Life is Just Not Kind

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I am stunned when Mihlali walks in with Lara, they join us. Yoza and her friends are sitting at a table not far from us and I couldn’t be happier. The guys weren’t quite happy to have the girls join us and Yoza’s friends weren’t exactly hyped up over the idea of sitting with us. It’s a chilled vibe and my sister looks HOT! She tells me Jay is at our parents house so tonight she is getting wasted, she and Lara leave their things with us and go and dance downstairs, I’m happy she is happy, she comes back and sits down after a while

“Since you back, where does it leave you and my brother?”

Baya asks and Mihlali rolls her eyes

“I’d like to go one night without thinking about Bandile please”

She says

“Yeah man we here to drink”

Phiko say to Baya who shrugs

“I’m just asking since she just up’d and left and my brother wouldn’t be so psyched to learn that his girl is here at this hour”

Baya says, I sigh

“I understand this is your brother’s place and if you don’t want my sister to enjoy herself here then we can go to another club in town. Will that make comfortable then?”

I say annoyed and he raises his hands in surrender “I was just saying, no need to get touchy” Baya says defensively

“Also Hlali is not Bandile’s girl Baya. We are here to drink and enjoy ourselves. Jay is at Mihlali’s parents house safe!”

Lara says also annoyed by Baya’s attitude “Excuse me”

Mihlali says getting up, we all shoot Baya a look. Baya can be a real jerk when he’s had one too many

“Was that necessary?”

Lara says annoyed, Baya shrugs his shoulders. I sigh and leave them to go and be with my girlfriend. I miss her. She’s dancing with her friends, I walk up to her and block her eyes and kiss her neck. She giggles

“You know your cologne gives you away right”

She says and turns to look at me and wraps her arms around my neck

“Hey handsome”

She says and kisses me, I taste a hint of alcohol in her lips. I break the kiss

“What have you been drinking?”

I ask and she smiles and looks down

“It was champagne babe”

She says and then looks up at me

“Yoza I don’t want you drinking alcohol”

I say and she rolls her eyes

“It’s only champagne babe. Besides you had no problem when I drank it earlier”

She says

“Because we weren’t in a club full of perverts and you were at arms length away from me”

I say and she sucks in a breath “Don’t be that boyfriend please” She says and I chuckle in disbelief

“Then don’t be that girlfriend yourself. Cut back on the alcohol please”

I say and she rolls her eyes


She says annoyed




I smell his cologne, feel his heavy arm resting on my figure. Oh God please tell me we didn’t go all the way last night. I feel what I am assuming is his dick poke my ass and there is no barrier between his boner and my ass. What the hell happened last night? Where are we? I’m scared to even open my eyes out of fear of what might be. OH GOD! My head is pounding. I feel him kiss my

shoulder but I hold my breath, maybe he won’t notice I’m awake


He says and kisses my neck, I still don’t respond

“I know you’re awake Yoza”

He vibrates against my ear


I say coldly and he chuckles

“turn around and look at me please”

He pleads, his tone is smooth

“did we?”

I ask unable to even finish the sentence because I am so embarrassed. It’s my first time drinking and my head is pounding painfully. My eyes sting as I try and open them. Is this what a hangover feels like? Don’t even get me started on my voice, it sounds like I smoke 10 packs a day. Mom must be worried. Oh God there’s so much running in my mind right now.

“I’ll only answer you when you turn around to look at me”

He says and I slowly gather the strength to turn to him slowly. How can a man look this yummy and yet he’s just woken up? It should be wrong!!!


He says with his charming smile


I say

“We didn’t do anything last night though”

I cover my face with my hands embarrassed and scared to hear what comes next

“You went pretty hard on the champagne and wine last night.”

He says and carelessly laughs

“You didn’t want to go to your place and begged me to bring you home with me”

He says

“That doesn’t sound like me”

I say and he chuckles

“I was just as shocked. You ran to pee while I locked up, when I walked in you were butt naked, you attacked me with a kiss and begged me to take you”

He narrates and I flush with shame and embarrassment. That’s it! I am never touching alcohol again!


I ask

“You would definitely feel it down there if we had down anything. I went down on you, one minute you moaning and the next you passed out”

He says, he removes my hands

“Open your eyes please”

He says, I shake my head no

“Yoza please”

He pleads and my eyes shoot open

“I would have never taken your virginity with you drunk, I’m not that kind of guy. I’ve waited this long and I believe I can wait some more”

He says and I feel my cheeks heat up

“Just don’t ever drink like that again please. I don’t have a problem with you drinking but don’t drink to get drunk”

He says and I nod like a kid being scolded “I should prepare for work” He says and then kiss me

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