Life is Just Not Kind

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You ever wish you were 5 years old so that you could show your tongue to the person who treated you unfairly? Well that’s how I felt after Mrs Cole paid for my shoes. After working a 23 hour shift I didn’t have the time to glam myself up. I grabbed whatever was at reach and wore it. Also because I need to buy groceries before I go home. After leaving the boutique I make my way to the mall and get a few things and drive home. I completed my degree and got a job to work this side while I finish my studies. The pay is amazing, I have my own office while I further my studies at UCT so that I can open my own surgery. While I was at oxford I worked at this other hospital and the pay was good enough for me get a house when I got back home. I got my mother a 4 bedroom house in a better neighbourhood and my little brother has grown and is in university completing his degree at Wits so it’s just mom and i.


I’m startled by the bass I haven’t heard in a while

“Yandisa what are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be in school?”

I ask hugging him, he’s even taller than I am and this person is only 20 years old. He breaks the hug

“For someone that’s been working a 23 hour shift you sure ask a lot. How have you been?”

He asks and I chuckle and shove him lightly

“You’re annoying as usual. Where’s mom?”

I ask walking to the lounge and he follows me

“She’s probably still at work.”

He answers

“No but for real Yandisa, what are you doing here?”

I ask him

“It’s September holidays haibo Yoza”

He says and I chuckle at how stupid I must look to him right now

“wow. Already?”

He nods

“Yeah, what did you think. Work is really messing with your brain”

He says and I roll my eyes at him “I’ll cook ok?”

He says and I shake my head no

“Lets order in or go and eat out. We’ll wait for mom and then we’ll go. How’s school?”

I ask

“School is school”

He says and I open my eyes and look at him “What does that mean?”

I ask and he shrugs. My feet are on his lap and he’s massaging me so nicely

“It means what I said. Still no boyfriend?”

He asks and I roll my head back and close my eyes “I am not answering that”

I say and he laughs

“you live with mom, that’s enough of an answer”

He says and we both laugh

“You are really beginning to annoy me you know that!”




I say stunned to see her. She looks amazing and better than the last time I saw her.

“May i? It’s been ages”

She says and I nod. She sits opposite me “How have you been?”

I ask

“Good. And you?”

She asks

“Great. May I get you something?” I ask as the waiter pours me a glass

“I’ll have whatever you having but with cranberry juice” She says

“You not drinking?”

I ask as the waiter leaves, she shakes her head no

“After Mikayla I quit. Cleaned up my act, attended therapy and went for rehab and got all the help I needed. Biko I am so sorry for what I did to our daughter, every day I live to reg…”

I shake my head no

“Kim it’s ok. I should have insisted on getting you the help you needed at the time. I’d like to believe that if it was meant to happen it was going to happen whether she was with you or me. I forgave you years ago”

I say honestly

“Lets just move forward ok? Congrats on the ring”

She smiles

“Thank you Biko. So what are you doing here alone? And how is it that there’s no ring on your finger?”

I chuckle

“I guess marriage has it’s own people. You, how long?”

I ask

“2 years now”

She says

“Any kids?”

I ask and she shakes her head no

“not yet, we just enjoying marriage life” She says

“And why are you here alone?” She chuckles

“husband went away on business and will be back Sunday”

She says

“the house to too big to be in alone” I chuckle

“I know the feeling”

I say sipping on my wine

“Are you ok? You don’t seem ok” She says and I shake my head no “I will be ok though”

I say, she sighs

“You know you can talk about it right?” I nod

“Yep but I rather not”




“Bandile, I wasn’t expecting to see you”

Mrs Mtwa says honestly unable to hide her shock

“I heard about your father, I am so sorry for your loss”

I say and she smiles

“Thank you. I’m assuming you want to see my mom?”

She says and I nod.

“Follow me then”

The house is not as busy, but then again they don’t have that big of a family. Mrs Mbana only had 3 children and I’m assuming Thando is back yet

“Saney, you remember Bandile”

She says and we meet Mihlali’s aunty

“yes, Nice to see you again. Thank you for coming to show your support”

She says and we share a very brief hug

“I’m sorry for your loss”

I say and she smile

“I’ll take him to mom Sino”

Saney says and hooks her arm into mine “You know she’s coming back right”

She says and I frown confused for a second “Mihlali! She’s flying back. She didn’t renew her contract”

She says

“Uhhm… thank you for telling me” I say not knowing what to say

“I really wish you and her could work things out” She says and we walk into the room her mother is in. “Mom Bandile is here”

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