Life is Just Not Kind

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“Mihlali what are you doing here?”

I ask stunned to see her. Qhawe bailed out on me last night

“I could ask you the same question” She says folding her arms “Wheres Jay?”

I ask

“He slept at my mother’s”

She says, I frown

“Why? What were you doing?”

I ask walking in further, she closes the door and turns to me

“I went drinking with my friend. I’m surprised Bayanda didn’t tell you”

She says and walks away from me headed to the kitchen, I follow behind her

“Why would Bayanda tell me? Wait, you took Jay to your parents because you wanted to go drinking?”

I ask

“He’s safe and that’s all that matters”

She says

“I am his father. You could have asked me to babysit him”

I say and she rolls her eyes at me “Next time I’ll think of that”

She says and trails off, I follow where she’s looking and Qhawe walks in

“Morning Que”

I say with a smile

“Morning, I thought you would call”

She says

“I did but you weren’t answering your phone”

I say

“You look terrible. Are you ok?” I ask

“Yeah I’m fine, I’ve just been puking since last night. I don’t know what’s wrong with me”

She says

“That’s what usually happens when you pregnant or have food poisoning”

Mihlali says reminding us of her presence, I frown and so does Qhawe

“We can go and talk in my room”

She says giving Mihlali the stink eye

“Oh… ok”

I say and follow her to the room.

“Is everything ok?”

I ask as we make our way upstairs

“Your ex doesn’t like me much”

She says and I chuckle because Mihlali is not one to start trouble, matter of fact she tries by all means to avoid trouble

“Nah, not Mihlali. She’s not that person”

I defend

“You defending her. Wow”

She says, I sigh as we walk into her room

“I’m not Qhawe, I know you and I know her more and I know she doesn’t start drama. That’s not why I’m even here. Is it possible that you might be pregnant?”

I ask and she shrugs sitting on the bed, I sit beside her

“I don’t know Bandile. There was that time were had sex without a condom”

She says

“Yeah but you got the morning after right?”

I ask and she shrugs

“I don’t know. Look, your girlfriend could be wrong”

She spits

“And there’s a possibility that she could be right”




I walk into the office and knock on Troy’s door, his P.A told me to go through and that he’s expecting me.

“Mr Mnguni”

He says

“Hi Mr Anderson, thank you for meeting me”

I say as we shake hands.

“Please seat, may I offer you something to eat or drink?”

He asks

“Something to drink please. Coffee”

I say and he nods and presses a button on his desk and asks his P.A to bring us coffee, I prefer my coffee with cream and he tells her then.

“So shall we get onto to business?”

I nod

“yes. I am looking for property to invest in”

I say and he nods

“That’s the thing, I’m not a property investment lawyer. I can only hook you up with someone to help you a..”

I chuckle before he finishes

“I understand that Mr Anderson and I could have easily got in touch with someone in that department but I want you to be my lawyer”

I say and he looks at me confused

“Why me?”

I ask

“Bulumnko suggested you as the best lawyer since Mrs Mbana”

I say and he’s still not phased

“Look, I’m new in town and I want only the best for myself and my work. Most people would jump at the opportunity Mr Anderson”

I say

“I know you’ve done your research on me and you know the kind of man I am”

I say and he chuckles

“Indeed I have, I don’t like to associate myself with people like you”

He says and I chuckle

“If you didn’t then you wouldn’t have agreed to this meeting to begin with. I’m an important man Mr Anderson and so are. Name your price”

I tell him

“I’ll give you until the end of the week to decide. Have a good day Mr Anderson”

I get up and so does he. I walk to the door and bump into his P.A

“Thank you sweetheart”

I say as she hands me the coffee

“I will wait for your response Mr Anderson!”

I say and walk out of their office to the elevator, my phone rings and it’s my daughter’s mother.


I answer

“Khaya hi”

She says

“What can I do for you this morning?”

I ask

“There’s a school trip coming up, I don’t know if Akhona told you about it”

She says

“She didn’t mention anything about a school trip to me last nigh”

She sucks in a breath and lets it out

“She left me a letter saying they were going on a field trip the first weekend they open schools after recess”

She says

“She didn’t mention anything to me. Maybe she doesn’t want to go”

I say

“I’ll call her and ask her about it”

I say

“That was not all. This morning she woke up and told me that you agreed to her coming to you for the remainder of the holiday”

She says

“What are you talking about? We agreed she couldn’t come this side until I’ve settled in”

I say

“So she lied. Why would she lie to me about that Khaya?”

She asks sounding frustrating

“I don’t know, what’s your husband doing to my daughter?”

I ask

“Khaya if my husband did anything to Akhona you would be the first to know. He’s a good man to her and you know it. Listen, a client just walked. We’ll talk later”

She says


I say and drop the call. I get to the car and video call Akhona

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