Life is Just Not Kind

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I managed to get a nanny for Jay and she’s moving in today. It’s Tuesday and I didn’t go to lunch with Khaya, after the search I got from my sister I figured it’s wise I play far from him for my own safety, I mean the guy was trained by grandfather and Lwando was the most dangerous man there ever was so chances are he is as dangerous as he was. I decided to join the local gym and start today, I was fortunate enough for them to have a play area for the kids. I prepare Jay’s things and we make our way to the gym, he’s not happy about being woken up before 6am and I’m planning on starting with my work out at 6am. We get to the gym and I drop him off in the kiddies area and then make my way to stretch, I bend and touch my toes. I’m alone in the aerobics studio, the next class starts at 6:30 of which by then I will be out of here

“I see why Bandile won’t stay away”

I’m startled by a male voice, I stop and stand straight turning to see Khaya

“Hello to you too. Are you stalking me?” I ask and he shrugs

“I make it my priority to know my conquests” He says with a cocky smile checking me out

“I’m not a conquest and if you don’t mind I’d like to stretch in peace”

I say but he doesn’t budge

“So whatever your sister gathered up on me scared you that much?”

He asks, I can’t hide the shock on my face

“You think I wouldn’t know when someone is snooping where they shouldn’t?”

He says, I pull a straight face

“So what now?”

I ask and he chuckles

“I should be asking you that, you the one that gathered info on me. What are you planning on doing with it?”

He asks

“Are you worried?”

I ask and he shakes his head no

“You not stupid Mihlalikazi so don’t play stupid”

He says and I’m taken aback

“Look, I like you. You take risks and I like that, I admire it a lot and I would really like to know you more than what I’ve gathered about you”

He says shocking me

“So you did your search on me?” I ask and he smirks

“You sexy Mihlali and I’d be an idiot to let you pass me by”

he says and I roll my eyes

“What do you want from me huh? You hot and you can get any girl you want”

He chuckles

“You think I’m hot?”

He asks with a smirk and I roll my eyes

“As if you don’t know that”

I spit and he chuckles

“You right, so about me getting any girl I want. I’m more interested in you”

He says and I sigh

“I’m not available”

He chuckles and moves closer to me backing me up into the wall. He’s so damn sexy and I can’t control my breathing right now. He’s wearing gym shorts and tights underneath them and a vest that shows off his toned body

“We both know that’s not true Mihlali. So what will it take for me to get you to breathe like that underneath me?”

He asks hovering over me with an arm balancing on the wall, I look up at him in the eyes

“Keep talking like that and you will never have me underneath you!”

I say and shove him, he chuckles

“I love how you women want a guy to be up front with his intentions and yet you take the highway immediately he’s brutally honest with you. Mihlali from the very first time I saw you I knew I wanted to hear you scream my name when I make your toes curl and your body arch off the bed and right now I still want that and i’m not going to give up until that happens”

He says and leans in to kiss me, every inch of my brain is telling me to stop him but I can’t. it’s like my whole body just froze and there’s nothing I want more than this. Heck I don’t even know why the hell I let him get this close. My senses come back and I push him off me and slap him

“I am not one of your play things and I won’t be!” I say and take my things angrily, he chuckles “Say what you will Miss Langa”

He says proudly. At this very moment I understand why Phiwo fell for Biko and got hurt, there’s something about a cocky guy that knows what he wants. I don’t respond and pack my things and get out of the studio quickly, I need to punch something quickly before I lose it. I find a punching bag and start giving it everything I got

“woah! Don’t hurt yourself”

Someone says catching the punching bag and it’s a gym instructor, I stop and take deep breaths slowly

“I’m fine”

I say and he chuckles

“I don’t doubt that. Who pissed you off?”

He asks and I shrug

“Nobody important. Can I get back?”

I say

“How about we spar in the boxing ring. I’ll go easy on you”

He suggests and I chuckle

“I don’t want to hurt you”

I say and he chuckles

“You couldn’t possibly hurt me. Come”

He says and I nod and walk to the boxing ring with him and we spar. I needed to hit someone and he’s not making things easy for me, I’ve landed a few hits and he’s landed a few on me too. When we done i’m tired and just want to rest

“Thank you for that”

I say and he nods

“I underestimated you. Who taught you?”

He asks and I smile thinking about my last sparring session with my grandfather

“It was my grandfather but he died”

I say

“I’m sorry to hear that, he taught you well I must say”

He says and I smile

“Ofcause he did. I should go and show”

I say and leave him to his work to shower then steam room and then another shower and leave. As I’m walking out to fetch my son I bump into Khaya holding 2 smoothies

“I’m sorry”

He says holding out a smoothie to me

“For which part exactly?”

I ask and he shrugs

“It’s the right thing to say. Mihlali I’m sorry for being blunt with you but it’s the honest and I believe in sex before pursuing a relationship”

He says proudly. I sigh

“thanks for the smoothie but I have to fetch my son”

I say and walk away with the smoothie to the kids play room. We make our way to the car with him telling me about the friends he made and that he promised to see them again tomorrow.

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