Life is Just Not Kind

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I go to the kitchen and pour myself wine and then go back to the lounge and switch on a movie while texting with Lara. I’m telling her about this guy I met today. I won’t lie the guys I met in NY were good looking but they were never as charming as Bandile or intriguing until Khaya. There’s something intriguing about Khaya, he’s super good looking and there’s something sexy about his corky attitude, I don’t know what it is about him but he just oozes sexiness. I decide to save his number so I can stalk him on whatsapp, his profile picture is a cute girl and she’s too young to be his girlfriend so it must be his daughter. Unlike Biko I didn’t pay much attention when our parents taught us how to find information we needed about people and right now I regret it all because those lessons could really come in hand right now. I text Ise because Mange is every bit like me, just not interested in the whole hacking thing while Isenathi is very much interested and wants to someday be like mom and dad. She calls me


I answer

“I need more than just a name”

She says and i giggle

“That’s the thing, that’s all I know about him. He’s going to be the new CEO of the company if that helps”

I say and she laughs

“I have to ask, why are you so interested? I mean you have Bandile and I’m pretty sure he’s still in love with you as much as you are in love with him”

She says and I laugh

“Firstly, you are what? 15? You don’t know what you talking about”

She laughs and so do i

“Ise I don’t know how I feel about Bandile. I just think we different people now and we probably wouldn’t work out as we did before. Usually relationships don’t always go as we hope they would”

I say and am startled when Bandile sits on the single couch

“Ise we’ll talk again later ok? I love you mntase khaya”

I say

“I’ll text you when I have enough. Love you too”

She says and ends the call

“So you don’t want us to try again?”

He asks

“It’s rude to eaves drop on a person’s conversation”

I say and he chuckles

“I don’t think that’s the point right now”

He says, I sigh

“I don’t know Bandile”

I say honestly

“this is not the first time you don’t know what you want and it was a problem in our relationship before”

He says,

“Look Mihlali, I love you. I never stopped loving you nor did I pretend I did. I risked my relationship to be with you and I know you never asked me to but I did anyway because I love you and for some stupid reason I believed that you felt the same about me”




I have met pretty girls before but I have never met one like Mihlali, I have never met a girl that beautiful and confident before. I recently turned 32 years old and I got a job offer from Mr and Mrs Mtwa to come and head their company and I couldn’t be more grateful. I met Lwando Mbana when I was 15 years old, I hacked into one of his system’s just to get his attention and I did. He had one of his best man train me to become the next him and I am happy to say I am as good as he is I guess. Lwando left me with a contract to be the CEO of one of his companies he had handed over to Sino. I saw Mihlali at the funeral but with the chaos I couldn’t talk to her and having met her officially this up close was everything. She is but a dream and to know that she is single is everything because it means I stand a shot with her. When I got home I called people and tried to gather as much as I can about her and from what I have gathered, she has a beautiful son with her ex, there’s a

sextape of her which not many people know off… I’ve pretty much gathered enough to know about her but not enough to want to destroy her or ruin her career, those are not my intentions. She’s a great person and she deserves nothing but goodness and I would love to know her from outside the little I have gathered on her and I hope she gives me the opportunity to. After our little phonecall I call in to one of Bandile’s restaurant and order something to eat. I respect the guy honestly and knowing that he is Mihlali’s ex makes him a little intimidating but being groomed by Mr Mbana himself I’m not easily thrown off and I know I can take him on only if Mihlali would give me the time of day. As I finish ordering a call comes in, it’s my daughter. Next year she’s moving this side.


She says

“hey princess how are you?” I say

“I miss you”

She says and I can tell she’s pouting

“I miss you too my princess. Shouldn’t you be doing homeworks or something?”

I ask and she giggles

“I just finished one of them. Hows Cape Town?”

She asks

“It’s ok, where’s your mom?”

I ask

“She’s in the lounge with her husband”

She says and I laugh, she doesn’t like her step father much for her own reasons

“Give him a chance, he’s not such a bad guy princess”

I say, I’ve met him and the guy loves her mother. My daughter is 12 years old, her mother had her in her first year in Varsity and I in my final year. We broke up when the baby was born. It just wasn’t working. No love was lost between us and we get along well.

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