my daughter Mihlali, Hlali this is Khaya and he recently started working at the company”

Mom says and he offers me a hand, I thought he’s going to shake my hand until he pulls it to his lips and places a kiss on it

“I see looks run in the family”

He says that letting go of my hand and turning to mom who giggles

“I am your boss, flirt with kids your age Khaya”

Mom warns and he chuckles

“Would that mean Mihlali here is my age?”

He asks that turning to look at me, I shrug


I say and he chuckles, I don’t think I have ever heard a sound any sexier. Don’t judge me I am single!


He asks, mom clears her throat

“I am still here guys. Khaya, I will see you”

Mom says walking past me leading Khaya out leaving me standing and turning to admire this handsome man. God sure took his time to create him! Mom walks back inside after a while

“You drooling”

She says laughing and I shrug

“Hayi Mihlali!”

She says and I chuckle

“Mama is he HOT!”

She chuckles

“Still doesn’t come close to my husband so whatever”

She says walking to the lounge, I follow behind her

“So where is he from?”

I ask

“He recently moved from Joburg about a week ago I think. He’s going to be the new CEO”

Mom says settling on the couch

“What do you mean new CEO? I thought you were running the company”

She shrugs

“I was but I can’t handle everything myself anymore. With dad gone and mom being under suicidal watch I can’t handle the job”

She says, I frown

“What do you mean Kitten is under suicidal watch?”

I ask confused

“Last night she fainted, doctor feels her pressure is way too high and she needs to bring it down. She’s not taking this well as we assumed her to be. Her doctor says she’s at risk of having a heart attack or even a stroke. I don’t know, he said a lot”




Spending time with Biko was amazing. Hearing how grown he sounds makes me consider what he said. Argh what am I saying. I’ve loved Biko for a while now and the fact that we are here now and he has never not once tried to get sexual with me says a lot about how much he respects me. After our date he took me home, he didn’t even try to kiss me or place a hand on my bare thighs or whatever, he’s just so sweet and kept his hands to himself and that to me says a lot about the man he has

become over the years and I am proud of him. We park outside my place

“Thank you for today”

I say honestly and he smiles

“Of cause, I’m glad you enjoyed your time with me and thank you for agreeing to even see me. I have to ask, does this mean a second date is guaranteed?”

He asks with that corky smile of his that always does a number to me

“Yes, now how did you get my number?” I ask and he chuckles

“Honestly, i grew up with 2 parents that happen to be the best hackers in this country and they taught me a thing or

Getting your number wasn’t really difficult”

He says and I roll my eyes, of cause he knows how to hack. I mean his mother and father studied computer science after all.

“that’s cheating!”

I say and he laughs

“I didn’t know it was a test”

He says with a shrug and I giggle. My God this man is so damn handsome!

“Good point I guess. Thank you again for today Biko”

I say and he smiles

“You welcome, I will see you again?”

He asks and I smile

“Of cause”

I say and he smiles

“Enjoy the rest of your day”

He says and kisses my cheek

“Thank you Biko, you too”

I say and say my goodbye then get off and walk inside the yard, when I turn he’s still parked out there. I get to the door and text him

‘Why are you still here?’

I press send

‘I needed to make sure you get inside safely’

He says and I smile, he hoots and drives off. I smile alone clutching the phone to my chest as I walk to the lounge. My brother is sitting watching TV

“And then?”

He asks and I giggle sitting on the single couch and taking my heels off


I ask

“You the one giggling like a teenager and smiling along”

He says and I smile alone at the amount of time I spent with Biko, it’s around 6pm already. Time flew by way too quickly today and I have no regrets although I wish we had more time

“I spent the day with Biko”

I say and he gasps loud enough, I look at him and his jaw is on the floor making me laugh

“You kidding! How? Where? When? What does this mean? Are you guys dating now?”

he asks and I nod biting my lower lip “Wow!”

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