Life is Just Not Kind

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Khaya sent by a landscape artist to fix up the flowers in my backyard. Jay’s nanny finally arrived and she’s settling in well I assume. She’s a sweetheart and Jay seems to like her so I couldn’t be happier. I only kept a few flowers around the house, placed them in vases and decorated my house with them while the rest are outside, it’s safe to say that wherever he ordered them there were no lilies, nigga really went all out! He calls me and asks to take me out for dinner and for some reason I don’t say no. I don’t get all fancy with my makeup, just enough to kook pretty that’s all and then head out to meet him at the restaurant.

“You look Beautiful”

He says opening the chair for me

“thank you, you clean up pretty well yourself”

I say, he pushes my chair in and then walks over to his side

“Thank you Miss Langa”

He says

“I don’t appreciate you having pried in my life and found out things about me but it’s already done anyway. I got rid of that surname for reason, please don’t use it and respect me”

I say and he nods

“I’m sorry for prying and I am sorry I will not use that surname again”

He says

“Now that, that is out of the way. Why am I here?”

I ask and he chuckles

“We missed out on lunch yesterday, the least I could do is wine and dine you after this morning”

He says and I roll my eyes

“Still trying to get into my pants”

I say and he chuckles

“More like that dress”

He says, I take a sip of the champagne to avoid answering him. Why does this guy make me feel things down there? I think it’s his voice that just makes everything sound sexy!

“Mihlali we both want this, I see the way you moving right now, how you breathing and probably have your knees pressed together underneath this table. I want you as much as you want me. Lets be adults about this”

He says, I let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding in and try to loosen up my knees

“Why would I want to make this easy for you?”

I ask and he smirks

“Tell you what, if the sex is whack then I promise to leave you the hell alone. Heck I’ll even leave town and let you sort things out with your baby daddy but if it’s not then we’ll continue seeing each other”

He says and I chuckle

“No, i’m not looking for a relationship here Khaya”

He raises an eyebrow

“You have my attention”

He says with an annoying smug

“If the sex is good then you will have to settle for friends with benefits and if it’s not then we’ll cut all ties”

I say and he grins

“So when do we start?”

I giggle

“Can we eat first?!”

I demand and he chuckles and hails a waiter over. We place our orders and the night progresses with flirting in between. Khaya is so easy going and in our conversation I come to learn that he is the one that bought the gym that was frustrating Bandile earlier on

“What’s the deal with you and my Baby daddy?”

I ask and he shrugs

“I have nothing against Bandile”

He says

“You bought the gym he was trying to get and now you advancing on his ex”

I say and he shrugs

“I didn’t know he was the one I was going up against honestly Mihlali”

He says, I raise an eyebrow

“Look, I respect your ex either than him letting you go but that’s besides the point. My point is that he’s a great business man and I respect him for that that’s all. I have no intentions of ruining what he’s worked so hard to build”

He says and I nod

“And advancing on me?”

I ask and he shrugs

“You beautiful, sexy AF and you have an amazing heart Mihlali. Why wouldn’t I want to be with you?”

He asks and I shrug. We continue chatting and then later drive to his place. His house is my dream house I was hoping on getting when I have settled into my new job and am financially well off to get it. It’s huge, bigger

than Bandile’s house and very much beautiful. His house is a family home. Kind of reminds me of my parents house and that’s exactly why I wanted the house

“My dream home”

I say as we drive in, it’s in the same neighbourhood as my parents just a few streets away from their house

“I didn’t know”

He says


I say and he shrugs

“I honestly did not know, how could I know your dream home? Do you have it stored somewhere on your computer?”

He asks and I don’t respond because he has a point, I’ve never told anyone about wanting this house. The interior is just how I had imagined it would be. We head to the lounge and I sit while he goes to get us a bottle of wine in his cellar. I can’t sit still so I get up and look around and stumble upon a picture of him and his daughter, she is a real beauty

“She’s beautiful”

He says walking in startling me

“Very, probably looks like her mother”

I say and he nods

“Yeah, just a few features from my side”

He says




Mihlali is beyond the word sexy and to hear her say we could try the whole friends with benefits made me happy, it’s excited me in all the right places and I just cannot wait to tap that! The night goes well, dinner was amazing, I’ve been longing to bury my lips into hers and having her here on my couch I can finally do that. I lean in and kiss her, I know I kissed her this morning and I’ve gone all day thinking about that very kiss and I have to have her lips again. I long for them, I take the wine glass and place it on the table and then lean in closer to her and kiss her for dear life. The kiss is slow and very passionate, I pull her to be on top of me and she doesn’t hesitate to straddle me and grind on my semi hard dick. I am not usually turned on by just kissing but Mihlali knows how to get a man worked up… literally. My shaft is ready to penetrate right now with what she is doing to me, the way she moves her waist slowly while straddling me tells me that this woman knows how to go on top. She straddles me while I squeeze her ass tighter, I move from her lips to her neck and she lets out moans which alone set me off. I feel like a kid about to lose his

virginity right now, my shaft feels like it’s about to explode.

“Lets take this upstairs”

I say getting up off the couch with her in my arms supporting her ass with my hands and her legs wrapped around my waist. When we get to the room I lay her on the bed and then resume to kiss her slowly from her neck down to her boobs and from there all the way down to her black lace g-string. I take it off slowly and then trace wet kisses on her inner thighs all the way to her now spread out cake, she raises her upper body and rests on her elbows watching me with so much intent while I devour her cake, she moans as i like and suck on her clit making her extremely wet and super horny, she lays back and just takes in the moment moaning as I finger her enough to prepare her for what’s about to cum, my briefs are a little wet from precum, I take off my pants and stroke myself while I finger her and suck on her clit. Her moans are driving me nuts, she’s begging me not to stop until she squirts all over the bed. I’m proud I won’t lie. I crawl over her until I meet her face

“Hey beautiful”

I say and she smiles


She says, I take out a condom from the drawer and rip it open, she’s breathing out heavily. I kiss her while trying to insert the condom, she’s as hot for me as I am for her.

I open her leg wider pressing my hand on her inner thigh and position myself at her entrance and then slowly try and insert myself. Her slickness makes it a little easy to slide in the tip, I remove my hand from her inner thigh and then place it under her thigh and push myself in further pushing griping her thigh tightly. She moans in my mouth scratching my back until all of me is accommodated. She takes slow deep breaths

“You ok?”

I ask and she nods

“I am… fine, you can move”

She says

“I don’t want to hurt you so tell me to stop”

I warn and she nods. I start of slowly, with each stroke she meets me halfway. Where has she been all my life? It’s not often you meet a woman that’s not lazy and knows exactly how to meet your strokes. Most woman just lay back and let the man do all the work but Mihlali, Mihlalikazi Mbana knows how to move and with the way she is going I might just cum early than I should. We increase the pace of our strokes and we both move faster, all you can hear are our moans and groans until we both release. My dick is still hard, I take out the condom to go and dispose of it then go back in the room

“You good to go again or I should let you rest?” I ask and she giggles

“I can go again, he still wants to go again”

She says and I chuckle and walk to the drawer slip on another condom

“Then lets go again”

I say getting on top of her but she flips us over

“I didn’t know you had this much strength”

I say and she chuckles

“You underestimate me”

She says and slowly slides down on my dick, the warmth is heavenly. She starts to bounce up and down slowly while moving her waist. I don’t know how she does it but DAMN!!!

“keep moving like that and I might just cum quick”

I warn and she giggles

“Don’t cum just yet”

She says picking up her pace, I don’t think I have ever had a woman ride me so damn good before! Where has she been all my life? I let her take charge while my eyes roll back and enjoy the feeling of being inside of her and her taking control, she does this thing where she leans in and just twerks on my dick, that is a major turn on and will make any nigga wanna bust a nut real quick.

“Still ok?”

She asks, words are caught up in my throat so all I do is nod yes and she giggles

“Can’t speak anymore?”

She asks pining my hands down on the bed, she looks so damn sexy! I’m a Dom, I can’t help it and right now I can’t help submitting to this woman on top of me. It’s crazy!

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