Life is Just Not Kind

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I’ve been trying to reach Mihlali since morning but she hasn’t been answering my calls. I just finished getting dressed for work but I was planning on stopping by at her house before going to work and she knows that. I call her again hoping she answers this time and to my luck she answers

“I’ve been calling you”

I say

“Woah dude calm your tits. I was at the gym”

She says

“You could have at least told me”

I say and she chuckles

“Bandile I don’t owe you anything. I’m driving home, I’ll meet you there”

She says and cuts the call on me. I got a call last night telling me that I lost the contract to buy this other gym, the owner is selling because he’s moving elsewhere. They refuse to tell me who they sold it too and I am annoyed to the core, I thought I’d wake up better this morning but it bothers me that there’s someone playing in my turf. I thought with Lwando Mbana gone at least I’d get most of the places around here to sell to me but I thought wrong. I park outside the gate and just then

Mihlali drives in and opens the gate for us both. I park next to her car and Jay gets off running to me, at least he switches up my mood for the better. We make our way inside the house following his mother.

“How are you?”

I ask

“Good thanks and yourself?”

She says

“Good thanks, sorry about this morning”

I say and she shoots me a look with a raised eyebrow

“What’s going on with you? You not one to act out”

She says and I sigh as we make our way to the kitchen

“Can I make you something to eat?”

she asks and I nod sitting on the high chair

“There’s a gym around here that I wanted to buy but I lost it to someone else. They won’t tell me who”

I say and she laughs

“That must suck, what do you want with a gym anyway?”

She asks, I shoot her a look and she shrugs

“I’m just trying to build a legacy big enough for my son and future kids. I should at least retire by 45 years with my kids sorted”

I say


She asks stopping in her tracks, I put Jay down

“Go play big boy we’ll call you to come and eat”

I say and he runs off. Mihlali looks at me waiting for a response

“We took Qhawe to the hospital and you were right, she’s pregnant. 3 months”

I say and she nods

“I guess congratulations are in order”

She says

“I wanted you to hear it from me”

I say quickly and she nods and turn to take other things out


She says again

“She’ll be moving back in with me with the pregnancy and all I want to make sure she’s ok”

I say

“Bandile you don’t owe me any explanations. It’s your life and your house, do as you please”

She says

“I know that but I just thought you should know”

She nods

“Thank you but I didn’t need to know. You realise this changes everything right?”

She says and I frown


I ask

“With the deal we made, I know how pregnancy works and she needs you now more than ever before. I’m assuming you guys are working on things too now that there’s a baby involved?”

She says and I sigh

“We did not get that far”

I say, Qhawe and I did talk about getting back together and fixing things and she’s all for it. I want what’s best for my baby and after hearing how Qhawe might lose the baby with the state she’s in I thought it’s best we work things out but Mihlali does not need to know that. And besides she wants to explore with her life.

“How is she?”

She asks

“The doctor says she’s a risk of miscarrying so they keeping her to monitor her. Her pressure is too high and they need to bring it down at all costs”

I explain

“I’m sorry to hear that Bandile. She’s going to be fine, she seems like a strong woman”

She says and I smile, my phone rings and it’s Bulumnko

“to what do I owe this phonecall so early”

He chuckles

“Cancel all your plans for Saturday. We having a braai”

He says

“What’s the occasion?”

I ask

“Wife’s birthday”




It sucks that Mihlali stood me up yesterday but I won’t give up on her, not now or any time soon. She’s an interesting person and I’d really like to tap dat ass if you

know what I mean but I’ll let her be for now. I make my way to my car and call the florist


She says

“Hi, I’d like to order every flower you have in your store except lilies or any flowers that are near the lilies”

I say, she gasps loud enough “Sir that is going to cost you” She says

“Money is not a problem”

I say

“uhhm… ok sir, should I include a card? Where should I have them delivered?”

She asks sounding nervous

“just write ‘sorry’ on it and the address is…”

I tell her

“And may I ask who I am speaking too and where should I send the receipt?”

She asks

“make the receipt out to Khayalethu Mnguni and send it to the following email address…”

I give him my P.A’s email address

“Ok thank you sir, do you have a time for when they should be delivered?”

She asks


I say

“Ok sir I’ll get it done”

She says and I drop the call and drive to my place. On the way I get a phone call from Bulumnko


I answer

“Exe, listen. I have a braai this coming Saturday, pull through”

He says and I chuckle

“What’s the occasion?”

I ask

“It’s the Mrs’ birthday and she would be mad at me if I didn’t invite you knowing damn well you in town”

I chuckle

“I will be there, can I bring a date?”

I ask and he chuckles

“Already met someone?”

He asks

“you could say that. I haven’t forgotten about lunch neh”

I say

“I look forward to it and I want to hear all about her at lunch”

he says

“Bye Lumnko”

I say and cut the call on him laughing. I drive inside my yard and make my way inside. I walk straight to my room to shower

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