Life is Just Not Kind

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Hlali and I have been getting along very well these past few days since both of us don’t have much to do and meeting at the gym every now and then. Our sex is LIT!!! It’s Saturday and I fetched her at her house and we drove together in my car to the birthday celebration. Not many people have arrived yet, Lumnko asked me to arrive early to help him out setting everything up and then the party will start around 2pm.

“You look amazing, hopefully you don’t outshine the birthday girl”

I say and she giggles

“I couldn’t possibly”

She says, she’s wearing jeans and a simple top but she still looks amazing! We make our way inside, the housekeeper welcomes us in

“Hey, where’s Bulumnko?”

I ask

“He’s outside sorting things out”

She says and I nod

“Come I’ll introduce you”

I say as we walk out to the back yard, Lumnko is trying to start a fire

“You never could get a fire started”

I say and he turns with shock written all over his face


He says

“Bulumnko hi”

she says with as much shock, they share a cold hug “How are you? You look amazing” He says and she smiles shyly

“Thank you. Uhm your house is beautiful, when did you move?”

She asks

“It’s been a year I think. Where’s the little one?”

He asks

“I left him home, I didn’t think there would be kids”

She says

“You should have brought him along, the kids will be spending the day at the arcade. I can have a driver sent to fetch them”

He offers and she smiles shyly

“I’ll call his nanny to get him ready and bring him then. Excuse me”

She says and walks away from us

“So she’s the one you were talking about?” He asks and I nod with a full teeth smile “She’s my friend’s ex dude”

He says and I shrug

“Wait, you knew and you still pursued her” He asks

“Bandile is her ex and he’s not my friend” I say and he laughs

“You have a thing for drama, you do know that he’s coming right?”

He points out and I chuckle

“Of cause. He’s your friend after all” I say and he sighs

“there better not be any drama. This is my woman’s special day!”

He says and I chuckle

“Mihlali doesn’t do drama so you better give this pep talk to your friend instead. Where’s Zama?”

I ask

“She’s uhm… Oh there she is”

He says and she’s walking over to us with Mihlali

“The birthday girl”

I say and hug her

“Lumnko told me you were around and I didn’t believe him. How are you?”

She says breaking the hug

“You look amazing. Where are the little ones?”

I ask and she smiles

“Thank you, they somewhere in the house probably breaking more of my vases or something”

She says and we all laugh, they have twins; a boy and a girl, they 5 years old

“they kids, it’s what they do”

I say and she giggles

“So are they coming?”

Lumnnko asks Mihlali and she nods

“They’ll be here in a bit”

She says

“Lets leave these ones here and go inside. I need help with some things in the kitchen”

She says and just then Troy walks in with his wife




Qhawe is back home with her stuff and today we going to Bulunko’s house for his wife’s birthday party. She was discharged yesterday and Friday, I had her things moved back to my place on Tuesday with the help of Lara and Troy.

On Tuesday I sent the contract over to Khaya and Wednesday it was returned and signed; I won’t lie I am excited to work with him on this. He knows what he’s doing and I want what’s best for my restaurants. If all goes well we will have everything done and working beginning of next month.

You know how when you receive the best news there’s that one person you want to call first? I hate to say that it wasn’t Qhawe who I wanted to call first but Mihlali. After getting the contract I wanted to call her and tell her the good news but stopped myself as I was about to hit the call button and instead resorted to telling Qhawe when I went to see her at the hospital and she was happy for me shame. The thought of Mihlali being busy with someone else doesn’t sit well with me, her getting all

those flowers and they weren’t from me really stung a little. Whoever she is busy with has won her over, heck if I were a girl I’d be won over too by that gesture. I left right after breakfast and drove to work to meet up with Khaya instead.

You know how when you get a taste of the best fries in town you just can’t go back to your old favourite spot in town? Yes? Well that’s how sex with Mihlali is, she’s like the best thing that’s ever happened and going back to sex with Qhawe is going back to basic sex. It’s difficult to go back because she doesn’t do the things Mihlali does, she doesn’t meet my strokes halfway she just lays there like a spring chicken, she doesn’t like her nipples being squeezed and doesn’t want her hands held up over her head. Basically she’s not like Mihlali when it comes to sex. Yes we were drunk that night but the sex we had was the best thing I had ever had in such a long time. Qhawe is a sweet person and I think that’s why I fell for her because she’s sweet and her personality reminded me of Mihlali but sex-wise she’s just not as good as Hlali.

“Babe you ready to go?”

I ask walking into the room from the closet

“Yes, we can go”

She says getting up off the bed

“You look amazing”

I say

“Thank you, you not bad yourself”

She says and wraps her arms around my neck, I rest mine on her hips

“I love you Bandile”

She says, I smile and kiss her lips

“I love you too Qhawekazi”

She blushes

“Now lets go, we don’t want to be late”

I say letting go of her and taking her hand as we walk out. I park my car and we walk into the house, their house keeper is the one to welcome us

“Everyone else is out back”

She says and we nod and give her our gift then walk out to join everyone else. I spot Troy and the rest of the guys but see Khaya with them. We walk over to them by the braaiing stand


I greet

“hey, Qhawe good to see you well”

Troy says and she smiles and greets them

“B this is Khaya, Khaya meet Bandile”

Troy says

“We already met. How do you know him?”

I ask stunned

“We do business together. Bulumnko suggested Troy”

Khaya says and I nod

“You know him?”

I ask and he nods

“We go way back from since we were kids”

He says and I nod

“That is good to know”

I say

“Qhawe, Lara and Hlali are somewhere inside. Let me take you to them”

Troy offers and they walk together, What would Mihlali be doing here? Maybe Troy and Lara came with her. We engage in politics, business and everything else

“B, exe hoezit”

Bulumnko greets

“Good, Where’s the birthday girl?”

I ask and he chuckles

“She’s still sorting out some things in the kitchen. I sported Mihlali”

He says and I shrug

“maybe Troy and Lara invited”

I say

“She came with me actually”




I’d be lying if I said I didn’t expect to see Bandile here today but then again he is here. Earlier on I confronted Khaya about it and he promised he wouldn’t cause any drama. He’s actually not the asshole he paints himself out to be, beneath all that cockiness is a nice guy with a kind heart but doesn’t show it. The kids are at the arcade with the nannies, after their day they’ll be dropped off at home. My baby was so excited to be with the other kids and watching his relationship with his father blossom warms my heart. Jay loves Bandile, he adores him more than I expected him too and today he’s spending the night at his father’s house. We bump into Troy and Qhawe as we are heading out

“Qhawe hi”

I say unable to hide my shock, last I heard she was in hospital


She says coldly

“Its good to see you out of the hospital”

Lara says, she smiles

“Yeah doctor said I was good to go”

She says


I say and she smiles and thanks me. Troy leaves us and we go and sit where we were earlier with Qhawe now.

“How are the morning sicknesses?” I ask and she smiles shyly

“not bad actually. Thank you for the recipe, it helped a lot”

She says, I just nod and sip on my brutal fruit. I’m still a fan even though its been a while. Zama joins us with her friend Linda. Conversations flow and everything is nice, I get up and excuse myself to go and pee, as I am coming out of the bathroom someone grabs my hand and pulls me back inside, its Bandile

“What the hell?”

I say annoyed

“What are you doing here with Khaya?”

He asks and I shrug

“He invited me to his wife’s friend’s birthday party”

I say pulling my hand away from him

“What does it matter to you?”

I ask him and he shrugs

“It shouldn’t but Mihlali he’s designing the app for me. Wait, is he the guy that sent you all those flowers the other day? Are you sleeping with him?”

He asks

“Yes he sent me almost those flowers”

I say and then turn to open the door, he holds my arm

“What now? Bandile your pregnant girlfriend is downstairs and she just got out of hospital, don’t be the reason she goes back”

I say and yank my arm opening the door again. On my way I bump into Khaya about to head upstairs, he pulls me by my waist

“Hey sexy”

He says and I smile

“I see somebody missed me”

I say and he chuckles

“Do you blame me?”

He asks and I blush

“How about we disappear?”

He suggests wiggling his eyebrows, I giggle “So you guys are sleeping together?”

We are startled by Bandile, I sigh trying to push Khaya off but he doesn’t budge at all

“Shouldn’t you be worried about your pregnant girlfriend?”

Khaya says annoyed, he unwraps his arm around my waist so I turn to face Bandile

“Can I talk to my baby mama without you interfering?”

He says and I roll my eyes, Khaya gives me a look and I nod

“Its ok, I’ll meet you outside”

I say, he nods and plants a kiss on my forehead then walks out

“And where does all this leave my son?” He asks and I frown

“What does that mean?”

I ask

“Your whoring ways had better not involve my son”

He says, I slap the daylights out of him “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said that” He says

“I love Jay and whatever I do with whomever i do it with is none of your business! So wena you can get back with your baby mama and I’m not allowed to see someone?

Need I remind you that you want your son to spend the weekend with you and your baby mama! So much for not involving Jay in our personal affairs”

I spit out and he sighs

“Mihlali I love you and I cannot stand to see you with another man, what do you even know about this guy huh? I cant leave Qhawe especially now that she is pregnant but y...”

“So that’s why you asked to fix things”

We are startled by Qhawe standing in the middle of the room, most people are outside.


He starts off but she shakes her head no and places a hand on her tummy

“Qhawe are you ok?”

I ask worried, she cries out in pain


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