Life is Just Not Kind

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As we sit eating and chatting Qhawe gets up and rushes out to the nearest bathroom, I won’t lie I am worried and her being pregnant might change everything. I missed out on everything with Mihlali and I wouldn’t want to miss out on anything with Qhawe if she really is pregnant

“When did that start?”

Lara starts and I shrug

“I don’t know, I saw her this morning when I was preparing breakfast. You should take her to the doctor” Mihlali says and I nod

“I was planning on taking her when she’s done showering”

I say and she nods. Qhawe comes back and sits down

“You ok?”

I ask her and she shakes her head

“I can’t seem to keep anything down”

She says

“I’ll make you ginger tea, it helped me with my morning sicknesses”

Mihlali says pushing her chair back

“We don’t know whether it’s pregnancy or a stomach bug”

Qhawe spits out

“Either way it helps with the nausea”

She says and walks out to the kitchen

“She’s really trying, the least you could do is meet her halfway”

Lara says to Qhawe

“Mihlali is my bestfriend and you are my husband’s friend. She doesn’t have to do anything but Mihlali is a peaceful person by nature”

She says defensively and Qhawe looks down

“I hear you”

She says

“I’m not saying be friends but you could at least try as much as she is. She has no beef with you”

Lara adds and Qhawe nods. After a while of uncomfortable silence Mihlali walks back in with a cup of tea

“Here you go, it’s hot so be careful”

She says placing the tea in front of Qhawe

“Thank you”

Qhawe says and blows the tea before taking a sip “It will help you trust me”

She says and Qhawe nods drinking the tea slowly and seemingly enjoying it

“Arent you going to be late for work?” Lara asks me and I chuckle “I’m going in after lunch”

I say and she nods. After breakfast I wait on Qhawe to shower and finish while I talk to my P.A over the phone discussing business and everything else. I check in on my managers around the restaurants, we’ve been discussing creating an app for the restaurants. We are available on Mr D but we want our customers to be able to make reservations without having to call us and book and to also be able to place orders before actually coming to our restaurants and what not. Basically we trying to make life easier for our clients, I have a meeting with the new CEO of Mbana Tech since Mrs Mtwa stepped down.

“You busy?”

Mihlali asks walking into the lounge, she’s wearing what I am assuming she wore last night

“Not really, what’s up?”

I ask

“My shares, I want to transfer them into Jay’s name” she says sitting down and I raise an eyebrow

“I thought I should talk to you about it since I’ll need your signature and all”

She says and I nod

“That’s a great idea but are you sure? I mean what about you? What would happen if you lost your job or something?”

I ask and she chuckles

“You do know that my parents are the Mtwa’s and my late grandfather was Lwando Mbana. I am still sorted and I’m working on something”

She says and I look at her with a raised eyebrow

“When it all works out you will be the first to know. I should go”

She says getting up

“I’ll see you around”

I say and she nods and leaves




I uber to my place and then change into something comfortable and drive to my parents house. When I walk in my son crushes into my legs hugging me tightly. I unwrap his arms and kneel down to hug him then stand up with him in my arms, he’s telling me about his morning and everything that has happened since I last saw him

“Where grandpa?”

I ask him and he shrugs as we walk to the lounge


I say to Kitten who is sitting and doing nothing


She says, I sit down and put Jay down

“How are you Kitten?”

I ask and she shrugs

“I don’t know”

She says and I sigh

“where are the twins?”

I ask


Jay answers and I nod

“I need a nanny for Jay, any recommendations?”

I ask her and she shrugs

“I don’t know hey, you should ask your mother or the girl that works here to recommend someone”

She says and I nod

“I need a stay in nanny for when I return to work. Where’s dad?”

I ask

“He said he had errands to run”

I nod and then get up

“I’ll be back”

I say walking to the kitchen and Jay following behind me. I walk in and the twins are making something to eat

“Hey you guys”

I greet sitting on the high chair

“Hi sisi. I got what you wanted but it’s on my laptop”

Ise says

“What did you want?”

Mange asks

“none of your business. Thank you so much Ise”

I say and she smiles and walks out leaving me with these two besties

“Anyway, where’s Okuhle?” I ask and she shrugs

“She only comes to clean and then leaves. She’ll be back when we reopen schools”

She says and I nod. Ise walks in with her laptop

“So! Here is everything I got and I’m still looking for more”

She says opening the laptop in front of me, there’s not much either than his name and surname and his family and the basics about where he was born

“There’s information I can’t seem to decrypt, he probably doesn’t want people snooping but I will get you everything before the end of tonight”

She says, I pull her into a side hug

“Thank you mntaka mama. This is more than enough but I also want what he’s hiding. So what do I do in return?”

I ask and she smiles

“Well… there is this other sneaker I saw, it’s a limited edition”

She says and I chuckle

“So I need to get you the sneaker. Where?”

I ask her

“It’s a CL”

she says and I choke

“You want a red bottom sneaker?” she nods

“It’s not like you can’t afford it. I can’t and mom and dad won’t give us more money on top of the things we already bought”

She says and I sigh

“do I even want to know how much it is?”

I ask and she giggles

“Not really but I will send it to you on whatsapp” she says proudly

“the information is not worth it kodwa mntase” I say

“We dealing with grandpa’s replacement here, my life alone is in danger by just snooping”

She whispers only for me to hear

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