Life is Just Not Kind

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I won’t lie part of me was hoping I’m wrong about Qhawe being pregnant but it’s whatever. I don’t know how I feel about her being pregnant and I know damn well that she and Bandile are fixing things if they not going to when she gets out of hospital, I just don’t know why Bandile is hiding it from me because it’s not like I have a problem. I knew that once they spoke they could possibly get back together, I wouldn’t want to go through pregnancy alone again. I let him keep it to himself, he’ll tell me when he’s ready to tell me.

As we are sitting like that making small unnecessary conversation the main gate buzzer goes off, I’m done with breakfast so I go and answer it myself


I say

“Hi, I have a delivery for Miss Langa”

The person says, I stopped using the Langa surname a very long time so it doesn’t make any sense who would send something to that surname

“Uhm this is she. I’m coming”

I say and then turn to Bandile

“I have a delivery, I’ll be back real quick”

I say and walk to the main gate, there’s a florist truck


I say

“May I drive inside”

He says and I’m confused to the core

“I don’t think you will be able to get all these flowers through the small gate Miss Langa”

The person says, I press the button to open the gate and move aside as he drives in and parks close to the front patio. The driver gets out together with his assistant

“Is there a card?”

I ask, he hands it to me

“Where should we put these?”

He asks

“How many are they?”

I ask and they look at each other and the one I spoke too looks at his board

“They are a lot Miss Langa, please open the door and tell us where to put them”

He says and I open the front door and they start unloading different kinds of flowers, the card is written ‘sorry’. I think I have an idea who this might be from.

They unload a dozen flowers, I’ve lost count. The flowers have taken up enough space on the floor and on the couches and dining table. Bandile walks in

“And this?”

He asks as they unload the last ones, I shrug

“I also don’t know”

I say and he gives me a suspicious look. We don’t tell each other things mos so I don’t owe him anything. I thank the guys and open the gate for them as they drive out. Just then my phone rings in my sweatpants. I take it out and Khaya’s name pops up, I involuntarily smile for some reason. This gesture is enough for me to forgive him


He says


I say unable to hide my smile while Bandile looks at me with a raised eyebrow, I turn away from him and make my way through the flowers while talking to Khaya

“I just got a call that they finished delivering my package to you”

He says and I giggle

“What am I going to do with so many flowers?”

I ask and he chuckles

“I don’t know, plant them in your back yard or something”

He says

“Thank you for all this. I never took you for romance”

He chuckles

“I go after who I want Mihlali and you are who I want and as promised I won’t stop until I having you heaving out of breath under me”

He says and I blush

“I have to go, my son is hungry”

I say and he chuckles

“Before you go, can I book you this Saturday. A friend of mine is celebrating his wife’s birthday and I don’t want to show up alone”

He says

“Sure why not. You’ll give me the details on whatsapp”

I say

“See you soon Miss Langa”

He says

“I am Miss Mbana!”

I correct him and he chuckles

“You were conceived out of love Mihlali and I believe you shouldn’t have lost your actual surname because of what he did to your mother”

He says

“I know it’s not my business but I just thought I should put it out there. Enjoy breakfast with your son”

He says and cuts the call. This nigga really dug up everything about me. I return my phone in my pocket and walk through to the kitchen to find Jay and Bandile eating and conversing

“Mommy where did you get all those flowers?”

Jay asks

“From a friend my baby”

I say and sit down opposite them and dig into my salad while they eat a full English breakfast. Bandile keeps stealing glances at me for some reason but I don’t pay him no mind. I’m happy right now




To hear the smile and excitement in her voice is heartwarming. I am happy she loved my apology to her.

I head downstairs with my laptop, I have a meeting with Bandile today, we should have met yesterday but I had other stuff to take care off so instead I asked to meet him today instead at his work place. Our meeting is at 9am, I’m making sure that my pitch is up to standard and I’m happy with what I came up with in such a short space of time. I get dressed in a suit and drive to his building, I park my car and take out my laptop and head up to his office. His secretary ushers me into his office

“Mr Tshawe, nice to meet you” I say as we meet half way

“The pleasure is mine Mr Mnguni, thank you for meeting me”

He says gesturing to sit opposite him while he goes to his side

“thank you”

I say

“Lets get right onto it shall we”

He says and I nod taking my laptop out together with a file I managed to put together. I hand him the file

“In there is a brief of what I managed to come up with and think you want. Let me switch on my laptop and show you the prototypes”

I say inserting my password and then finding the folder with his stuff

“This looks impressive for someone who didn’t have enough time”

He says and I shrug

“I take pride in my work Mr Tshawe and I want my clients to have nothing but the best service”

I say and he smiles

“I am happy to hear that, may I see these prototypes”

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