Life is Just Not Kind

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Bayanda Tshawe made it a little difficult for me to have the night I was hoping to have with his annoying remarks every time I seem to be enjoying myself such that Lara and I ended up going to another club in town. I ended up sleeping at Lara’s house because both of us were just too sloshed to make it to my house. I wake up and make my way downstairs with a robe wrapped around my body, I’m about to walk down the stairs when I bump into someone. My head is throbbing

“I am so sorry”

I say to the person

“I’m sorry”

She says the same times as me, I look up and it’s not Lara or Troy. I am shocked to see Qhawe here, I know Lara said she was crashing here but I didn’t expect to find her here this morning. I thought she’d maybe slept over at Bandile’s. Someone educate me how you react when you meet the woman whose relationship you destroyed


She says, I frown confused as to how she knows me

“You know me?”

I ask confused

“How could I not know the woman I tried so hard to replace but never could”

She says with some kind of tone I can’t read but it’s definitely not pleasant


I ask, I have never seen her or a picture so it’s my first time seeing her

“Yes. I can’t say it’s nice to meet you”

She says, she is beautiful even if I say so myself but she’s like an Unathi looks-wise. Not like I’m tryna make myself all that but I am an upgrade.

“Hlali, I see you’ve met Qhawe”

Troy says walking out of their room, I nod

“Yeah, Morning”

I say with a cold wave


She also says

“Excuse me”

She says and I make way for her. Well that was awkward and weird. She walks to the other spare room

“I see you’ve met Qhawe” Troy say holding back laughter “I was never ready”

I say honestly and he chuckles “She seems interesting”

I say and he laughs as we walk downstairs “hows the hangover?”

He asks

“I feel like I’m dying. I want meat, something oily” I say and he chuckles

“your friend is still passed out in the room” He says

“I see you on your way to work” I say and he nods

“yep. You girls better behave”

He says and I smile

“I’m always well-behaved Troy, say that to your wife”

I defend myself and he chuckles

“You and her together are never a good combo! Just make Qhawe welcome”

He says and I smile

“I think you should be having that talk with her”

I say and she raises an eyebrow

“You women! Bandile loves you Mihlali!”

He says and then walks out leaving me gulping down a bottle of cold water. I take out a couple of things from the fridge and prepare breakfast. Qhawe walks in

“I’m making breakfast, should I include you?” I ask

“No thanks I’ll have a fruit salad, wouldn’t want you to poison me”

She says, I am taken aback by what she just said

“Excuse me?”

I say and she shrugs and walks over to the fridge

“I’m sorry Qhawe but I don’t know what I did to you and I won’t tolerate this attitude you have against me. If you have some problem with me I suggest you speak up now”

I say turning to her

“You are my problem Mihlali! Things were fine between Bandile and I until you showed up, we were fine! It hasn’t even been a month and already you’ve opened up your legs to another woman’s man. What kind of woman are you?”

I pop my eyes

“I hope you are happy with wha…”

She doesn’t even finish her sentence when she claps her mouth and then runs out of the kitchen. There’s a knock on the door, I walk to open and I’m stunned to see Bandile



We say in unison




It’s Monday and I look forward to my lunch with Mihlali, it’s literally the only good thing about this day honestly. I saw the selfies she posted on whatsapp last night and she looked HOT! Bandile was a lucky man and was stupid to let her go. They have a beautiful son together, I saw him on Mihlali’s profile picture last night. I get to the company and park my car then head inside and make my way to Mrs Mtwa’s office

“Mr Mnguni right?”

Her p.a asks checking Sino’s diary and I nod

“Please take a seat sir, she’s on her way. She’s just running a little late”

She says and I nod

“thank you”

I say and go sit down and just press my phone. I get a text from Bulumnko a good old friend of mine from when we were still kids. He’s asking me about meeting for lunch since we haven’t met ever since I got here and

have promised to swing by to see him but I’ve been too busy

‘I’ll be there later. I have plans for lunch’ I text him and he responds

‘with a potential bae?’

He asks and I chuckle to myself

‘maybe. Who knows? Talk later, boss just walked in’

I say hearing the sound of heels against the wooden floor ‘I want to know everything! Bye’

He texts and I don’t respond but instead get up “You early”

She says

“What can I say, seeing you is the best part of my day” I say and she giggles’

“I told you to flirt with kids your age Khaya!” She says and I chuckle following behind her

“Good morning Mrs Mtwa. How are you this morning?” I say

“I’m good thank you and how are you Mr Mnguni?”

She says offering me a sit on the couch. We both sit down and then get down to business. After our meeting I make my way to Troy’s office. He was suggested by Bulumnko and is known to be the best lawyer in town since Ayola Mbana.

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